Whether for the car or the home, it’s always convenient to have a handheld vacuum cleaner on standby. Homasy and Holife are two manufacturers that know how to bring you this convenience without draining your wallet. Their stylish hand vacs are equipped with powerful motors that generate strong suction.

Homasy vs Holife: Handheld Vacuum Comparison

Homasy USAS1

Each one offers a reusable filter that catches fine and coarse particles. A sliding switch instead of a trigger means your hand and fingers won’t get tired. Even the handle is built for ergonomics. Plus, both vacuums are incredibly lightweight.

With the Homasy and the Holife handheld vacuums, you get three tools for detailed cleaning, including one specifically designed to lift small puddles of liquid. Thanks to a lithium-ion battery, you get a long working time and an extra-short charging time. For a hand vacuum, their dry debris capacity is rather large. Overall, you’re getting a lot of value for your money.


Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclonic suction is one feature that makes the Homasy handheld vacuum efficient. Before debris hits the black tinted cup, it’s filtered by a 0.3-micron cloth media, which is washable. Even though the filter is reusable, Homasy throws in an extra just in case.

Approximately 6 kilopascals of suction promise easy lifting of heavy debris, and exhaust air is released from side-located vents, which means lightweight particles won’t get blown away. To dump the 600-milliliter cup’s contents, simply press the extra-wide button.

Holife Hand Vacuum Cleaner
Like the Homasy model, the Holife hand vacuum also uses the lifting and separating power of cyclonic suction. Once the 6-kilopascal air stream sucks in debris, fine particles mixed within are trapped by the cloth filter. To save you money, Holife gives you two filters, both of which are reusable.

Holife vs Homasy: Handheld Vacuum Comparison

Holife 6KPA

Coarse particles and debris such as cereal, large specs of dust and hair then enter the vacuum’s tinted yet see-through cup. This cup can hold 600 milliliters of dirt, and it has a push button, which removes the cup from the vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion: Homasy and Holife tie when it comes to suction strength. Each one generates more than just a few kilopascals of suction, and they both rely on a cloth media for fine-particle filtration, which means you get to use the filter repeatedly. You’ll appreciate their dust cup’s large capacity and the location of the exhaust vents.


Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
There’s no cord to hold you back. This handheld vacuum operates on a 2,200 mAh 14.8-volt lithium-ion battery. When the battery is fully charged, you can expect 30 minutes of runtime, which is more than enough to tackle any clean-up task.

Homasy provides a charging cradle that replenishes the battery in 3 to 4 hours. You can monitor this fast-charging battery by watching the three bars on the hand vac. These bars act as indicators of the battery’s status. To protect you and the vacuum, the battery has integrated overheating and overcharging protection mechanisms.

Homasy vs Holife

Homasy USAS1

Holife Hand Vacuum Cleaner
This is a cordless hand vacuum; therefore, you can use it anywhere as long as the 14-8-volt lithium-ion battery is charged. With its 2,200 mAh capacity, the battery gives the vacuum cleaner one-half hour of working time without any loss of suction.

The accompanying cradle is engineered to charge the battery in as little as 3 hours quickly, so you’re never without your hand vac when you need it. While the charge time is speedy, the battery won’t overheat or overcharge. You can even keep track of the battery’s status by watching the illustrated indicator light.

Conclusion: No short runtimes, and no waiting forever for a full battery. Both hand vacuums offer a long working time and a rapid recharging time. Each vacuum comes with a charging stand for neat storage. While both have different types of charging indicator lights, the Homasy’s triple-bar indicator gives you a slightly better idea of how much the lithium-ion battery has charged.


Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
At 3.3 pounds, this handheld vac doesn’t weigh much. It’s also easy to hold due to its looped handle. When you’re ready to clean, you don’t have to hold down a trigger or a button. Instead, slide the on-handle power switch to the on position to kick-start the 100-watt motor.

This black hand vacuum with white accents is able to remove dry and wet messes from counters, floors and more. It comes with two dry-mess attachments – a crevice wand and a soft brush. There is even a special rubber jar to collect up to 100 milliliters of fluid.

Holife vs Homasy

Holife 6KPA

Holife Hand Vacuum Cleaner
With a weight of 3.3 pounds, you won’t break your wrist maneuvering the Holife vacuum. The handle is shaped like a D to keep your hand comfortable too. Instead of readjusting your hand or using your free hand to control the vacuum’s 100-watt motor, there is a thumb-slide power switch on the handle.

The white hand vacuum is decked out with black trim and bolstered with several accessories. The soft brush eliminates dust and hair from furniture and tabletops, and the crevice tool reaches deep in between couch cushions and along wall edges. Additionally, there is a 100-milliliter jar to hold liquid spills and a cleaning brush for post-cleaning vacuum maintenance.

Conclusion: Each hand vacuum features a black-and-white scheme with the difference between models being a color inversion. Their handle is ergonomically designed, and the hand vacs are ultra-lightweight. A sliding switch gives your finger a break, and you get three tools for picking up dry debris and liquid spills.

Homasy vs Holife: Handheld Vacuum Comparison

Affordable but Not Bare-Bones

They won’t break your wallet, and they won’t disappoint. The Homasy and Holife hand vacs offer the same suction strength produced by a 14.8-volt lithium-ion battery and a 100-watt motor. Each one gives you the same amount of runtime, and both don’t take long to recharge on their dock.

You can easily power the vacuums with a sliding switch. Between their looped handles and featherlight weight, you won’t experience hand fatigue. A washable cloth filter and cyclonic suction provide the ultimate filtration, and their same set of attachments help you remove dry and liquid messes alike.

The Homasy handheld vacuum gives you a visible battery level indication with bar lights, and the Holife hand vac offers a similar ability with its one-light indicator. The Homasy model has a contrasting color scheme that’s reversed from the Holife vacuum. However, the one item that the Homasy lacks is a cleaning brush, but that’s a minor difference. Clean up those little messes and get back to life with the Homasy or the Holife handheld vacuums.

Holife vs Homasy: Handheld Vacuum Comparison

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