Gtech ATF301 Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Gtech ATF301 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is a bagged stick vacuum made to provide the benefits of cord-free vacuum at a reasonable price tag. The Gtech ATF301 was developed particularly for hardwood flooring as well as low-pile carpeting.

Gtech ATF301 Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

About Gtech, the Company

Gtech was founded in Worcestershire in 2001 and manufactures a diverse line of vacuum cleaners. Gtech has a reliable history of providing well-made vacuums that frequently get high consumer ratings.

A Cordless Vacuum Can Save you Time!

No, battery powered vacuum cleaners don’t have similar cleaning power as a well-made cord-connected vacuum cleaner that operates off a 120v household current with a electric motor that weighs 3 times as much as the whole cordless vacuum cleaner. But, when a cordless vacuum cleaner can save you 20 to 30 minutes per month vacuuming your home, that is some time you can spend with your kids or spending on your hobby.

Gtech ATF301 Pro Review

Areas It Can Clean

You purchase this stick vacuum for the flexibility it presents. Bagged stick vacuums are supposed to offer convenient cleaning. Getting rid of of the dirt inside the bag is simple and hygienic; bags can be easily taken and swapped without touching any of the dust and dirt. The Gtech ATF301 holds more dirt and grime in comparison to similarly sized bagless alternatives, so the bags don’t need to be replaced nearly as often.

Triple-layer filter bag

Gtech has designed the bags to be nicely optimised for a cord-free stick vacuum, with 3 layers to capture the dirt and hair at home. Every single layer gradually filters the particles, while the sturdy exterior helps to prevent the bag from tearing apart when being replaced. Every single time you replace the bag, you are giving your Gtech a new, clean filter too.

Saves time

Having a dirt volume of 1.5 litres, the Gtech ATF301’s bags hold over 3 times the dust when compared to most cordless stick vacuums. Each bag will last between 1 to 3 months in a typical household before replacement.

Gtech ATF301 Pro Stick Vacuum

Summary of the Gtech ATF301 Features
– Lightweight and versatile
– Up to 40 minutes of run time
– AirLOC technology
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Final Words

If you can’t find the money for a Dyson then the Gtech ATF301 Pro is a good vacuum that costs just a fraction of the more expensive cordless stick vacuums. Based on the reviews, it has enough power and enough flexibility to thoroughly clean most households.

Gtech ATF301 Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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