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Instant Precision Dutch Oven Review

For all the home cooks out there, we’ve got something new and exciting for you! Introducing the Instant Precision Dutch Oven, a heavy-duty, large-capacity Dutch oven with multiple cooking settings programmed into one versatile pot.

Read our review and learn just how quick and easy it is to braise large slabs of meat with this baby!

Instant Precision Dutch Oven, 5-in-1
Instant Precision Dutch Oven, 5-in-1

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5-in-1 Cooking Settings

From the get-go, you’ll notice on the Precision Dutch Oven’s control panel that you can do a lot more than braise large chunks of meat. There are five cooking settings available, namely, Braising, Slow-Cooking, Searing and Sautéing, and Manual mode.

As soon as your Instant Pot is done cooking, it’ll automatically switch to Keep Warm mode until you’ve manually turned the device off or removed the cast-iron pot from the plastic base.

It’s also worth noting that Manual mode is divided into two. The first Manual mode has a temperature range of 77 to 203 degrees F. The second mode has a programmable temp range of between 212 and 400 degrees F.

Instant Precision Dutch Oven Review

6-Quart Cooking Capacity

This Dutch oven isn’t for the lonely souls out there, unless you can eat up to six servings in one sitting (no judgment). The pot can contain as much as six quarts of food and braising liquid at once, fully preparing large dinners for the family by the time everyone gets home from work and school.

In addition, because you can manually determine how long the Dutch oven cooks and at what temp, you can program it to cook as much or as little as you like.

Table-Ready Design

Like any Dutch oven, the Instant Precision unit is completely table-ready. When it’s done cooking, simply remove the cast-iron pot from the plastic base and set it on your serving table.

While looks aren’t everything, if you want a Dutch oven that’s as attractive as it is functional, this is certainly the best pot to start your search.

Instant Precision Dutch Oven

Enameled Cast-Iron Construction

The entire Dutch oven unit is made with heavy-duty enameled cast iron. The total weight of the pot is roughly 21 pounds, so it’s clear that dropping this pot will do very little to harm it.

Please be careful while handling the pot as its weight can be shockingly heavy to first-time users. The inside of the pot is covered in a nonstick filament to keep the pot nice and clean after each use.

Instant Precision Review

Included Accessories

You’ll receive several accessories directly in the box, including a pair of silicone handle covers that attach onto each handle, a silicone serving pad to prevent heat damage on your table when serving directly from the pot, and a recipe book that first-time Dutch oven owners may find extremely helpful.

Instant Precision

Verdict: As Beautiful as It Is Practical

What else can we say about the Instant Precision Dutch Oven other than we absolutely love it? Everything about this pot, from its heavy-duty constructions to its user-friendly control panel, makes it an absolute must-have in this day and age where nobody has time to slave over a hot stove.

If you’re like us, you’ll find yourself looking for any excuse to whip out the Instant Precision Dutch Oven from your cabinet!

Instant Dutch Oven

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