Battery-powered handheld vacuums are often what people usually gravitate to when they need to clean out their car or do some detailed vacuuming. Even the best handheld vac doesn’t compare to full-size vacuums. With a hand vac, you’re also at the mercy of its battery charge.

Hoover CH30000 versus Oreck Commercial BB900DGR

Hoover CH30000

There are commercial-strength canister vacuums that are small and light enough to carry, like the Hoover PortaPower and the Oreck XL Pro 5. They are equipped with a shoulder strap and extra-long power cords. These commercial canister vacs even come with a bevy of attachments, including floor brushes.

Both the Hoover PortaPower and the Oreck XL Pro 5 become blowers with a few minor adjustments. If you want to use the PortaPower to vacuum your floors, you’ll appreciate the floor nozzle’s side suction. For around-the-house or in-the-car cleaning, the attachable tool caddy on the XL Pro 5 comes in handy. Here’s how these two commercial canister vacuums compare.

Suction Power

Hoover PortaPower (CH30000)
The suction power of this commercial canister vac is thanks to the 7.4-amp motor. Although it’s rated at 900 watts, the suction produced by the lubricated motor is not overly loud at 79.2 decibels. It’s also equipped with a thermal protector to ensure it doesn’t overheat in the event of a clog. If you want to use the PortaPower to blow away construction debris, simply turn the hose connector to go from vacuum to blower.

Oreck XL Pro 5 (BB900DGR)
Rated at 4 amps, the XL Pro 5 generates 195 air watts of suction. The 780-watt bypass motor puts out 81 decibels of sound, so it won’t shatter your eardrums. Like the PortaPower, the XL Pro 5 has a thermal protector. On the opposite end of where the suction inlet is located, there is a blower port, which is great for cleaning up after DIY projects.

Conclusion: While each vacuum has a well-built motor and excellent suction, the Oreck uses less electricity. Each one has a mechanism that prevents motor burnouts, and both are on par when it comes to sound output. These vacuum cleaners also have a blower port; however, it’s easier to switch from vacuum to blower on the PortaPower.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR vs Hoover CH30000

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR

Handling and Carrying

Hoover PortaPower (CH30000)
Weighing 8.3 pounds, almost anyone can carry the Hoover PortaPower. It comes with a cross-body strap for even weight distribution, and the raised handle has a fingertip power switch. A 33.5-foot SJT, or service junior thermoplastic, the cord can withstand bending and high temperatures. For cord storage, Hoover included a Velcro wrap.

Oreck XL Pro 5 (BB900DGR)
Ultra-lightweight at a mere 5 pounds, the Oreck XL Pro 5 is easy to carry. The adjustable cross-body strap prevents shoulder fatigue, and the power switch is located on the tote handle. With the polarized, 30-foot power cable, you get incredible reach, and the rotating hooks allow you to unravel the cord quickly.

Conclusion: Although both commercial canister vacuums come with a cross-body strap, it’s almost unnecessary due to their featherlight weight, particularly for the 3.3-pound lighter XL Pro 5. The PortaPower boasts a longer and more durable cord, but the XL Pro 5 has a superior cord storage feature.

Hoover CH30000

Hoover CH30000

Vacuum Attachments

Hoover PortaPower (CH30000)
From vacuuming carpets to cleaning in between the seats of your car, the Hoover PortaPower comes with all the attachments you need. There is an edge-suctioning, 10-inch-wide floor nozzle with a height-adjustable brush and an 8.5-inch-wide wall brush. You also get a chrome wand, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush as well as a 6-foot stretchable hose.

Oreck XL Pro 5 (BB900DGR)
There is no shortage of vacuuming attachments with the Oreck XL Pro 5. This canister vac comes with an adjustable extension wand, a 5-foot hose and a 9.5-inch-long floor/wall tool with a foot-operated brush. For convenient reach, you can screw on the tool holder to keep the crevice tool, upholstery brush and dusting brush nearby.

Conclusion: The Hoover’s floor brush is slightly longer than the Oreck’s, but the Oreck XL Pro 5 has a foot pedal that raises and lowers the brush. The PortaPower’s hose is longer by a foot; however, you get an upholstery tool and a caddy with the XL Pro 5. As you can see, while the attachments vary, the tools as a whole are comprehensive.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR

Debris Collection

Hoover PortaPower (CH30000)
Hoover puts more money into your pocket by providing a reusable cloth bag and a cleanable pre-motor filter for debris containment. This bag can hold as much as 2 quarts of debris before you need to empty it. However, you can purchase paper bags for fine dust vacuuming.

Oreck XL Pro 5 (BB900DGR)
Since the Oreck is smaller than the Hoover, it makes sense that its dust bag will be smaller too. Holding up to 1.25 quarts of debris, these bags are paper and therefore, disposable. Each set of bags comes with a replaceable micro-filter to trap airborne allergens.

Conclusion: Although neither canister vac has a large debris capacity, the PortaPower outdoes the XL Pro 5 by 0.75 quarts. In addition, the Hoover vacuum’s cloth bag and pre-motor filter do not need to be replaced while the Oreck’s paper bags and micro-filter do.

Hoover CH30000 Canister Vacuum

Powerful and Portable

Both the Hoover PortaPower and the Oreck XL Pro 5 offer unique advantages when compared to one another. The PortaPower has a dual vacuum/blower port that makings changing between the two almost seamless. It also has a longer cord and hose as well as a wider floor nozzle. The dirtbag is reusable, and it has a bigger capacity.

With the XL Pro 5, you get the benefits of a canister vac that’s lighter by several pounds and uses less electricity. This vacuum also has hooks instead of Velcro for cord wrapping, and it comes with a tool caddy and an upholstery brush. As opposed to a sliding lever, there is a user-friendly foot pedal on the vacuum’s floor nozzle.

If you don’t want to deal with replacing the filter and the bag, go with the Hoover PortaPower. If you need an extremely lightweight vacuum, the XL Pro 5 is the better choice. Regardless of their differences, they both produce strong suction that’s no louder than a hairdryer. The blower port and weight-distributing strap are also pluses. Without a doubt, the Hoover CH3000 and Oreck B900DGR are car and home-cleaning game-changers.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Canister Vacuum

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