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Hoover Steamvac vs. Power Scrub Carpet Cleaners

Hoover – It’s a household name synonymous with quality vacuum cleaners. However, Hoover offers more floor-care appliances than full-size uprights. The company is also a major player in the carpet cleaner industry.

Hoover Steamvac vs. Power Scrub Carpet Cleaners

It all began in 1907 when Murray Spangler discovered that his job as a janitor exacerbated his asthma. Using an odd mix of objects, Spangler created what he dubbed the suction sweeper. With this carpet-cleaning tool, he was able to keep his asthma symptoms under control while at work.

One year later, he partnered with W.H. Hoover in order to bring his suction sweeper to the masses. Between Spangler’s inventiveness and Hoover’s business acumen, the success of the Hoover brand skyrocketed, becoming the American mainstay that it is today.

Hoover Carpet Cleaners

Reputable carpet cleaning companies charge a tidy sum to shampoo the carpets of their customers, and they are difficult to find in the sea of shady companies that advertise in newspaper inserts. With this carpet cleaner, you can get professional results without going through the hassle of finding a company you can count on. You’ll save a ton of money too.

Hoover carpet cleaners are jam-packed with unique technology that makes them efficient and user-friendly. With one of the brand’s carpet cleaning machines, you can shampoo your carpets when it’s convenient for you, and you don’t have to let strangers in your home to get the job done.

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The Hoover SteamVac Versus the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe

Each of these machines gives the competition a run for its money. They are both equipped with a strong motor. The Hoover SteamVac doesn’t require a belt, which means it’s less likely to break down, and the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe even dries your floors with heat. These carpet cleaners also boast Hoover’s exceptional SpinScrub Technology that hits dirt from all sides. Their wide floor nozzles equate to saved time in the form or fewer passes, and you get multiple tools to clean your stairs and furniture.

With their smooth wheels and ergonomic handles, maneuvering these lightweight carpet cleaners is a breeze. Unlike low-end carpet cleaning machines, the SteamVac and the Power Scrub keep the dirty water separated from the clean water, and the Power Scrub even mixes the detergent for you. The tanks also have a large capacity, so you can get a lot done before you must refill the reservoir and empty the collection tank.

Smooth-Running Motors

The motor is one of the main determinants of a carpet cleaner’s performance. For a home-use carpet cleaner, you want the amperage to be at least in the double digits; any rating under 10 won’t produce the power needed for a thorough clean.

As usual, Hoover doesn’t disappoint. The SteamVac With CleanSurge Carpet Cleaner has a 12-amp motor, which is more than strong enough to power through the plush carpet, and its lack of a belt cuts down on maintenance costs. For peace of mind, the SteamVac comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Even though the Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner’s motor is rated at 10 amps, it pushes out hot air to remove excess water. In turn, your carpet will dry in less time. To activate this feature, all you have to do is push and pull the cleaner while keeping your finger off the solution-release trigger. Thanks to the inclusion of Hoover’s Dual V Nozzle, the Power Scrub generates even suction every time. You also get a 2-year warranty with this carpet cleaner to protect your investment.

Brush-Equipped Floor Nozzles

While both carpet cleaners deliver amazing suction, they don’t just rely on suction to make stains disappear. The floor nozzle on these machines is affixed with moving brushes that serve to boost the machines’ cleaning abilities.

Unlike the standard rolling brush found in vacuum cleaners, the SteamVac and Power Scrub have five circular brushes lined in a row. These brushes fully rotate counter to one another in order tackle every part of your carpet’s fibers. Hoover calls its brilliant brush configuration SpinScrub Technology, and the SteamVac even has an indicator that lets you know when its SpinScrub Technology is activated.

Shampooing your carpet can be a tedious endeavor. However, the nozzles on each carpet cleaner measure 11.25 inches in width, which means you can get the job done faster than you could with a slimmer model. Since the floor nozzles are transparent, you can instantly tell when the machines have lifted all the dirt in any given area.

Occasionally, you must clean their brushes. As opposed to other carpet cleaners that have permanently attached brushes, the SteamVac and the Power Scrub’s brushes are removable, allowing you to quickly perform necessary maintenance.

