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20 Everyday Objects That Are 10 Meters Long (or Combined)

In this article, you will read about common items with a length of 10 meters.

Meters are widely used for measuring longer objects, like rooms in a house, mostly outside of the United States.

Everyday Objects That Are 10 Meters Long

One meter is equivalent to 39 inches. So, 10 meters also equates to 390 inches in length.

Consequently, 1 meter is equal to 3 feet and 3 inches.

Moreover, 10 meters is equal to 32.5 feet.

Below is a list of a few items that measure 10 meters.

1. Half a Bowling Lane

Half a Bowling Lane = 10 Meters

A bowling lane is typically a place where people practice and/or play games with one another. They’re often found at bowling alleys, but they can also be found alongside other activities such as billiards or movie theaters!

The standard bowling alley measures 42 inches wide and 60 feet long, but it’s important to note that this measurement includes the foul line.

Bowling Lane Size
Bowling Lane Size, Source: Dimensions.com

2. School Bus

The vast majority of American school buses come in different sizes to suit local communities’ needs and size preferences.

School Bus Equals Almost 10 Meters
School Bus Equals a bit Over 10 Meters

In some areas of the country, smaller school buses may transport students. These minibusses can seat up to eight people at once and often have less baggage space for those who need it (e.g., musical instruments).

The standard school bus, the most commonly seen type of vehicle for delivering children to their respective schools, has a length measurement that varies depending on where you live. In most areas, the bus has a length of 10.6 meters.

The 65-passenger bus is the equivalent of 35 feet long.

What is the equivalent of 10 meters? Well, if you’ve ever seen a school bus driving around your town or been on one yourself, it should be easy to visualize.

3. Five Front Doors

The height of a front door is typically 2 meters. It makes sense when you think about how tall people are. On average, an adult measures 1 meter and 80 centimeters (about 3 feet).

5 Front Doors Equals 10 Meters
5 Front Doors Equals 10 Meters

The vast majority of humans will easily access properties with this door height. It is no more bowing down or facing the ridicule that comes from bumping your head against an overhead frame!

As the front doors of many homes are 2 meters tall, standing five up on top of each other will reach 10 meters.

The best way to determine how tall 10 meters would be, is by using your front door as a reference point!

4. Half of a Tennis Court

The average size of a tennis court is around 23.77 meters. One-half of this is not precisely 10 meters, but it gives you an excellent estimate of how long 10 meters is.

Half a Tennis Court Equals 11.88 Meters
Half a Tennis Court Equals 11.88 Meters

You would find yourself 3 feet short of the net if you begin measuring 10 meters from the court’s backline.

5. A 3-Story House

Even though the traditional family home is often considered two stories, there are also many homes with only 1 or 3 floors.

3-Story House Equals 10 Meters

The three-story home is an ideal solution for people who live in crowded, urban areas because it has the footprint of more homes while containing just one.

The height of a three-story home is equivalent to almost exactly 10 meters.

This will be a height that covers the entire home, starting at its foundation and reaching up to where it meets with the sky.

This way, you can visualize a 3-story home as an example or comparison for 10 meters.

6. Ten Walking Steps

Walking the length of something is a great way to determine its size in meters, especially for larger objects.

10 Walking Steps = 10 Meters

The average adult step measures just over 3 feet, making them about 1 meter long.

An adult walking ten steps will give you an average length of ten meters.

7. Five Queen Size Mattresses

Many people would agree that the queen-sized bed is the commonly used bed size for most homes.

Five Queen Size Mattresses

The queen-size mattress is usually 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, but this is the usual size and can vary depending on the manufacturer.

This is equivalent to 5 feet in width by 6.67 feet in length or 1.5 meters wide by 2 meters long.

Think about what five mattresses would look like if lined up side by side. That would come close to a total of 10 meters.

8. Five Full-Sized Sofas

The length of a sofa is typically between 72 -96 inches or 2-2.5 meters long, but it can vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

Five Full-Sized Sofas is 10 Meters Long

Imagine a line of 5 sofas of a similar size. The length would be about 10 meters long.

9. A Telephone Pole

Telephone poles vary in height depending on where they’re located. Their sizes typically range from 30-60 feet or 9-18 meters tall in residential sectors, while in areas along highways, these structures may go as high as 120 feet or 36 meters.

One telephone pole often found in residential areas can be 10 meters long.

Telephone Pole Approx 10 Meters.

10. Three Alligators in a Row

An alligator can grow up to 12 feet long. However, this isn’t very common, and it’s more likely that you’ll see one that is 3.3 meters or 10 feet in length.

Three Alligators in a Row Equals 10 Meters

The length of 3 full-grown alligators will come close to 10 meters, so if you’re looking for something that long, then use this as a reference.

11. Five Garage Doors

The garage door is a common feature of many homes. The height and type can vary depending on the number of cars it will house at one time, but most have doors 7 feet in height.

5 Garage Doors

This door would make an excellent tool for any project that requires measuring.

Envision five garage doors with an average height of 7 feet; these would come to a total of 35 feet which equates to more or less 10 meters long.

12. A Squash Court

The game of squash is often played on a court with four walls surrounding it.

