Your house is your primary source of comfort. You need a solid building that protects you and your loved ones from the elements. On top of that, you need high-quality appliances, accessories, fittings, and furnishings. These items in the house introduce warmth, functionality, and relaxation.

Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner Review (28001 Model)

While these are basic needs, your luxury is determined by other things often outside the house. Your swimming pool, for example, is an ideal source of luxury and style. To keep it in its top functional shape, a great swimming pool cleaner is mandatory.

Installing a swimming pool at home is one thing, but keeping it in perfect working condition is another. The Intex (28001 Model) Automatic Pool Cleaner makes your work faster, easier and more efficient. Intex is one of the leading appliance manufacturers in the world. Hence it does not come as a surprise that this pool cleaner delivers impeccable results.

This Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner emphasizes the great engineering and technology that the brand is known for. It has been manufactured from solid parts that will not wear out even with years of continued use.

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Compatible with most swimming pool systems

You do not have to replace your filter pumps to use this cleaner. All conventional filter pumps with flow rates of between 1,600 and 4,000 GPH are good to go. That range is similar to a rating of between 6,056 and 15,140 liters per hour.

Do you want to vacuum the entire area of the floor of your large domestic swimming pool? This is the pool cleaner that you should go for. It reverses the direction of the vacuum to clean the floor efficiently. This makes it ideal for cleaning pools with smaller diameters.

The Intex 28001 comes with a hose that you can easily attach to your existing swimming pool water inlet. This hose measures 24 feet and 7 inches, which is a decent length for cleaning domestic swimming pools.

Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

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