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Eufy 11+ vs. Eufy 11S vs. Eufy 30: Which Should you Buy?

Eufy is a fairly new robot vacuum manufacturer in comparison to more established brands, but trust us – Eufy knows what they’re doing. The company regularly puts out new robotic vacuums, each one more advanced than the next. Its dedication to innovation is evident with the succession of the Eufy 11+, the Eufy 11S and the Eufy 30.

Eufy Comparison: Which Should you Buy?

With each robot vacuum cleaner, the suction gets stronger yet quieter, and the wheels become more robust. Additionally, you’ll notice how the profile slims down for greater maneuverability, and the dirt bin’s capacity grows. The Eufy 30 even comes with multiple feet’ worth of boundary strips.

However. all three robot vacuums retain many of the same high-quality features. They are equipped with BoostIQ suction technology and a wide, anti-tangle brushroll. Each one comes with a remote for distance control and a set of efficient filters. Plus, their top covers are designed to resist dings and scratches.

How They Clean

Eufy 11+
The center of the Eufy 11+’s impressive performance is its three-point system. As Eufy’s second generation of cleaning technology, the three-point system consists of eye-popping suction, a well-designed and two side propeller brushes.

As far as the brushroll goes, it’s not thin and flimsy like other low-priced robotvacs. This brushroll is built to stand the test of time. Its width is wider than the average rolling brush, and it’s less likely to become tangled by rug tassels and sheets.

In order to give you the best suction possible, the inlet is surrounded by a reinforcer that protects it from nicks caused by heavy debris. Additionally, Eufy’s integration of BoostIQ technology allows the robot to increase its suction power to 1,000 pascals at a quiet 60 decibels when faced with concentrated piles of dirt.

Eufy 11S
Like the Eufy 11+, the Eufy 11S robot vacuum uses the brand’s proprietary second-generation three-point cleaning system. Included in this system are features like extra-strong suction power, an amazing brushroll, and two side brushes.

The side brushes spin like a propeller, sweeping dirt toward the suction inlet, grabbing grime off baseboards and digging dust out of corners. The brushroll is equally as impressive with its wide width and lack of propensity to get stuck on rugs, curtains and bed skirts.

You also get the benefit of a suction inlet that’s reinforced, which means it won’t become damaged by cat litter, hard cereal pieces, and the stray penny. Plus, with the inclusion of BoostIQ suction technology, the suction pushes 1,300 pascals in just 1.5 seconds, reaching a mere 55 decibels of sound.

Eufy 30
Finally, there is the Eufy 30 robot vacuum cleaner. Another second-gen Eufy robot vacuum, the 30 is equipped with a pair of propeller-style side brushes as well as a single brushroll and high-powered suction. Together, these three elements are known as Eufy’s three-point cleaning system.

A brushroll is a common element of a robotic vacuum, so what makes the Eufy 30’s so special? The answer is its size and efficiency. The Eufy 30’s brushroll is ultra-wide, and it won’t get wrapped up in a bed sheet or area rug.

The robotic vacuum’s suction is stronger than that of comparable models thanks to Eufy’s BoostIQ technology. When there is a lot of dirt in the vacuum’s path, this technology kicks up the suction a few notches in under 2 seconds, delivering 1,500 pascals of super-quiet, 55-decibel suction through its reinforced inlet.

Conclusion: Each robot vacuum has a wide, non-tangling brushroll. They also boast two side brushes and a reinforced inlet. While all three models promise strong suction, the Eufy 30’s is the strongest at 1,500 pascals while the 11S comes in second at 1,300 pascals. Each model is quiet, ranging from 60 decibels with the 11+ and 55 decibels with the 11S and the 30.

How They Move

Eufy 11+
Convenience is what robotic vacuums are all about. At the height of 3.3 inches, the Eufy 11+ provides plenty by scooting under furniture, saving you the need of shoving couches and stacking chairs. With wheels that are 16 percent bigger than the wheels on older Eufy robot vacuum cleaners, the 11+ can climb over 0.59-inch thresholds and navigate carpet pile as high as 0.87 inches.

