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Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Part appliance, part gadget. The V11 Animal is one of Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaners that’s perfect for those who consider themselves to be tech addicts or simply want a high-performing, lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Purple Review

The stick-handheld hybrid has many of the premium features found in older models, such as radial cyclone suction, a soft-touch bristled brush and a handy wall-mounted dock. However, Dyson added some new technology, including an LED display screen and a self-calibrating floor head.

Whether you need to vacuum up a pile of cat kibbles or get your house company-ready in a hurry, there is a suction mode suited to the task. Four handheld tools and a detachable pole allow you to clean every spot in your house no matter how high or low.

Dyson V11 Animal

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An LED Screen

Some cordless vacs force you to put the battery on a dock to figure out the charge level. Others don’t even have a battery indicator. With the large, round LED screen on the handle, critical operating information is available at a glance in your preferred language.

On the display, you’ll see a battery-level indicator that’s quite accurate thanks to the inclusion of a calibration algorithm. Quickly squeeze the trigger, and the screen switches to the current cleaning mode. You’ll also get a message when the vacuum needs maintenance, which we describe in detail in the “maintenance made easy” section.

Dyson V11 Animal Review

Lightweight and Nimble

This stick vac is lightweight enough for anyone to use. Weighing just under 7 pounds, you can easily carry it up to the stairs or lift it above your head. When used as a pole-free handheld vacuum, it’s even lighter. The 9.8-inch-wide floor head is slim enough to scoot between obstacles, and the aluminum pole lays flat, offering a hassle-free reach under your furniture.

Quiet Suction

Depending on the level of suction, the V11 Animal produces a sound level as low as 70 decibels. One reason for the quiet suction is the brushless digital motor, which doesn’t have friction-generating parts. The acoustic chamber inside the motor also contributes to the dampened sound.

It may be quiet, but the vacuum isn’t weak – The V11 Animal’s suction is incredibly strong. Its motor boasts a rotation rate of 125,000 rpm, and the airflow path is completely straight, utilizing the motor’s power as much as possible.

Clean Debris Control

Emptying the dirt cup on this stick vacuum is a fast, efficient process. The 0.9-liter cup has a sliding lever on the side. After you remove the cup, hold it over the garbage can and push the lever down to unhinge the bottom hatch. The lever expels the debris with force, protecting your lungs and hands from nasty dirt.

Dyson V11 Animal Stick Vacuum

An All-Purpose Nozzle

While the floor nozzle only has one brushroll, the brushroll has soft fiber filaments and firm nylon bristles. Therefore, you can vacuum hardwoods without scattering debris and carpets without leaving behind hidden dirt.

Dynamic Load Sensor technology enhances the floor nozzle’s cleaning prowess. The DLS system automatically changes the suction strength by communication with the motor at a rate of 360 times per second. If you want to manually control the suction, a slider switch on the nozzle gives you that option.

Accessories for Handheld Vacuuming

With the V11 Animal, you get four accessories to use for handheld vacuuming, including a motorized pet tool, a stiff brush, a crevice tool and a combo brush-nozzle accessory. In addition, the vacuum cleaner comes with a wall-mounted storage dock that acts as a tool caddy and a charging station.

60 Minutes of Suction

Whether you have cleaning to catch up on or simply have a lot of square footage to cover, the lithium-ion battery in the V11 Animal’s handle will give you 60 minutes of working time. The actual runtime varies per cleaning mode (more details on this in the “cleaning modes” section below).

The 7-cell nickel cobalt aluminum oxide battery takes about 4.5 hours to recharge, and it won’t consume electricity once it’s fully charged. Dyson includes a plug-in adapter if you want to recharge the battery without docking the vacuum.

Dyson V11 Stick Vacuum

Allergen-Reducing Filtration

You won’t find an imitation HEPA filter in this vacuum cleaner. The Animal has the real deal. Even better, the high efficiency particulate air filter never needs to be replaced, just washed periodically. To prevent filter failure and frequent clogs, the stick vac contains 14 particle-separating radial cyclones that boast a high G-force.

Cleaning Modes

Strong suction is great, but it often comes at the expense of a short runtime. However, the auto mode offers a middle ground by generating powerful suction with a 30-minute runtime. If strong isn’t strong enough, boost mode enhances the suction power in 5-minute increments with a 15-minute total working time.

Then there is the battery-saving eco mode, which keeps the vacuum going for 60 minutes per charge. Eco-suction mode is perfect for daily vacuuming.

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Maintenance Made Easy

As advanced as the Dyson V11 Animal’s technology seems to be, you’d think it would be a time-consuming pain to maintain the stick vacuum. However, Dyson was thoughtful when it came to cleaning the vacuum’s parts. The brushroll slides out of the floor head without the need to remove any screws, and the filter is rinsable.

Clogs are easy to dislodge due to the straight air path. A pressure sensor relays messages to the LED screen, informing you of a dirty filter and a blockage.

Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

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Exceeding Standards

Once again, Dyson blows our expectations out of the water. The LED screen helps you keep the vacuum in tip-top shape, and the battery lasts for much longer than other stick vacuums. You also get the benefit of a suction-adjusting floor head for an always-thorough clean on any surface.

We appreciate the easy-to-empty dirt bin and the variety of accessories available with storage to boot. It surprised us that Dyson was able to fit 14 radial cyclones into the housing, considering the compact size of the V11 Animal, but it’s certainly a welcomed feature. We also like the ability to choose the cleaning mode that meets our immediate suction needs. We can’t wait to see what Dyson does next!

Dyson V11 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum Purple Review

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