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GermGuardian AC5350W Elite vs. AC5250PT Air Purifiers

If you’ve already started comparison shopping for an air purifier, you’ve probably come across the name GermGuardian. Developed and built by Guardian Technologies, GermGuardian is a popular line of air purifiers known for their powerful and dependable performance.

GermGuardian AC5350W Elite vs. AC5250PT Air Purifiers

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Operating out of Euclid, Ohio, Guardian Technologies is located in the same town where a lot of inventions were born, such as the cordless telephone and the arc lamp. Guardian Technologies shares the same entrepreneurial spirit of those inventive minds, which has earned the Company Awards from EDGE, the Weatherhead School of Management and Ernst & Young Global.

Today, Guardian Technologies is a major manufacturer of ingenious, high-quality health-and-wellness appliances. One of the company’s most sought-after type of products is its selection of air purifier. To give you a better idea of what the Guardian Technologies has to offer in terms of air purification, we decided to compare two of its purifiers – the GermGuardian AC5350W Elite 4-in-1 and the GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System.

How Do Purifiers Clean the Air?

Although all air purifiers are different, their basic mechanics are the same. Inside of the purifier, there is a one-speed or multi-speed fan. As the fan turns, the dirty air in the room is drawn into the purifier through the machine’s inlet. Then, the air moves through the purifier’s filters, which trap the airborne particles. Finally, the now-clean air is redistributed into the room via the machine’s outlet.

In some purifiers, there may be other particle-destroying technologies like an ionizer or a UV-C light. After the air goes through the filters, the additional technologies kick into gear. Then, the air is released back into the room.

The GermGuardian Elite 4-in-1 (AC5350W) Versus the GermGuardian 3-in-1 (AC5250PT)

The larger the room, the harder it is to control its air quality. However, these two appliances by Guardian Technologies make air purification a breeze. While tall, their weight is manageable, making them easy to move whenever necessary.

Thanks to their variable-speed fan and decent clean air delivery rates, both air purifiers are able to handle the demands of a master bedroom, a living room and other spacious areas in your home. However, their large-room designation doesn’t make them electricity hogs. These purifiers use a minimal amount of electricity to run.

Each model mainly relies on a triple-filter system to get rid of harmful and irritating airborne contaminants with the 3-in-1 containing a special Pet Pure HEPA filter. Plus, the Elite 4-in-1 and the 3-in-1 also have a powerful ultraviolet-C light bulb that gives them a germ-killing boost.

Controlling the fan, the UV-C light and the timer is easy thanks to the digital control panel on top of both units. You’ll also appreciate the long lifespan of the filters as well as Guardian Technologies generous warranty.

Size and Placement

Besides their color and shape, you’ll find the physical differences between the GermGuardian AC5350W Elite 4-in-1 and the GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 Air Purifier to be minor. The Elite model is a rectangular, white tower. While the 3-in-1 is also a tower, it’s oval in shape and black with a chrome chevron.

Each air purifier is 28 inches in height with the 4-in-1’s length and depth measuring 6.7 by 9 inches and the 3-in-1’s measuring 6.1 by 9.5 inches. Although the Elite is heavier with its weight of 11.25 pounds, the 3-in-1 isn’t far behind it, coming in at 10.5 pounds.

These purifiers are meant to be used in large rooms. Both of them are equipped with a 6-foot-long power cord, which gives you plenty of leeway in relation to their placement near a wall outlet. If you want to move either machine, simply pick them up by their convenient recessed handle in the rear.


Guardian Technologies included all three major air purifier filters in both appliances. Each purifier contains a pre-filter that keeps hair, dust, and coarse particles from diminishing the machines’ efficiency. This filter is covered with a layer of activated carbon to eliminate the food, smoke, and pet-based odors.

Of course, both air purifiers have a true-HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of germs and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. However, Guardian Technologies used its proprietary Pet Pure HEPA filter in the 3-in-1. The Pet Pure filter is infused with an antimicrobial material that stops bacteria, mildew, and mold from accumulating on the filter.

In order to maintain the air purifiers’ high level of performance, you should replace their filters once every 6 to 9 months. To help you remember, each machine has a filter change indicator. Changing the filters only takes a minute. All you have to do is press a button to remove the back panel and access the filters.


In addition to high-quality filters, you get two bonus features. Each air purifier has a 5-watt UV-C light bulb that interacts with a titanium dioxide photocatalyst to break down the molecular structure of bacteria and viruses. Plus, you can program the 8-hour timer to cut down on energy consumption. To toggle the UV-C light and set the timer, press the appropriate touch button next to each air purifier’s digital display screen.

Fan and Efficiency

What propels both air purification machines’ filtration system is a five-speed fan. The Elite 4-in-1’s fan only draws 56 watts of power, so it won’t hike up your electricity bill. The 3-in-1 purifier only uses 6 more watts than the Elite, making it a great energy-saver too. For peace of mind, both appliances are covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Looking at both models’ CADR numbers, you’ll notice that the 4-in-1’s are slightly lower than the 3-in-1’s, but not by much. For the Elite 4-in-1, dust is rated at 122 cubic feet per minute, pollen at 130 cfm and smoke at 111 cfm. For the 3-in-1, the dust CADR is 139 cfm, the pollen CADR is 149 and the smoke CADR is 125.

Two Outstanding Towers

Due to their vast similarities, deciding between the GermGuardian AC5350W Elite 4-in-1 and the GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 is a difficult task. Both contain carbon-layered pre-filters and a UV-C light. Each one has a programmable timer and a lengthy warranty period.

Their power cords are long, the fans have five-speed settings and the digital displays make them look expensive when they’re actually quite affordable.

While each one is sized about the same, the GermGuardian AC5350W 4-in-1 comes in white and black while the GermGuardian AC5250PT 3-in-1 is black only.

If color is of importance to you, this difference will make your decision easier. The 3-in-1’s Pet Pure filter is an enticing feature. However, the 4-in-1 uses less energy, which throws a point in its direction. Regardless of the air purifier you choose, rest assured that it will be money well spent.

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