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Ring Alarm vs. SimpliSafe vs Eufy vs Blink vs Ecobee vs Hiseeu

Having a home security system is important now more than ever. Even something as simple as getting packages delivered to your front door can pose a huge risk to your family’s safety.

Today, we’re going to look at and compare six of the highest-rated, top-performing home security systems to help you determine which system can help out your family and home the most.

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Ring Alarm Home Security System

This is Ring’s 2nd Generation Home Security System. The main difference between this and the first-gen version is that this one has a new and improved keypad in terms of looks. Functionality-wise, you’re getting the same reliable security system that keeps homes and families safe.

Ring Alarm Home Security System
Ring Alarm 5-piece kit

This 5-piece home security kit includes a base station, a keypad, a contact sensor, a motion sensor, and a range expander. With the range expander, you can cover up to 1,000 square feet of your property to help ensure that no intruders try to sneak in from any direction. You can subscribe to Ring’s optional premium service, which is cheaper than most while also offering super-fast notifications.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Just follow the instructions on the paperwork, which also provide helpful tips on how to get ample coverage of your entire home. Sticky pads do quick work of installing the motion and contact sensors. The placement of the sensors will determine how quickly Ring will alert the authorities.

Ring Alarm Home Security System Review
Ring Alarm 5-piece kit

But the real magic is in the mobile app. The app lets you choose between three modes—arm, disarm, and arm while you’re at home (less responsive but still wary of smoke and other hazards). Please note that the Ring Alarm system doesn’t come with a camera, smoke detector, and all the other goodies you’ll need to keep your home safe.

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit - home security system...
  • A great fit for condos and apartments, this Alarm Kit includes one Base Station, one...
  • Includes an intuitive Keypad that can arm and disarm your Alarm and Contact Sensors that...

SimpliSafe Home Security System

The SimpliSafe comes with more pieces of hardware than the Ring Alarm security system. This 9-piece kit comes with the base station with a built-in 95-dBA alarm, a keypad to arm and disarm the alarm, four entry sensors to guard windows and doors, two motion sensors that trigger a SimpliCam security camera, which also comes with this kit.

SimpliSafe Home Security System
SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System

The 9-piece kit from SimpliSafe has a maximum coverage area of 1,000 square feet without needing an extender. Each motion sensor has a 90-degree viewing angle at up to 30 feet to keep track of movement in every corner of your home. If you want, you can connect additional sensors to the base control—up to 100 in total—to monitor both inside and outside your home (protective cases for the cameras sold separately).

Like every other home security system, SimpliSafe offers premium subscription-based services to keep your home safe at all times. There are two monitoring packages to choose from—standard and interactive monitoring. The second package puts you on SimpliSafe’s priority care list and includes unlimited storage to save recordings, as well as full app control.

SimpliSafe Home Security System Review
SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security System

The biggest issue some users have with the SimpliSafe home security system is the camera. It doesn’t function as well in low light, so you’ll most likely have to rely on motion sensors during the nighttime.

SimpliSafe 9 Piece Wireless Home Security...
  • Simple to set up. Seriously secure. Get ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug...
  • 1 FREE Month of 24/7 professional monitoring with Fast Protect Technology for fast police...

Eufy Home Security System

First and foremost, we have to inform you that the Eufy Security eufyCam 2 isn’t a traditional home security system. This kit simply comes with a base station and two security cameras. Unlike the Ring and SimpliSafe systems from earlier, there’s no numpad or separate motion sensors.

eufy Security eufyCam 2
eufy Security eufyCam 2

However, Eufy will not alert authorities in the event of break-ins or fires since the company doesn’t offer those kinds of services.

Despite coming with fewer pieces, this home security system kit simply has it all. The base station is the “brains” of the organization. It acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, delivering a stable internet connection to each of the two cameras, so you’re never out of the loop.

Like the previous security kits, the Eufy home station is compatible with Alexa, so you can use voice commands to view what either of the cameras is seeing via your smartphone or tablet.

As for the cameras themselves, you’ll get two 1080p HD cameras with live-streaming capabilities that also record in 1080p resolution.

