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Hoover CH30000 vs Oreck BB880: Canister Vacuum Comparison

Commercial canister vacuums are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient cleaning experience. Unlike traditional upright vacuums which get pushed and pulled in one direction, these specialty vacuums put cleaning power right in your hands.

Hoover CH30000 vs Oreck BB880: Canister Vacuum Comparison

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These vacuum cleaners are designed to be perhaps the most versatile cleaning tools on the market, as they allow a vacuum to accompany you to places where a traditional upright vacuum can’t go. Canister vacuum cleaners are the most common vacuum cleaner type in Europe. Let’s find out why in this comparison article of two canister vacuum cleaners from two well-known brands.

At first glance, the Hoover CH30000 and Oreck BB880 are incredibly similar. They look the same, have an incredibly similar price point, and are both manufactured by powerhouse home appliance brands. There are specific features, however, that provide a very different user experience and prove that one slightly outshines the other.


Hoover CH30000
Above all things, canister vacuums must be easy to carry. The Hoover PortaPower weights just 8.3 pounds, making it easy to take with you anywhere. A built-in handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, are so you have a variety of ways to carry this vacuum. It also features a flexible hose that extends your reach as well as a 33-foot long power cord, so any outlet is a convenient outlet.

Oreck BB880
The Oreck Super-Deluxe also shines in this area. It also features an on-unit handle for easy carrying and control. The adjustable strap makes cleaning more comfortable when using this device for an extended period. Weighing less than 5 pounds, this vacuum is incredibly lightweight without sacrificing cleaning power in the process.

Verdict: When it comes to portability, it’s clear that the Hoover PortaPower and Oreck Super-Deluxe were designed with mobility in mind. While the Hoover model has great features, the Oreck vacuum is slightly more portable overall. The lightweight design means you can carry the Oreck BB880 around without getting tired quickly.


Hoover CH30000
The Hoover PortaPower cleans both large, commercial areas and small, hard-to-reach places with ease. This versatile machine is ready to take on any room in your house while sufficiently cleaning staircases, hallways, and sharp corners as well. Because it’s carried, it can also reach draperies and other hard-to-reach places where dust likes to gather. Aside from just cleaning indoor areas, it is also compact enough for you to detail your car and keep it looking spotless.

Oreck BB880
Versatility is also the name of the game when it comes to the Oreck Super-Deluxe. This canister vacuum cleans crevices and hard-to-clean areas with ease while also being able to take on larger projects. Whether you use this vacuum in your home or on difficult to clean places like a boat, RV, or workshop, you’ll have cleaning power that goes anywhere and cleans anything.

Verdict: The versatility of these two machines are relatively equal, with one significant difference. The Oreck Super-Deluxe boasts a suction power that can pick up a 16 pound Bowling Ball. The fact that this incredible cleaning power can easily accompany you anywhere sets it apart from its competitors, including the Hoover PortaPower.

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Special Attachments

Hoover CH30000
The inclusion of special attachments and features is also worth examining. When it comes to the Hoover PortaPower, a standard vacuum head with metal handle is of course included for areas covered in carpeting. So too are a variety of attachments such as a crevice wand, making it easier to clean specific or small places. Besides, this vacuum has a blower built in to remove debris from your home or automobile easily.

Oreck BB880
The Oreck BB880 Super-Deluxe also has attachments that allow maximum versatility. It also includes a blower for ridding your spaces of dirt and debris. The set of mini tool attachments make this vacuum able to clean small electronic devices like computer keyboards. These attachments also come in a handy tool caddy for easy storage and organization.

Verdict: Both of these devices include attachments that will clean your living spaces from top to bottom. With that said, the Hoover PortaPower has a traditional vacuum head with the metal handle, allowing it to turn into a standard vacuum cleaner. The Oreck Super-Deluxe features a hose only, meaning that it can only be used in addition to an upright rather than instead of.

User-Friendly Features

Hoover CH30000
Vacuums should clean your home efficiently, but they should also be easy to clean when they reach capacity. The Hoover PortaPower allows you to use either a cloth or paper bag to catch and hold dirt and debris. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, this is a highly user-friendly feature. For areas that may contain glass shards, a cloth bag is more suitable, while a dusty area is better suited for a paper bag.

Oreck BB880
Instead of a standard dust cup, the Oreck Super-Deluxe also collects debris in an easy-to-empty bag. These disposable bags are both sanitary and hypo-allergenic, meaning this device is perfect for homes that include allergy sufferers. In addition to these particular bags, this device features a locking bag door that promises a secure seal which will never let dust back into the air while in use.

Verdict: The Hoover PortaPower’s thoughtfully designed dust bags are a convenient feature that any canister vacuum user can surely appreciate. With that said, the Oreck Super-Deluxe promises to make air dust and allergen free, which has the potential to increase the health and life quality of you or members of your household. For this reason, the Oreck Super-Deluxe proves to be the slightly superior model.

Hoover CH30000 vs Oreck BB880: Conclusion

With similarly designed exteriors, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that the Hoover CH30000 PortaPower and Oreck BB880 Super-Deluxe are nearly identical machines. When it comes to their specific features, however, they prove to be entirely different.

The Hoover PortaPower is an incredibly versatile, powerful, and user-friendly canister vacuum in its own right. The Oreck Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner, however, proves, again and again, to be the superior product overall.

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