Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner Review

Dirty windows detract from your home’s curb appeal. Ladders carry an inherent danger, and professional window cleaning companies are expensive. However, robotic window cleaners like the Gladwell Gecko offer a safe, pays-for-itself alternative. With the Gecko, you won’t have to deal with a wobbly ladder or touch a dirty sponge. Instead, you can just watch the robot work.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner Review

The corded Gecko window cleaner uses vacuum power to attach itself to windows, shower doors and even skylights while it shimmies from side to side and top to bottom. You can manually control it via remote or smartphone, and there are several automatic cleaning paths from which to choose. A backup battery and safety cable prevent it from falling if the power goes out.

Algorithm-Based Navigation

In order to keep the Gecko within the perimeter of a window, Gladwell put an edge-detection sensor on the robot. Coupled with navigational algorithms that make quick calculations, the sensor ensures the Gecko will clean any framed window in its entirety without scooting past the window’s borders.

Dual Rotating Discs

As opposed to a single, large disc driver, the Gladwell Gecko is equipped with two discs, which give it better stability on vertical surfaces. As the robot window cleaner slowly dances across the window, one disc rotates while the other acts as a pivot to move the robot side to side and up and down. If needed, Gladwell includes a replacement pair of disc drivers.

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Reusable Cleaning Pads

The Gecko robot comes with two reusable cleaning pads as well as some spares. These pads are made of microfiber, and they are machine washable. You can even turn them inside out to double the time between washes. Elastic bands make it simple to secure the pads to the discs.

To get the best performance from the Gecko, a few spritzes of a cleaning solution like Windex are all you need to dampen the pads lightly.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Suction-Based Grip

Manufacturers either use magnets or suction to prevent robotic window cleaners from sliding or falling off a window. Gladwell went the suction route for the Gecko.

Even though magnet-based robots provide a stronger grip, they can be problematic when dealing with second-story windows. With the inclusion of a vacuum system, you don’t need to place a magnet on the opposite side of the window.

Safety Rope

While the Gladwell Gecko is an overall well-built robot, it’s not immune to slippage. However, a safety rope offers assurance that the robot won’t crash to the ground should its grip loosen from the window. To secure the rope to robot window cleaner, tie a double knot around the integrated loop.

Corded Design

The main power source for the Gecko Robot Window Cleaner is an AC adapter. Measuring 13 feet long, the power cable may be a little short when the robot is cleaning tall windows. However, you can safely plug the adapter into an extension cord to lengthen its reach.

Gladwell Gecko

Backup Battery Power

Although an AC adapter is the Gecko’s main power source, Gladwell put a battery into the robot’s housing to give the robot backup power in the event of an electricity outage. The polymer lithium-ion battery charges when you connect it to the AC adapter. When fully charged, the battery provides 30 minutes’ worth of auxiliary power.

Remote Control

To control the Gecko Robot Window Cleaner from the comfort of your couch, Gladwell includes an infrared remote. The remote gives you the three cleaning path options as well as manual-drive arrows. You can start a new cleaning session as well as stop or pause one that’s in progress. The A and B buttons are only placeholders at this time. However, Gladwell has plans for them, so expect to see extra functions in the future.

Smartphone App

All the functions on the remote are also available on the Gladwell’s smartphone app. The GlassBot app allows you to toggle between manual and automatic mode, and it displays pictorial descriptions of each cleaning path. You’ll also receive notifications about the robot’s cleaning status and backup battery.

Audible Alerts

If you’re using the remote instead of your smartphone, you’ll appreciate the Gecko’s audible alert system. In addition to the notifications you get from the GlassBot app, you will hear a mild but clear buzzing sound when the robot is finished cleaning a window. It also makes this sound if it needs your assistance getting unstuck.

Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

LED Indicator

On the bottom of the robot, there is a single LED light. The light is an indicator that gives you information regarding the battery’s current status. When the robot is plugged into the adapter, you’ll know right away whether the battery is charged.

Compact Size

The Gecko Robot Window Cleaner measures 5.5 inches wide and 11 inches long; therefore, it’s not limited to use on only enormous windows. It’s also agile and safe to use on single as well as double-pane windows due to its low weight of just over 5 pounds. The protruding knob puts the robot’s depth at 6 inches; the knob helps you grip the robot when you change the pads or place the Gecko on a window.

Easy Setup

Preparing the robot for a cleaning session is a quick, easy, five-step process. Snap on the elastic-secured pads to the drive discs. Then, secure the safety cord to the robot and plug in the power adapter. After that, all you need to do is place it on the window and press a button, and voilà – You’re done!

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A Valuable Time Saver

There are many features that we like about the Gladwell Gecko. Those that excite us the most are its smartphone compatibility and the choice of three cleaning options. Our practical side appreciates the audible alerts and multiple safety features such as the tie-on cord and auxiliary battery.

Corner cleaning is where the robot leaves us a little dissatisfied. Since the pads are round instead of square, the Gecko can’t quite reach into the corners of a window, leaving you to wipe the corners yourself. Regardless, the robot saves you plenty of time by removing dust and smears from every other area of the window.

If you have dogs that leave paw prints or children who put fingerprints on your windows, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to keep your windows clean without this small, capable robot. With the Gladwell Gecko, you can check off window cleaning from your to-do list.

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner Review

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