When Summer is in full swing, it can be hard to find relief from the heat. If your house, apartment, or RV doesn’t come equipped with air conditioning, high temperatures can turn it into an incredibly uncomfortable experience. Luckily, those who are looking for respite from a Summer’s sweltering weather can take matters into their own hands by installing their own window air conditioning unit.

hOme 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner Review

This 500 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner from hOmeLabs is a suitable way for you to easily and quickly cool your living spaces. With impressive cooling strength and convenient installation, this window-mounted air conditioner makes it easy to take summer back and comfortably relax.

Cooling Power & Details

This 4.0 amp, 5000 BTU air conditioning unit cools rooms measuring up to 150 square feet, making it ideal for bedrooms, small apartment units, or RVs. It cools areas in just 10 minutes and features 7 cooling speeds to maximize its ability to lower temperatures within your living space. Two-way air flow paired with adjustable high and low fan settings allow you to better control the cooling power of this device.

It has 5 slats that move approximately 40 degrees left and right, allowing you to also customize the direction of air flow out of the top vent. The included eco filter is easily cleaned with soap and water, making it reusable season after season. The longevity and customizable cooling strength of this window AC unit will provide your small living spaces with much-needed relief from the heat.

hOme 5000 BTU Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Energy Star Certified, this AC unit has an 11.1 EER rating which it typical for window units of this size, meaning that it won’t raise your energy bill an exorbitant amount during warm weather months. It also generates 60.4 decibels of white noise and unlike other window AC units, there is no obnoxious humming or whistling when in use.

While it is highly weatherproof and is made to withstand rain and inclement weather without a cover. Luckily, this product also has a 2-year warranty for damage or breakage, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or malfunctioning the second it comes out of the box.

hOme Air Conditioner


Weighing in at 36.5lbs, the hOmeLabs 500 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner measures 16 inches long x 12 inches high x 15.4 inches deep, and is easily placed into windows measuring between 23” – 36” in width and with a minimum hight of 13”. Compatible with 110V/120V electric outlets, this 60Hz AC unit comes complete with accordion panels, a top rail, support brackets, screws, and window seal foam for installation.

Using a level and screwdriver (not included), this device installs into any appropriately sized exterior window with the use of rails, brackets, and accordion panels. The rails and accordion panels are made to tilt the unit away from your interior, ensuring that it always maintains a proper pitch for water drainage. An included users manual ensures that installation is easy and drip-free.

hOme 5000 BTU Air Conditioner


While not ideal for use within larger living spaces, for smaller areas that need to be cooled quickly, the hOmeLabs 500 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is a great solution. Sold at a lower price point than comparable air cooling units on the market, it is an affordable and effective way to reduce warm temperatures indoors. Some users commented that it wasn’t powerful enough and that over time, the noise level increased from continual use.

While it does not have a sophisticated design like more expensive or modern products on the market, the majority of users agreed that this window air conditioning unit was a cheap and effective way to keep their small rooms cool during the summer. Although it takes a bit of effort to install (which may be tricky for less handy users) the time it takes to set up this unit is minimal compared to the hours of comfortable temperatures this air conditioning unit will provide.

If you are looking for an escape from the summer heat in your bedroom, apartment, or mobile home, this unit is an easy way to cool down fast. The longevity and customizable cooling strength of the hOmeLabs 500 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner will provide your small living spaces with much-needed relief from the summer heat.

hOme Air Conditioner

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