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Hoover PowerDash vs Smartwash vs PowerScrub

There’s a very good reason why Hoover has been in the floor-cleaning business for over a century: its products are simply top of the line. Today, we’re looking at three of Hoover’s most beloved upright carpet cleaners—the PowerDash, Smartwash, and PowerScrub—to see what each can offer in terms of performance and convenience.

Hoover PowerDash vs Smartwash vs PowerScrub

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Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact FH50700

First and foremost, the Hoover PowerDash is the lightest of the three models. Its lightweight build stems from its 0.5-gallon tank, which offers half the cleaning capacity as the Smartwash and PowerScrub. However, the largest benefit of weighing nearly 10 pounds less than the other upright carpet cleaners is that transporting the unit up and down stairs, as well as navigating the floorhead through obstacles, is a lot less strenuous on your arms and back.

Despite the PowerDash’s small stature, it’s doesn’t lack the power needed to clean the stubbornest pet stains from area rugs and carpets. The PoewrtSpin Pet brush roll features a double-helix design of ultra-stiff bristles that dig into carpet fibers and demolish set-in stains at the roots. The trigger-activated spray allows you to soften stains with as much or as little of your go-to cleaning agent as needed.

What’s more, the PowerDash comes with the same exact carpet-heating technology as the Smartwash and PowerScrub to leave your carpets dry in no time. HeatForce blasts hot, dry air onto your carpet, so any moisture that the suction misses to pick up can be heated and evaporated in under 30 minutes.

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner...
  • EASY TO USE: Lightweight & compact design for efficient cleaning and storage
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: Perfect for pet messes, high traffic areas, area rugs, and small spaces

Hoover Smartwash Automatic FH52000

The Hoover Smartwash is all about convenience, despite sporting a larger dual-tank system and beefier motor. It may look bulky because it is, but it comes with an array of state-of-the-art features that make carpet cleaning less of a chore.

The similarities between the Smartwash and the PowerDash are limited to just one feature: HeatForce. They can both leave carpets dry to the touch after 30 minutes of cleaning. That, combined with ultimate suction power from both upright carpet cleaners, ensures quicker drying and a reduced risk of dirtying moist carpets after a deep clean.

Now, let’s talk about the features that put the “smart” in Smartwash. You’ll notice that the Smartwash has a trigger-less handle, which means you cannot manually spray your floors with your carpet cleaning solution. This is because this Hoover model comes with automatic cleaning technology; it detects which direction you move the floorhead and sprays a preset quantity of cleaning solution each time.

It releases carpet detergent every time you push it forward and pulling it back stifles the flow of water while also activating HeatForce. You can also switch the Smartwash to dry-only mode at any time.

The Smartwash also features an automatic solution-mixing system that evenly combines your favorite carpet cleaning shampoo with clean water. The result is even cleaning with minimal sudsy residue after all is said and done.

This upright carpet cleaner also features a 2-in-1 hand tool that you can use to remove set-in stains from carpeted steps and upholstery. Any time your pets or children leave a dirty “surprise” on soft above-ground surfaces, the Smartwash can be there to help you remove it in an instant.

Hoover SmartWash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner...
  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Push forward to clean and pull back to dry
  • AUTO-CLEAN MOTION SENSING DESIGN: Eliminating the guesswork means no triggers or buttons
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Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150

The last Hoover in this comparison is the bulkiest of them all—the Hoover PowerScrub Deluxe. Even though it weighs a mere 18-ish pounds, which is pretty lightweight by upright carpet cleaner standards, it’s still one of Hoover’s largest floor-cleaning beasts.

The PowerScrub isn’t a smart carpet cleaner by any means. It relies on the traditional trigger design that disperses however much or little water and cleaning solution you need to loosen and destroy old messes. In a way, this system is superior to the Smartwash as it gives you the ability to use more cleaning solution for the stubbornest stains.

The dual-tank system has a collective capacity of one gallon, which, according to some users, is enough to clean several hundred square feet of carpets on a single tank. With two tanks, the PowerScrub, as well as the other Hoovers on this list, keep dirty water out of the clean water tank, so there’s virtually no risk of cross-contamination.

The PowerScrub also comes with the same auto-mixing solution tank as the Smartwash, as well as a port where you can connect an 8-foot-long suction hose for above-ground cleaning. Consider this unit to be a mix between the PowerDash and the Smartwash—it’s packed with traditional features as the PowerDash but also offers the same level of versatility as the Smartwash.

Hoover PowerScrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner...
  • EASY DEEP CLEANING: SpinScrub Brushes powerfully removes deep-embedded dirt and stains...
  • FASTER DRYING: HeatForce for faster drying so you can get back on your carpets quickly

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