Wherever the Eufy 11+ goes, it’s packed with enough features to keep it and everything in your house safe. Eufy put 11 sensors into the robot – some detect dirt while others alert the vacuum to high ledges and items in its path. For extra reassurance, it also has a glass cover that won’t sustain scratches during accidental brushes with obstacles and a shock-absorbing front bumper.

Eufy 11S
The 11S is a little slimmer than the Eufy 11, which is great news for those who have low-profile furniture in their home such as a mid-century modern sofa or a floating platform bed. Measuring just 2.85 inches in height, there is almost nowhere this robo vac can’t travel, including through medium-pile carpet and across 0.63-inch thresholds.

Of course, you get the same great safety features with the 11S as you do the 11+, such as multiple object-avoiding and cliff-resisting sensors. The anti-scratch cover is made of tempered glass, giving it a nice gloss and protection from scratches, and the front bumper is there to help out the robot when unexpected obstacles enter its path.

Eufy 30
Slimness is a desirable feature in a robot vacuum, and the Eufy 30 doesn’t disappoint. Since it stands 2.85 inches tall, the robot can easily clean along cabinet kick plates and most of the furniture in your house. As with the Eufy 11S, the Eufy 30 is affixed with 0.63-inch wheels that can traverse on hard floors and standard residential carpet.

The robot is chock full of anti-cliff and anti-obstacle sensors. The tempered glass cover on top of the Eufy 30 will stay free of scratches, and the bumper in the front adds an additional layer of protection. Plus, Eufy throws in 13 feet of boundary strips. When adhered to the floor, these boundary strips keep the robot within or out of the area you specify.

Conclusion: With the exception of almost a dozen sensors, an anti-scratch glass top, and a front bumper, these three robots have varying features that affect the way they move. The Eufy 11S and the Eufy 30’s wheels are 0.04 inches larger than the Eufy 11+’s, and the 11+ is 0.5 inches taller than the other two robot vacuums. The Eufy 30 is the only one of the three robots that come with boundary strips.

How They Filter

Eufy 11+
Usually, robotic vacuums lack in terms of filtration, but Eufy robot vacs are different. The Eufy 11+ uses a triple-filtration system to make the air allergen-free; this system includes a high-efficiency filter, a foam filter, and a pre-filter.

With the push of a button, the dirt bin extends outward. Simply slide it out, open the hinged lid and dump the contents into a garbage can. However, don’t expect to be emptying the bin frequently – it can hold 0.55 liters of dirt and debris.

Eufy 11S
You also get the anti-allergen benefits of a triple-filtration system with the Eufy 11S. This robot vacuum contains three filters – a pre-filter for large particles, a foam filter, and a high-efficiency fine-particle filter.

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You’ll appreciate how the design of the dirt bin reduces messes by eliminating spillage. Instead of an open box, the bin has a hinged lid, and it can hold 0.6 liters of dirt, making this bin a tad bigger than the 11+’s bin.

Eufy 30
If you own a pet or suffer from allergies, the filters in the Eufy 30 will be a lifesaver. To trap particles, Eufy put in a pre-filter. For smaller particles, the high-efficiency filter and the foam filter get the job done.

Like the Eufy 11S, the 30’s pop-out bin can hold 0.6 liters of debris. This bin encloses the debris with a lid, so nothing falls out while you carry the bin from the vacuum to the garbage can.

Conclusion: In its usual fashion of going above and beyond, Eufy gives you more than just a single layer of filtration. Each model contains three filters, including a high-efficiency filtration media. All three robotic vacuum cleaners hold over a one-half liter of debris; however, the Eufy 11S and the Eufy 30 offer a slightly bigger capacity.

How They Run

Eufy 11+
The Eufy 11+ can quickly clean an entire home in one day with a run time of 60 minutes when BoostIQ is engaged multiple times and 100 minutes when it’s not used. With its self-charging feature, the 11+ docks itself to the charger when the battery is low, which means you’ll never come home to a lost robot with a dead battery.

