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Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine EP23113 Review

The Giantex EP23113 is one of the more full-automatic washing machines out there. It’s not the largest nor the lightest portable washer, but it’s a user-friendly appliance that offers multiple wash modes and a pretty large-capacity tub for washing and spin-drying. Check out our review of the EP23113 to see whether his portable washer belongs in your home, apartment, or RV.

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine EP23113 Review

1.34-Cubic-Foot Stainless-Steel Tub

The EP23113 is a single-tub, top-loading unit that comes with a 1.34-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub. Stainless steel is anti-corrosive, so shards of metal will never make their way into your batch of laundry.

With 1.34 cubic feet, Giantex claims that you can stuff up to 9.92 pounds of clothes in the tub, which is decent for a portable single-tub washing machine. Built into the tub are a plastic pulsator that treats clothes delicately or roughly depending on the wash setting, a lint collector, and ridges along the inner wall for enhanced scrubbing action.

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10 Programs with 8 Water Levels

Like any high-quality portable washing machine, the EP23113 comes with multiple washing programs, ranging from delicate for delicates to scrubbing and washing for jeans and other durable fabrics.

Although there are 8 water levels to choose from, you can rely on the EP23113 to automatically gauge how much water it needs for a thorough wash cycle depending on the laundry load. This ultimately leads to more efficient water and detergent usage.

1300-RPM Spin

The EP23113 is capable of spin-drying clothes at a rate of 1300 RPM. There’s also a dedicated Air Spin mode if your clothes are still soggy after the initial spin.

According to Giantex, the EP23113 wrings up to 80% of the water out of clothes per cycle, but it depends on how much clothing you put in the tub and how balanced the unit is, which isn’t a problem since…

Automatic Imbalance Adjustment

…the EP23113comes with an automatic imbalance adjustment system. The stainless-steel tub uses a suspension system to keep it “afloat” at all times, allowing it to adjust the height and horizontal positioning based on the load.

This isn’t a failproof system, which is why you should also manually adjust the EP23113’s feet if it sits on an uneven surface.

Built-In Drain Pump

Something that you won’t find very often in portable washing machines is a built-in drain pump. Instead of relying on gravity to dispel water, the EP23113’s pump forcefully removes water from the tub and into a sink, bathtub, floor drain, or anywhere else you decide to toss the sudsy water. While the pump is pretty strong, it can only push water about 1 foot vertically, so running the drain hose through a high-up window might not be the best thing.

Child Lock Function

What’s pretty awesome about the EP23113 is that it has a child lock function. When locked, curious kids can’t start or stop the washing and drying cycles by pressing buttons on the digital control panel randomly.

However, lifting the transparent lid will stop the process, and doing so while in the middle of spin-drying your clothes can ruin the suspension system. So, make sure you keep the EP23113 out of reach of pesky kids and pets whenever possible.


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