The cameras come with built-in speakers and a microphone, so you can communicate with visitors or package delivery men straight from your Eufy system without opening your front door. They also work incredibly well at night, thanks to the Sony-made sensors.

eufy Security eufyCam 2 Wireless Home...
  • 1080p Full HD Live-stream and record footage in crystal clear 1080p HD, so you see exactly...
  • A Year’s Security from 1 Charge Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy...

Blink Home Security System

Like the Eufy security camera system, the Blink Home Security System doesn’t come with a wide range of hardware. This kit includes three, battery-powered cameras with 1080p HD resolution, infrared vision, temperature monitoring, two-way audio, and built-in motion sensors. The subscription plans that Blink offers are related to recording storage space. If you choose a per-camera or unlimited-camera subscription package, you can store as many videos as you want in Blink’s cloud system.

Blink Indoor – wireless HD security camera
Blink Indoor – wireless HD security camera

What’s great about the Blink Home Security System is that you also have the option to store footage locally. Simply detach the camera from the wall and plug it into your computer. That way, you can store as many videos as your HDD or Google Drive can handle without paying additional fees.

Each of the three cameras runs on two AA batteries, which, according to Blink, provides enough power to record footage for up to two years. These Blink cameras are not designed to handle rain or snow, so keep them indoors and away from open windows if at all possible.

To use these cameras, just download the Blink Home Monitor app on your smartphone, sync the cameras, and you’re all set. You also have the option to sync your cameras with an Alexa smart speaker to set the locations for each camera.

Blink Indoor (3rd Gen) – wireless, HD...
  • Blink Indoor is a wireless, battery-powered security camera that helps you check in on...
  • With long-lasting battery life, Indoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium...

Ecobee Home Security System

The Ecobee Home Security System is unique in the sense that you don’t need a physical base station to connect each of the seven pieces of the security kit. As long as you have an active subscription to Haven, Ecobee’s remote monitoring security system, you’ll always have an extra set of eyes keeping track of your home, belongings, and loved ones at home.

ecobee Home Security Solution
ecobee Home Security Solution

This Ecobee security system kit consists of a single smart camera with two-way audio, two motion detectors, and four sensors for doors and windows. It doesn’t come with a numpad, so there’s no need to manually arm or disarm the sensors.

Every time you step foot out the door, the sensors will inform Haven that you left and automatically arm the system. The entire system is intelligent enough to distinguish strangers from homeowners, so if you need to come back to retrieve something, the system will automatically disarm until you’ve left the premises. You’ll get two months of Haven services for free upon purchase.

ecobee SmartCamera with Whole Home Sensors...
  • COME AND GO FREELY. No keypads and no countdowns with Haven. Your system arms and disarms...
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR 180° VIEW. SmartCamera has 1080p HD video, 180° field of view, and...

Hiseeu Home Security System

Last up, we have the Hiseeu Home Security System, a system consisting of a base station with a pre-installed 1TB hard drive and four smart cameras. Customers claimed that the overwhelming number of cables was a shock, but setting up the Hiseeu is pretty straightforward. As long as you have a stable internet connection, either wireless or LAN, you’re pretty much good to go.

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System
Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

The 3.0-MP security cameras offer recordings at 1080p HD resolution and have built-in infrared to record at nighttime up to 65 feet away. Each of the cameras is rated IP66 for resistance to accidental splashes of water and light rainfall. The cameras also have a built-in microphone, so you don’t just see who’s at your front door, but you can also hear what they’re saying.

Thanks to H.265+ video compression, the Hiseeu security cameras can record footage at decent quality (2K resolution) while keeping file sizes to a bare minimum. According to Hiseeu, the 1TB hard drive can store more than a month’s worth of video at a time. You can extend your footage storage capacity by downloading the EseeCloud app on your phone to upload footage and view them later on.

[Wireless Pro, 100ft Range] Hiseeu Wireless...
  • 【2.4G/5G Wireless Pro & 100ft Range】 Unleash your control with dual Wi-Fi...
  • 【PIR & AI Human Motion Detection】 The Hiseeu wireless security camera system providing...

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