If necessary, you can always manually dock the robotic vacuum with the included remote. This remote also lets you start and pause a cleaning session as well as activate spot-cleaning mode, single-room mode, and edge mode. Additionally, you have the option of setting a daily schedule.

Eufy 11S
You won’t get shortchanged on working time with the Eufy 11S. This robot can vacuum for up to 100 minutes. Even though the working time decreases when BoostIQ is activated, the robot will still run for 60 minutes before it needs to be recharged. To do so, it’s programmed to connect to the dock on its own.

For your convenience, you can pick up the remote control and choose a cleaning mode like spot, perimeter, single-room or scheduled. Spot mode runs for 2 minutes in a spiral pattern for quick pickups of spills while perimeter runs along the wall edges of a room. Single-room mode gets a room vacuumed in a hurry, and scheduled mode cleans your floors at the same time each day.

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Eufy 30
Ranging from 60 minutes in BoostIQ mode to 100 minutes in normal mode, the Eufy 30’s cleaning cycles are lengthy. This robot vacuum self-docks; however, the option of manually docking it is available with the push of a button on the remote.

You may also use the remote to select the cleaning mode of your choice. There is the spill-lifting spot mode and the baseboard-cleaning edge mode. In addition, there is a single-room mode and a daily-schedule mode.

Conclusion: Regardless of the robot vacuum, you like the best, the runtime on each one is impressive at 60 to 100 minutes. The Eufy 11+, the Eufy 11S and the Eufy 30 come with a remote control and offer four vacuuming modes, one of which is a scheduling mode that completely automates your floor-care chores.

Eufy – Making Great Even Better

Eufy never settles for the status quo. Its second-generation technology promises increased airflow via a reinforced inlet and a pickup-power with a wide, anti-tangling brushroll. Plus, it comes with two, not one, side brushes. Due to their steady suction and plow-through brushroll, the Eufy 11+, 11S and 30 can lift dirt from in between the fibers of medium-pile carpeting.

Sensors and a bumper protect these three robo vacuums from obstacles and fall while a tempered glass top keeps the robots looking brand new. Triple filtration prevents the release of dust and other airborne allergens. Four cleaning modes are accessible from the remote, and the run time is nothing short of outstanding.

While you’ll be impressed with the suction produced by any of these robotic vacs, the Eufy 30’s suction is the strongest when BoostIQ is in effect. The wheels get bigger with the 11s and the 30 while both robots’ heights are shorter than 11+’s. If you want more control over where your robot vacuum cleans, the Eufy 30’s boundary strips come in handy. Get a better clean with the 11+, 11S and 30 robotic vacuums by Eufy.

When Shopping for a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Before you buy the first robo vac that catches your eye, think about the type of flooring you have in your home. Whether you have hard floors throughout, wall-to-wall carpeting or a mixture of both should be the driving force behind your decision. Second to flooring is the level of convenience the robot vacuum provides.


For hard floors, you can get away with a straight-suction robot vacuum. This kind of robot vacuum does not have a brushroll and may have at least one side brush. For carpets, especially thick carpet, you’ll need more cleaning power in the form of a brushroll just like the ones you see on upright vacuum cleaners.

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The method of control matters too. If upping the convenience factor is what you’re after, you’ll want to get a robot vacuum cleaner that offers distance control. Often, this means a remote-controlled robot vacuum. With a remote, you may see functions like spot mode and preset scheduling. Additionally, the longer the run time, the better, particularly if you live in a spacious home. An easy-to-empty bin also helps streamline the robot’s maintenance.

Recommended Robot Vacuums

Affordable Option The iRobot Roomba 694 is a basic robot vacuum. It feels well-built, offers fantastic battery performance, and can adjust its suction power and brushroll height automatically depending on the surface that it's on.

Best of the Best The Roborock S7+ can vacuum and mop, and does an excellent job at both. It's also the company's most powerful vacuum yet, with 2,500Pa of suction.

Popular Option The Shark AV911S EZ is one of the least expensive robot vacuum with self-empty base. The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

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