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Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home?

There’s no monthly fee added to your Google Home, now called Google Nest (we will refer to it as Home to avoid confusion), after you have purchased the device. However, if you use third-party music applications to play songs on your Google Home, such as Spotify or YouTube, you might have to pay a monthly subscription, unless regular ads you aren’t bothered by regular ads.

This article will help clear up any misconceptions you have about Google Home, with specific focus on where there is no monthly fee.

Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home?
Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home

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What is Google Home

Google Home was designed as a direct competitive measure against Amazon Echo. It first launched in 2016 as a vehicle for Google Assistant, Google’s answer to Alexa. Your initial purchase of a Google Home device is for long-term use of this smart speaker.

If you’re wondering what kind of value this device offers, it depends on what you do with it. And believe us, there is plenty of things you can use your Google Home device for.

How Does Google Home Work?

Every Google Home device is made to assist. All you need to do is download the Google Home app on your phone (free of charge), and log in with your already-existed Google Account (also free).
Onward, you’ll be directed to several setup steps, such as determining in which part of your house the device is located and which Wi-Fi the device should always connect to, as well as voice recognizing and voice setting for the assistant.

Google Home
Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home

Next, you’re able to add as many services as you think you’ll need. This is where things get a lot more fun actually, but many still fail to realize what sort of helpful services Google Home devices can offer.

How to Make the Best of Google Home

Although Google Home is mainly a smart speaker, the device doesn’t shouldn’t just serve as a tool to amplify the waves of your favorite songs and beats, though it does it with great clarity. If you visit the Assistant webpage, you will find all sorts of service categories to explore and take advantage of.

If you don’t know which app or apps are most entertaining or will make life easier, Google has kindly designed the website to be straightforward and informational to make the visitor’s experience as meaningful as possible. What’s more important is that you don’t need to subscribe monthly to access it!

Google Home?
Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home

How Does Google Make Money with Google Home?

If you’re curious as to how Google makes a return on their investment for engineering and manufacturing this smart speaker, the answer is simple: ads and premium features.

Those who absolutely hate listening to ads can pay a monthly subscription fee for Spotify and YouTube Premium versions. Google obviously earns a cut by allowing these streaming platforms to blare their music and podcasts through its smart speaker directly into the ears of the homeowner.

In addition, you can ask Assistant to perform mundane tasks as you could Alexa. Assistant will also try to incorporate ads for products and services when asked questions—something that users have found annoying and unavoidable.

Google Home Subscription
Is There a Monthly Fee with Google Home

So, Google is making plenty of money without charging you for their Home services. Don’t worry about this tech-giant, they’re pretty well-off.

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