Have you been looking for a new vacuum cleaner recently? Were you not able to decide between a manually operated (conventional) or a fully automatic (robotic) one? No worries, we have a great product just for you. It is called the Eventer Vacuum Cleaning Robot, and it is there to change your daily cleaning routine once and for all.

Eventer Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

Before we take a closer look at the product’s features, here are a couple of words about the manufacturer. The Eventer company was started in 2013 (United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany). It currently owns two large factories in China and employs over 500 people, 100 of which are research and development personnel.

The company’s mission is to create efficient yet environment-friendly cleaning solutions. Over the last 5 years, it has sold over 2 million products all around the world.

One of the company’s primary products is an eponymous all-in-one robotic cleaner with a very powerful suction. It an absolute must-have and here is why:

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While an efficiency and a quality of performance are the two top priorities for the developers at the Eventer, the product’s design may be the last but not least. Black and white, the cleaner would look great on the floor of any room. It also has a programmable time display you can use to schedule cleanings.

Eventer Vacuum Cleaning Robot