Ecovacs DEEBOT 711 vs. 711S: What’s the Difference?

When Ecovacs finds ways to improve upon its robotic vacuum technology, it wastes no time rolling out those upgrades in the form of a new model. When the Ecovacs Deebot 711 was released, the inclusion of rubber blades on the bristled brushroll and the addition of an optical sensor made the 711 one of Ecovacs’ most powerful, efficient models.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711 vs. 711S


Although the Deebot 711’s runtime is lengthy at 110 minutes, Ecovacs wanted to push it over the 2-hour mark. A smart move considering the average square footage of new-construction homes has grown. Hence, the recently launched Deebot 711S. The 711S’ battery lasts for 20 extra minutes, yet the robot retains all the 711’s best features.

Infrared and Optical Sensors

Deebot 711
An array of infrared sensors in the rubber bumper prevent the Deebot 711 from hitting objects as it cruises around your house in an S-shaped pattern. The white-trimmed black robot is also equipped with three anti-drop infrared sensors that keep it from falling down the stairs and step-downs.

In addition to infrared sensor technology, Ecovacs put an optical sensor on the Deebot 711. This sensor scans the surrounding area to find landmarks it can use for map creation. With the inclusion of Smart Navi 2.0, the 711 is able to memorize this map to enhance its efficiency on future runs.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S vs. 711


Deebot 711S
For the black-and-gray Deebot 711S, Ecovacs incorporated traditional infrared sensor technology into the robot’s design. Multiple sensors placed in the undercarriage and shock-absorbing bumper help the 711S detect and avoid stairs and obstacles that it comes across as it drives in a logical pattern from room to room.

To make it a better navigator, Ecovacs also added an optical sensor to the 711S’ top panel. The optical sensor’s job is to search for spots it can use as landmarks to draw a map. Smart Navi 2.0 software allows the Deebot 711S to remember the map every time you start a new cleaning session.

Conclusion: Wisely, Ecovacs did not make any downgrades to the Deebot 711S’ navigational system, keeping the same infrared and optical-sensor setup is used for the 711. Both robots also have an excellent mapping system. The only difference you’ll notice when you look at these robo vacs side by side is their trim colors.

Four Ways to Control

Deebot 711
The Deebot 711 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can control it with the Ecovacs HOME app. This smartphone app features robot locating on a real-time map, day/time scheduling, manual driving and cleaning report access. The robo vac is also optimized for voice-command recognition via Alexa and Assistant devices.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711


Standard control options are also available. The white remote that comes with the 711 lets you stop and start a cleaning session. You can even direct the robo vacuum to edge clean or spot clean. Onboard start is also available along with a Wi-Fi status indicator.

Deebot 711S
Like the original 711, the Deebot 711S is enabled with Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use your smartphone as a remote or a virtual assistant device to control the robot audibly. The Ecovacs HOME app displays a map that shows the 711S’ current location, and it provides access to all cleaning modes and scheduling as well as a report log.

Should your Internet go down, you do have two non-Wi-Fi options. The black remote has buttons for auto-start, edge and spot mode. You may also begin an auto-clean session from the 711S itself by pressing the button above the optical sensor and Wi-Fi indicator.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S


Conclusion: The only variation between the Deebot 711 and 711S’ controls is the color of their respective infrared remotes. Otherwise, the control package is just the same. Both can be operated by Ecovacs’ smartphone app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and each one can spot and edge clean or be put on an automatic vacuuming schedule.

Long Runtimes

Deebot 711
One hour is the approximate minimum runtime anybody should accept from a robotic vacuum. The Deebot 711 contains a 2,600 milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery. With this type of battery, the 711 can clean for as long as 110 minutes on a full charge, allowing the Deebot to vacuum up to 1,100 square feet at a time.

Besides a long runtime, the 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery keeps the suction strong no matter the level of charge. When the battery level gets too low, the Deebot 711 drives to and connects with the dock to automatically recharge the battery, which takes about 4 hours.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711 Robot Vacuum


Deebot 711S
The Deebot 711S is one of Ecovacs’ longest-running robotic vacuums. With the extra-high capacity of its lithium-ion battery, the 711S can vacuum for up to 130 minutes. Since the battery lasts for over 2 hours per full charge, it can cover almost 1,300 square feet on a single cycle.