This game can be played in two different ways; either single-player versus another person or doubles where there must be four players.

Squash Court

Squash is a fast-moving sport that’s often compared to tennis, but aside from the fact that rackets are used, and it has some similarities in terms of how they play (both require good hand-eye coordination), there isn’t much else alike about them. A squash court has standard dimensions – 6ft 4 inches wide by 9 yards long, which equals 6.4 to 9.75 meters.

Ten meters may seem like a long distance, but it will feel nothing when running towards that ball. The best way to get an idea of how big 10 Meters is would be by visiting a squash court and checking out its length, which should closely match our target measurement for this article!

13. Cherry Tree

The Prunus avium is the scientific name for the wild cherry tree. Cherry trees can grow to varying heights, usually ranging from 25 to 35 feet in height, though wild cherry trees can reach a final height of over 60 feet.

A wild cherry tree will typically reach its maximum height at age 17 years, which, on average, will have a final height of about 9.14 meters. If one of your neighbors is growing wild cherry trees from their backyard, those trees might give you a good rough estimate of how tall 10 meters is.


14. Two Pickup Trucks

The average length of a pickup truck from front to back is a little over 16 feet. For instance, a 2019 Nissan Navara will measure about 16.8 feet in length. If you can imagine aligning two Nissan Navaras bumper to bumper, it would give you an approximate length of 33.6 feet, which is about 10.2 meters.

The most popular pickup sold in the United States in 2021 was the Ford F-150. Different variants of the F-150 measure between 209.1 and 227.7 inches or between 5.3 and 5.8 meters. It might be easier for you to use F-150s as a reference since they’re a lot more common than the Nissan Navara.


15. Ten Tower Fans

A tower fan is a sleeker version of a traditional pedestal fan. The spinning blade is housed within the tower fan’s base, so there’s virtually no risk of getting your fingers caught in and chopped off by the blade. Tower fans range in height from 30 to 40 inches, which is about between 0.76 and 1 meter tall.

If you can envision stacking 13 small tower fans or 10 large tower fans on top of each other, you would get pretty close to the 10-meter mark. If all you have is a pedestal fan, which is 50 inches tall on average, you would only need 8 of them to get to 10 meters in height.


16. 12 Baseball Bats

Baseball bats are available in all sorts of sizes. The average baseball bat size range is between 24 and 32 inches from the knob to the end or endcap. The most widely used baseball size among Major League Baseball players is 34 inches long.

So, if you can envision placing 12 of them from end to end, you would reach about half a meter longer than the 10-meter mark. The longest baseball bat allowed in the MLB is 42 inches long, which would take just 9.3 of them aligned from end to end to reach just under 10 meters long.


17. 11 Golden Retrievers

One of the most popular dog breeds people keep as pets is the Golden Retriever. They’re known for being incredibly loyal, as well as for their uncanny hunting, tracking, and sniffing capabilities. Odds are you’ve seen at least one Golden Retriever in your life if you live in the United States.

Golden Retrievers vary in length, but on average, they measure between 94 and 107 centimeters from snout to tail. That means you would need at least 11 of them standing nose to tail in a straight line to get to 10 meters, give or take a few lengths of the dog’s tail.


18. 3 Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops can be sold as separate backboards and rings. The ones we’re referring to include the pole or adjustable post, which can usually retract to 5-foot-6 inches and extend to 10 feet in height, which adheres to National Basketball Association guidelines.

If we were to take three fully extended basketball hoops and place them one on top of the other, we would get to 30 feet tall, which is just about a meter short of the 10-meter mark. You would only need to imagine adding the heights of 3 NBA-approved basketballs (9.45 inches in diameter) on top of the topmost ring to get to 10 meters.


19. 6 Hockey Sticks

Hockey sticks are built to accommodate players of any size. That’s why you will find hockey sticks measuring as short as 46 inches for junior-league players and 63 inches for adults and professional players in the National Hockey League. These measurements disregard the length of the blade.

Imagine positioning 6 bladeless hockey sticks one after another in a straight line. The final measurement would get you just under half a meter short of the full 10 meters. You can make up for the lost half meter by envisioning placing 5 hockey pucks (3-inch diameter) after the sixth and final hockey stick.


20. 11 40-inch TVs

The 40-inch description of a 40-inch TV refers to the diagonal size of the TV’s screen. While the screen is 40 inches diagonally, the width and height of the screen are not 40 inches. Assuming the TV has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is pretty common, the TV should measure 34.85 inches wide.

Converted to meters, a 40-inch TV with a 16:9 aspect ratio would measure 0.89 meters in width, meaning you would need a little over 11 of them lying next to each other to get to 10 meters. The same TV would measure 0.49 meters tall, so if you can imagine stacking 20 of them vertically on top of each other, it would get you closer to 10 meters.



And there you have it. Today, we’ve shown you what everyday objects you can use as references to estimate 10 meters by eye. Using common objects as references is the second-best thing you can do to estimate far distances. If you have any other objects we can use as references for measuring 10 meters, please let us know in the comments.

If you have any questions or comments, please add them below in the comment section. Similarly, please let us know if you spot any mistakes or omissions. Thanks!

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