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Floor Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner Review (933304)

Floor Doctor is a division of the well-known brand Rug Doctor. Seeing that the market was in need of something more, Rug Doctor has created the Floor Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner – made specifically to go to work on tile, stone, and laminate.

They’ve obviously found a market niche, as customers sing the praises of this appliance. Marketed as a cordless option, the cleaner weighs in just over six pounds and doesn’t just flood the floor with dirty water. Keep reading to find out just how flexible this home appliance really is.

Not Just for the Home

Although homeowners will surely love the Floor Doctor, it’s versatility reaches beyond your front door. Because of its sleek design and ease of use, this floor cleaner is also ideal for professional settings.

Bring it to the office, store it in a closet, and keep your space looking pristine and professional.

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Ease of Use

One of the most appealing features of the Floor Doctor is how easy it is to use.

This floor cleaner lacks a cord and operates on battery. The battery has a half an hour of life to it – more than enough to scour your floors, especially considering the technology used to get a real, deep, clean.

Because it’s cordless, you can move easily from room to room without being hindered. No unplugging, dragging it around the house, and hoping you don’t tangle yourself up in the mess.

Cleaning Modes

Floor Doctor has included two separate cleaning modes for users to choose from. The first is meant specifically for a quick clean and is considered ideal for everyday maintenance. The second option is meant to go to work on hard spots and stains that just won’t come up with a regular broom and mop.

Dual Tank Technology

Integrating two different tanks into the design of the Floor Doctor was a choice made for efficiency, not aesthetics.

It doesn’t just push dirty water around on your floor, as a mop usually would. And there’s no need to wring it out. It sprays, scrubs the floor with a brush tool that is motorized, and then removes the dirty water to a separate tank. You’ll always be starting off with clean water.

Your floors will be dried as well as washed. Without all of the elbow grease, you can get a good polish in on hardwood and tile. Instead of letting everything air dry, the drying technology will leave the floors clean and shine afterward.

Quick Maintenance

Because the Floor Doctor is cordless, there’s no need to get it wound up and shoved somewhere, hoping it’ll stay in one piece. With this slim design, it can fit easily into closets of any size.

The tanks, brushes, and nozzle are easily removed from the stick vacuum cleaner for a quick rinse in the sink.

Perhaps the best part of the cleaner is that, aside from occasionally washing the previously mentioned parts, it needs little maintenance when it comes to the actual wet part of the appliance. The storage tray included with purchase won’t leave stray water marks on the floor.

Wheels protected by rubber also ensure that your floors won’t get scratched up when cruising around the house.

Battery Life

Initially, the battery needs to be charged for six hours upon delivery or purchase. After this, every use will get you a solid thirty minutes of cleaning time. Even in larger houses, this shouldn’t be a problem as the machine does the washing, scrubbing, and mopping for you.

To get a full charge for that half hour of work the battery will need to charge for three and a half hours. This may seem inconvenient, but the Floor Doctor should clean well enough that using it more than once a day won’t be necessary. As long as you charge the battery immediately after use you’ll be ready to go.

Who is it for?

This appliance is for at home or in the office use. It’s for any homeowner who doesn’t want to mess around with other cumbersome floor cleaners.

A division of Rug Doctor, the Floor Doctor is made for use on wood, tile, stone, and laminate. It’s really for anyone who likes a deep clean with little work behind it. This machine works smarter, not harder.

Floor Doctor 933304: Last Words

Lightweight and measuring in at only 10.5″ x 8″ x 12.5″, the Floor Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is easy to store or travel as necessary. It’s a smart addition to any home and can take care of everyday messes or those more serious, stubborn stains and spots.

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