hOmeLabs Mini Split AC Heating System Review

With summer at full blast, it’s crucial that we find a way to keep ourselves cool, so we don’t melt in our sleep. Getting a fan for your room would be nice, but a multi-purpose air conditioner like the hOmeLabs Mini Split AC could be even better. Read our review down below and see whether you should mount this unit on your wall.

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9,000-BTU Unit for 400-Square-Foot Rooms
First of all, you need to determine whether the hOmeLabs is the right fit for your bedroom, living room, or apartment. The hOmeLabs is rated at 9,000 BTUs and has a maximum coverage range of around 400 square feet. This split AC unit should fit right into most apartments to cool down spacious rooms with its ultra-power fan.

Cooling AND Heating Modes!
As an air conditioning unit, it’s pretty safe to say that the hOmeLabs is designed to lower the temperature in your home (as low as 62 degrees), but what should you do about the split AC unit when wintertime comes around? Detaching the unit from your wall can be a pain, but with the hOmeLabs, you won’t have to!

The hOmeLabs also comes with heating capabilities to raise the temperature in rooms to up to 86 degrees! Best of all, it comes with a freezing protection system that prevents its internal components from freezing over during the winter. The motor and everything else inside of the outdoor unit stays at a constant 46 degrees at all times.

Not only can the hOmeLabs maintain a constant, non-freezing temperature to keep the internal components in tip-top shape, but there’s also a self-cleaning function that cleans and dries the built-in dehumidifier, preventing mold growth and distribution. As for the standard filter, you’ll have to give that a good wiping and drying on your own.

Inverter Technology
Something else that you should know about the hOmeLabs is that it uses inverter technology to cool down and heat up rooms. Inverter technology has the capability to regulate fan speeds. As a result, the hOmeLabs can alter temperatures in indoor spaces in much less time than it’d take non-inverter models, which can be much more cost-efficient in the long run.

Non-inverter ACs blast their compressors at high speed and turn off after the desired temperature is reached. In general, inverter tech reduces energy costs, which is a definite upside for AC units.

Follow Me Remote Controller/Thermostat
One handy feature that you’ll get with the hOmeLabs split AC is a remote controller. Well, that’s not too exciting, but the fact that it doubles as a thermostat is! When you activate auto mode, the thermostat will gauge the temperature of the room it’s in, which will trigger the AC unit to turn on and off depending on the temperature.

So, if it’s hot, the thermostat will know and communicate to the AC that it’s time to kick it into high gear. During autumn and winter, the remote controller will direct the AC to raise the heat—pretty handy if you’re tired of pressing buttons!

No Outdoor Brackets Included
Unfortunately, hOmeLabs does not include a set of outdoor brackets for the condensing unit. This isn’t the end of the world since you can leave it on the ground (tiny legs keep the base from touching the ground), but if it rains pretty heavily in your town, make sure you get some brackets for your hOmeLabs (sold separately).

Split AC Unit
From the title of this review, you should already know that the hOmeLabs is a split AC unit. But what does this mean? A split AC unit consists of two main components: an air handling unit (indoor) and a condensing unit (outdoor).

The air handling unit comes with a set of anchors to keep it mounted onto a wall. As for the condensing unit, it resides outdoors to process water or air to lower the temperature of a room. The two units work in tandem to ensure that your home is as cool as you like.

Here are the main upside and downside of split AC units. They’re a lot quieter than other types of ACs since the condensing unit and compressor are outdoors. However, you’ll need to get the help of a trained AC-installing professional to set your unit up.

Verdict: Should I Get the hOmeLabs Mini Split AC?
The hOmeLabs is a surprisingly awesome split AC unit that does more than just lower the temperatures in rooms. We love the fact that the Follow Me remote controller automatically controls the AC, so we don’t have to! Installation can be tricky, so make sure you get a trained professional to do the dirty work and heavy-lifting (literally) for you!

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