Lithium-ion batteries like the one in the Deebot 711S are able to maintain suction power, so you’ll never see a performance reduction when the battery level depletes. Once the battery’s charge level reaches a certain low point, the 711S auto docks to recharge the battery for you.

Conclusion: Here is where Ecovacs concentrated its upgrade efforts. While both boast a premium-quality lithium-ion battery, the Deebot 711S’ battery has a higher capacity. This means the 711S can run for 20 minutes longer than the 711, and it can vacuum about 200 square feet more floor with every charge.

Dual Suction and Brushroll Materials

Deebot 711
One function of the Deebot 711 that’s exclusive to the Ecovacs HOME app is Max mode. When you engage Max mode from the app, the 711’s suction speed significantly increases. Max suction comes in handy when you need to remove ground-in dirt or clingy pet hair from carpeting.

The brush system consists of one brushroll and two side brushes. The main brushroll is V-shaped and affixed with alternating rubber blades and bristles, enhancing the robot’s lifting power and decreasing the brushroll’s likelihood of tangling. A pair of nylon side brushes are durable, anti-scratch edge cleaners that also resist bacteria buildup.

Deebot 711S
Ecovacs’ Deebot 711S offers manual suction control. On the HOME app, there is a Max mode function. When you tap Max suction, the robo vac’s suction strength doubles, allowing it to get rid of tough messes such as hidden dirt and animal fur. It’s a must-use function for vacuuming thick carpet.

Ecovacs DEEBOT 711S Robot Vacuum


Tangles and substandard lifting power are two problems that plague many robotic vacuums’ brushrolls. However, the Deebot 711S makes both problems less likely to occur since its brushroll is V-shaped and has rubber blades along with long bristles. The two nylon side spinners sweep along wall edges without shedding or scratching the finish.

Conclusion: Neither robotic vacuum lacks when it comes to its suction or brushes. Each Deebot has a manually engaged Max mode to increase the suction. They also have an efficiently designed brushroll, and the use of nylon for the side-spinning brushes promises longevity, which extends the time between replacements.

Large Dirt Bin

Deebot 711
A charging battery aside, the only other component on a robot vacuum that causes downtime is the dirt bin. Thankfully, the Deebot 711’s dirt bin has a rather large capacity for a robotic vacuum, holding 17.6 ounces of debris. Plus, it’s see-through, so you can easily monitor its fill level.

When you push the release button, slide out the bin from the side of the 711 and open the hinged box, you’ll see three filter media. There’s a net that holds large allergens at bay, an intermediate sponge layer and a high-efficiency pleated filter.

Deebot 711

Deebot 711

Deebot 711S
The Deebot 711S’ dirt bin is big enough to cut down on the number of times you have to empty it, so it can clean longer with fewer interruptions. The bin is made of transparent plastic, letting you glance at its fill level without removing it. At maximum capacity, it can hold 17.6 ounces’ worth of dirt.

For the Deebot 711S, Ecovacs included three layers of filtration. To clean or replace the media, simply push the bin’s eject button and pull it toward you. The hinged bin opens to reveal a pleated high-efficiency allergen filter, a sponge media and protective filter net.

Conclusion: Overall, both robot vacuums have a comprehensive dirt and allergen-collection system. Their debris bins can hold over a pound of dirt, and the bins are hinged shut to prevent debris from escaping and spilling onto the floor or clogging the suction line. These two robots also have three types of filtration media to capture allergens of most sizes.

The Difference Is in the Battery

Optical navigation, dual-speed suction, Wi-Fi controls with voice-command recognition and a rubber-bladed/bristled brushroll make both robots efficient. They also have a sizable dirt bin and multiple layers of filtration. If you want a robot vacuum that you won’t have to constantly rescue or clean up after with a full-size vacuum, you’ll be happy with either the Ecovacs Deebot 711 or 711S.

While the trim on these black robots differs, the major difference is in the battery capacity. The Deebot 711’s battery provides a 110-minute runtime when operating on standard suction strength for the duration of a cycle. However, the Deebot 711S’ capacity is higher. Therefore, it can vacuum for 130 minutes, making the Ecovacs Deebot 711S the best choice for larger homes.

Deebot 711S

Deebot 711S

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