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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vs Big Ball Multi Floor vs Ball

Dyson is a premium vacuum cleaner manufacturer known for its ground-breaking, thought-provoking feats of engineering. If you’re looking for an innovative, does-it-better canister vacuum, the Dyson Ball Canister Vacuums are worth a serious look.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vs Dyson Big Ball Multifloor vs Dyson Ball Multifloor
Dyson Canister Vacuum

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The Cinetic Big Ball features one of Dyson’s most impressive feats of suction with three dozen oscillating tips. With its spherical housing and ergonomic handle, you get flawless maneuverability, and the floor nozzle works on any type of flooring.

This canister vacuum comes with a lifetime-lasting filter as well as four dirt-busting tools.

With the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor, two rows of cyclones and a washable filter provide nonstop suction and dependable HEPA filtration. The canister is able to correct itself when it falls, and the dirt cup can hold a lot of debris.

Thanks to the vacuum’s two tools and extension wand, you can reach as far as necessary to remove dust and cobwebs from every corner and crevice.

Dyson’s Ball Multi Floor generates such a high number of air watts that no particle of dirt can escape its turbine floor head. This round-canister vacuum cleaner is lightweight, and the suction trigger is easy to control. A bottom-shot dirt cup keeps dust out of the air, and two attachment help you complete all your above-floor chores.

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor Canister vacuum

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor

Ball Mechanics

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
It’s all in the spherical canister. Since it is ball-shaped, the canister is able to make tight turns around furniture and other obstacles. The shape also addresses a common canister vac problem – frequent topples.

If the canister falls over, you don’t have to stop vacuuming to set it upright; the canister will self-correct. The bendable D-handle and rotating wand allow you to easily maneuver the 17.6-pound vacuum.

Dyson Ball Multifloor

Dyson Ball Multifloor

Dyson Big Ball
Like the Cinetic Big Ball, the Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum is equipped with Dyson’s exclusive ball-canister technology that allows for tight turns and self-righting. The canister vac comes in at 17.6 pounds, making it manageable to steer. Plus, the D-shaped handle is connected to a rotating wand and has a movable joint, both of which prevent wrist and hand fatigue.

Dyson Ball
As with the other two canister vac models, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor offers unmatched maneuverability thanks to its spherical housing. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight at 16.9 pounds, and its looped handle is affixed with a trigger. When you press the trigger, the floor nozzle’s brushroll whirs to life, lifting virtually any debris in its path.

Conclusion: Each of these canister vacuums is equipped with an agile ball canister that puts itself upright after toppling, and their handles are ergonomically shaped. The Cinetic Big Ball and the Big Ball Multi Floor offer a rotating wand and a bendable handle while the Ball Multi Floor’s handle has a trigger-style brushroll control.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Comprehensive Filtration

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
Inside of the bagless Cinetic Big Ball’s canister, there are 36 stacked oscillating tips. These tips vibrate at such a rapid rate that dust and other clog-causing particles won’t become stuck in the vacuum’s 250-air watt suction system, and all large debris land in the bottom-ejecting dirt cup.

For extra allergen protection, Dyson added a post-motor HEPA filter that will last as long as the vacuum cleaner.

Dyson Big Ball
Throughout two tiers in the 250-air watt motor, there are 19 oscillating tips that create the same number of suction cyclones for precise dust separation. This bagless canister model boasts whole-vacuum HEPA filtration, which is partly due to a washable forever-filter. Dyson’s Big Ball Multi Floor also has an oversized bin that shoots debris from the bottom door when you push the ejection slider.

Dyson Ball
With the Ball Multi Floor, you get a whopping 280 air watts of suction, which sends fine allergens and large particles through the vacuum’s 14 radial root cyclones. The bag-free canister vac offers HEPA filtration via a washable, never-toss filter, and the .0.53-gallon dirt cup features a looped handle and a forceful-release bottom door.

Conclusion: While all of the canister vacuums contain a lifetime filter, the Ball Multi Floor produces 30 more air watts than the other two vacuum cleaners. Each canister vac has a different number of radial tips with the Cinetic Big Ball having the most and the Ball Multi Floor having the least. Their dirt cups are large and release debris from a bottom-opening door.