Made of Optimal Maneuverability

You’ll never struggle to move either of these machines. With their smooth wheels, the cleaners glide across carpets of all pile heights. They are also lightweight. Coming in at 20 pounds and 18.1 pounds, you can easily carry the SteamVac and the Power Scrub up a flight of stairs. The SteamVac even has a recessed handle that helps you hoist and tote the machine.

Each carpet cleaner features an easy-to-hold looped handle. To keep your hand in place, the thumb grip on the SteamVac’s handle is also textured. For an effortless control, both carpet cleaners’ spray trigger is located on the handle, and their power button is actually a foot pedal, which means hands-off start-and-stop action.

As if its handle wasn’t brimming with enough convenient features, the SteamVac’s D-shaped handle also has a CleanSurge Control rocker switch. When the fingertip switch is flipped, the SteamVac puts out a boost of detergent to address heavily soiled areas. With the sliding switch on the floor nozzle, you can further tailor the way the SteamVac cleans by setting the SpinScrub brushes to low, high or tool mode.

The Power Scrub has a unique feature that makes carpet cleaning more effective. On the reservoir, there is a Wash/Rinse dial. This dial lets you choose whether to clean your carpet with soap and water or rinse it with just water to get rid of soap residue, preventing discoloration and future dirt accumulation.

Dual Tanks

Hoover elevates the efficiency of these two carpet cleaners’ dual tank configuration. Each machine is equipped with Hoover’s proprietary SmartTank System that offers a mess-free refill and clean-out experience. Instead of placing them side by side, Hoover chose to stack the translucent dirty and clean-water tanks, which saves space while offering a capacity of 1 gallon.

On the Power Scrub carpet cleaner, the reservoir is segmented. One side holds clean water, and the other side is dedicated to the cleaning solution of your choice. The reservoir automatically mixes the detergent and water at the ideal ratio. Although the SteamVac doesn’t have a divided reservoir, the flat-bottom tank’s cap doubles as a measuring cup, and the machine shuts down when the reservoir is out of water. Each carpet cleaner even comes with a complimentary bottle of carpet cleaning solution.

The dirty-water tank on both models is latched to prevent water from spilling on the way to the sink, and the Power Scrub’s collection tank even has a spout, which streamlines the emptying process. With hinged handles on both tanks on the Power Scrub and SteamVac, you don’t have to worry about the containers slipping out of your hand.

A Comprehensive Set of Tools

If you have stains or spills on your carpet or upholstery that you want to eliminate, these two carpet shampooers can oblige. With the Hoover SteamVac, you get a hand tool that has miniature spinning brushes and an upholstery tool. Both tools are translucent, and you can store them on the SteamVac for easy access.

Like the SteamVac, the Hoover Power Scrub comes with an upholstery tool and a SpinScrub hand tool. In addition, you get a crevice tool and a six-inch-wide stair tool. All four tools are also see-through, and you can store them in the included mesh bag, which has a hanging hook.

With a 20-foot-long power cord and an 8-foot-long hose, you can clean in any hard-to-reach place. Plus, you won’t find yourself switching wall outlets time and again. When you aren’t using a detailing tool, you can wrap the SteamVac’s stretchable hose around the provided clips and keep the Power Scrub’s hose in the mesh bag.

Hoover Carpet Cleaners
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Two Technologically Advanced Carpet Cleaners

Often, residential carpet cleaners lack the power of commercial models, but the SteamVac and the Power Scrub provide professional results that last, and this is partly due to their respective high-amp motor. However, they are lightweight enough to maneuver without throwing out your back, which can’t be said for the rental carpet cleaners available at your local hardware store.

You’ll appreciate the complete separation of their large-capacity collection tank and water reservoir. With a full suite of tools at your disposal and an extra-long hose, you can clean every square inch of carpet and upholstery in your house.

Although they are on equal footing performance-wise, each carpet cleaner has a few standout features of its own. The Hoover SteamVac offers variable-speed brush control and additional bursts of detergent when needed. On the other hand, the Hoover Power Scrub can be set to wash or rinse, and its reservoir auto mixes the detergent inside of it. Extend your carpet’s lifespan with the Hoover SteamVac or the Hoover Power Scrub.

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