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Eufy RoboVac 15C vs. 15C Max: Which Robot Vacuum to Buy?

Voice control, a smartphone app, automatic variable suction, a locator function – The Eufy RoboVac 15C seems to have it all. Up until now, we thought Eufy couldn’t build upon this well-performing, intelligent robotic vacuum, that is, until the RoboVac 15C Max came along. With increased suction power and a few other slight tweaks, the 15C Max can handle thicker carpet and tougher debris.

Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 15C vs. 15C Max

From suction strength to battery power, we’ve compared the Eufy 15C to the 15C Max, so you know what you’ll get with each one.

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Differences Between the Eufy 15C and 15C Max

EufyEufy 15CEufy 15C Max
Suction Power 1300 Pa2000 Pa
Сleaning Area 1292 ft21292 ft2
Dust Container600 ml600 ml
Battery Capacity 2600 mAh2600 mAh
Run-time 100 min100 min
Charging Time 300 min300 min
Noise55 db55 db
Weight 5.73 lbs5.95 lbs
Width 12.80 in12.83 in
Height 2.83 in2.83 in
ReleaseJune, 2018July, 2019

Suction and Brushes

Eufy RoboVac 15C
The RoboVac 15C uses a three-point cleaning system that consists of BoostIQ suction, a double-helix brushroll and a pair of side brushes. BoostIQ is a default function that raises the suction to 1,300 pascals when cleaning a carpet. Even at this level of suction, the robot never climbs above 63 decibels.

Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 15C

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
On the RoboVac 15C Max, there is a brushroll with interlacing bristle strips as well as two side-sweeping brushes. In BoostIQ mode, the robot automatically increases the suction to 2,000 pascals, making it better able to vacuum carpeting. Eufy also redesigned the air path to lower the likelihood of obstructions.

Conclusion: Between the 15C and 15 Max, you get more suction power and fewer clogs. However, both robot vacuums are equipped with BoostIQ to maximize their cleaning prowess on carpets. The layout of the brushroll’s bristles and the inclusion of two, not one, side brushes add to their dirt-lifting ability.

Eufy [BoostIQ] RoboVac 15C Max vs. 15C


Eufy RoboVac 15C
Wi-Fi connectivity allows for smartphone control via the EufyHome app. On the app, you’ll see four types of cleaning modes, a day-by-day scheduler and a tool that helps you locate the 15C. You can even increase the suction and drive the robot manually. When paired with an Alexa or Assistant device, you get voice-command capability. Eufy includes a multi-function remote with the 15C too.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
Although an auto-start button is an onboard control, that function along with directional driving, manual BoostIQ override, edge cleaning, spot cleaning and small-room cleaning are accessible with the remote. Install the EufyHome smartphone app to use these features, set up daily scheduling, find the robot and receive notifications. With Alexa or Assistant, you can start, stop, dock and locate the 15C Max.

Conclusion: We’re glad that Eufy kept the same functionality on the 15C Max that it put on the 15C. Both robot vacuums offer several cleaning modes, suction control, programmed schedule and a robot finder. You have your choice of a remote, a smartphone app and a voice commands with either model.

Eufy RoboVac 15C


Eufy RoboVac 15C
Airborne allergens stay under control thanks to the high-performance filter in the RoboVac 15C. In addition to the main filter, there is a pre-filter with a foam layer for extra filtration. Both filters last about two months, and you can access them by pressing the bin-release button and sliding out the 20-ounce dust box.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
Inside of the 20-ounce dirt bin, there are two filters. One is a foam-covered pre-filter. The other is a high-performance pleated filter. You can wash and reuse these filters to extend their lifespan. To remove them, press the box’s release button and open the lid.

Conclusion: When it comes to debris containment, Eufy made sure the 15C and the 15C Max could securely hold a lot of dirt. Although the filter setup appears to be the same at first glance, the 15C Max’s filters are washable while the 15C’s are disposable.

Eufy  RoboVac 15C Max


Eufy RoboVac 15C
There aren’t too many places the 12.8 by 2.9 RoboVac 15C can’t travel. While it’s rolling along, a bumper and an anti-scratch top keep it safe from dents and marks. The wheels have tread, and they’re designed to climb 0.63-inch inclines. Its collision sensor is integrated with Bounce technology to maneuver the robot away from obstacles, and the ledge sensor prevents tumbles down the stairs.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
At 2.9 inches tall and 12.8 inches wide, the 15C Max can fit under and through many areas of your home. Physically, the bumper and tempered glass protect the robot. Internally, sensors stop the robot from falling off the stairs and bumping into objects. Thanks to the high-grip wheels, the RoboVac 15C Max can handle floor transitions up to a difference of 0.63 inches.

Conclusion: Both robot vacuums have a comprehensive set of navigational features. Robust wheels, a tempered glass cover, a bumper and sensor technology keep the 15C and the 15C Max safe while it cleans. Since they’re only 2.9 inches tall, you can count on them to tackle some under-furniture as well as open-floor vacuuming.

Eufy 15C Max


Eufy RoboVac 15C
The 14.4-volt lithium-ion battery provides lasting suction from 100 to 0 percent charge. At a capacity of 2,600 mAh, the 15C is capable of running for as long as 100 minutes per cleaning cycle. After it self-docks, the charging time takes 300 to 360 minutes.

Eufy RoboVac 15C Max
Suction won’t waver due to the Eufy’s use of a lithium-ion battery. When vacuuming without BoostIQ enabled, the 15C Max can run for 100 minutes. When the 14.4-volt, 2,600 mAh battery is in need of a recharge, the robot vacuum drives itself to the dock where the battery charges for up to 360 minutes.

Conclusion: Each robotic vacuum does an excellent job at battery management, thanks to the self-docking feature. Although their recharge time is a little long, the 100-minute runtime more makes up for it. Since the 15C and the 15C Max have a lithium-ion battery, you won’t notice suction weakness as the charge level depletes.

Eufy 15C
Eufy 15C

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Choosing the Right RoboVac

If you’re torn between which one to pick, we understand. Both the 15C and the 15C Max share many of the same features, including voice control and smartphone compatibility.

Their long runtime and self-docking function make each model ideal for large homes. Houses with different flooring in various rooms will benefit from the robots’ transitioning ability, and a low height allows them both to work well in cozy rooms filled to the brim with furniture.

With its suction strength of 1,300 pascals, the Eufy RoboVac 15C won’t disappoint if you have medium-pile carpet, hard floors and children who constantly make messes. If your carpets are thick. You own pets or you don’t like having to buy replacement filters, the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max and its 2,000-pascal suction power and reusable filtration media may be a better choice for you.

Eufy 15C Max
Eufy 15C Max

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