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor

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Suction Tools

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
You can vacuum all your carpeted and bare floors with the Cinetic Big Ball’s self-adjusting turbine head. Its brushroll uses carbon fibers to lift dust and nylon bristles to pick up stubborn dirt.

This vacuum also comes with a turbine attachment that contains anti-tangle circular counter-rotating brushes. Additional tools include a brush-crevice attachment, a stair tool, and a dirt brush. When paired with the 50-inch wand, the vacuum offers a 35-foot-high reach.

Dyson Big Ball
Dyson’s Big Ball Multi Floor is equipped with the same all-floor turbine head that contains a fiber-and-bristle brushroll. Like the Cinetic Big Ball, this canister vacuum provides a 35-foot reach and has a 21-foot-long power cord and a 50-inch-long extension wand. With this vacuum cleaner, you get two quick-release attachments – a stair tool and a combo crevice-brush tool.

Dyson Ball
Whether you need to tackle ground-up crumbs on your plush carpet or hardwoods coated in dust, the turbine floor head can handle it thanks to its all-purpose rolling brush. Along with the floor nozzle, the Ball Multi Floor comes with a stair tool and a brush-crevice accessory.

The 21-foot-long cord offers a decent cleaning radius, and the canister vacuum’s pole, attachments and extension wand let you reach as high as 45 feet above your head.

Conclusion: No matter which model you choose, you can depend on its nozzle to clean any kind of mess on your floors. All three canister vacuums are equipped with an average-length power cord. The Ball Multi Floor has a 10-foot-longer reach than the Big Ball and the Cinetic Ball; however, the Ball Multi Floor and the Big Ball have two fewer tools than the Cinetic Big Ball.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Review

No-Contest Canister Vacuums

These bagless canister vacuums are relatively lightweight and oh so ingenious. Their signature feature is the canister itself, which is a self-correcting sphere. A dual-bristle brushroll allows you to vacuum hardwoods, tile, linoleum, area rugs, and all three vacuum cleaners come with a stair tool and a combo tool.

Within these three canister vacs, there is a HEPA filter that you can use forever. On the outside of the vacuums, there is a large cup that opens from the bottom in order to forcefully push out debris. The D-shaped handle on the vacuum helps you steer, and the same type of handle on the cup lets you carry the bin with ease.

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor
Dyson Big Ball Multifloor

The Cinetic Big Ball and Big Ball Multi Floor have an agile handle and wand while the Big Ball Multi Floor’s handle has a brushroll trigger, which is great for vacuuming tile and other delicate floors.

The Cinetic model also comes with a dirt tool and a turbine upholstery tool that promises not to build tangles.

DysonBall Compact AnimalCinetic Big BallCinetic Big Ball Animal
Product Weight13.8 Lbs.15.7 Lbs.17.64 Lbs
FiltrationHEPACinetic TechnologyCinetic Technology
Suction Power170 Air Watts230 Air Watts250 Air Watts
Dyson 2 Tier Radial CyclonesYesDyson Cinetic ScienceDyson Cinetic Science
Dyson Ball TechnologyYesYesYes
Dust Capacity0.53 Gallons0.53 Gallons0.42 gallons
Easy Release ButtonYesYesYes
Cleaning Path10.4 in8.39 in10.5 in
Cord Length16.4 ft21.3 ft.21ft
Hose Length10 ft10 ft10 ft
Safety Shut-OffYesYesYes
Carrying HandleYesYesYes
Dyson Carbon Fiber Turbine ToolNoNoYes
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All three models contain a different number of cyclone tips with the Cinetic Big Ball having almost twice as much as the Big Ball and three times as many as the Ball. However, the Ball Multi Floor generates more air watts than the Big Ball and the Cinetic.

Get what you need and more from a canister vacuum with the Cinetic Big Ball, Big Ball Multi Floor and Ball Multi Floor by Dyson.

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum,...
  • Capacity (volume) - .47 gallon. Self-rights when toppled - other vacuums fall down and...
  • HYGIENIC dirt ejector - Drives Out trapped dust and debris as you empty. No need to touch...

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