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Dyson Big Ball vs Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuums

When the founder of Dyson manufactured the first bagless vacuum in the 1980s, this action launched the Dyson brand into the worldwide vacuum cleaner company that it is today. Thanks to a reputation for quality, Dyson is synonymous with high-end household appliances.

Dyson Big Ball vs Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuums

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Miele is a family-owned, German-based business that’s been a purveyor of small and large home appliances since 1899 with cream separators being their initial product offering. The company has kept up with the changes in the demands of the modern household, and now Miele is a multi-billion-dollar international company.

With Dyson having over 30 years of vacuum cleaner manufacturing experience and Miele boasting more than 70 years of experience, we decided to find out where each company stands in terms of canister vacuum technology. To do so, we chose two innovative canister vacuums to compare – the Dyson Big Ball and the Miele Compact C1.

Why Choose a Canister Vacuum?

Although uprights are the go-to vacuum of people everywhere, canister vacuums offer several worthwhile benefits. They are versatile because you can easily carry or roll them, which means canister vacuums are well-suited for stair cleaning.

Since they are larger than stick vacuums, canister vacs contain a more powerful motor, so you can count on them for heavy-duty use. Plus, most canister vacuums come with multiple attachments for above-floor cleaning chores.

The Dyson Big Ball Versus the Miele Compact C1

The Dyson Big Ball and the Miele Compact C1 are two powerful canister vacuums with entirely different mobility designs. While each one contains a motor that produces a lot of suction, the Big Ball relies on gravitational force to keep it up and moving.

On the other hand, the Compact C1 is fitted with standard wheels to help it travel across your floors. However, both have comfortable handles that make carrying these vacuums a breeze.

Both floor nozzles can swiftly remove fine and coarse debris from bare floors and carpets. Plus, each canister vac comes with multiple attachments such as crevice tools and stair nozzles. You’ll appreciate how far these vacuums can reach thanks to their long power cords and telescopic wands.

Within each canister vac, there is an efficient filtration system. The Dyson Big Ball is equipped with a high-capacity bin and a long-lasting HEPA filter. As opposed to a bagless configuration, the Miele Compact C1 contains a sealed dust bag and a filter with a built-in indicator.


Behind every vacuum cleaner with strong suction is an equally strong motor. The Big Ball is equipped with two tiers of radial cyclones that prevent dirt, dust, and other allergens from clogging the canister vac’s suction path. Therefore, this vacuum is able to generate 250 air watts of powerful, unwavering suction.

The 1,200-watt vortex motor inside of the Compact C1 generates multiple suction speeds for whole-house vacuuming. Via the on-board dial, you can select from among six suction strengths that range from settings for delicate rugs and upholstery to those meant for hard floors and carpets. Since Miele integrated a thermal limiter, you don’t need to worry about the motor becoming damaged due to overheating.


Whether you need to vacuum your floors or get rid of those ceiling cobwebs, these canisters have you covered. The Dyson Big Ball comes with a turbine floor head that has nylon and carbon-fiber bristles, allowing the nozzle to remove debris of all sizes from any type of flooring. With its quick-release stair tool and crevice-brush combo, you can use this vacuum anywhere in your home.

Like the Dyson, the Miele Compact C1 has a dual-floor nozzle. However, you simply press a foot pedal to toggle between a bare floor and carpeted floor mode. You also get a motorized upholstery tool, a crevice nozzle and a dusting brush, all of which you can store on the vacuum’s hose. When you’re finished cleaning, the floor nozzle hooks onto the canister for tidy storage.


Both the Big Ball and the Compact C1 provide you with plenty of reach. In total, the Big Ball offers 35 feet of reach due to its 4.1-foot-long folding wand, stretchable hose and 21-foot power cord, which rewinds to prevent tangles and save time.

With the Compact C1, you get a cleaning radius of 29.5 feet, so you won’t need to frequently change electrical outlets while you vacuum. The wand is constructed from stainless steel for durability, and the wand along with the handle and floor head securely lock into place. Plus, the power cord rewinds with just the touch of a button.

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As the Big Ball’s name suggests, its housing is spherical. With a low center of gravity, the canister vac can correct its position if it tips while you’re rolling it. This Dyson-exclusive technology also means the 17.64-pound vacuum practically glides across your floors. The vacuum also has a looped handle with an ergonomic palm curve to making maneuvering it an effortless endeavor.

When designing how the Compact C1 moves, Miele took a traditional approach. The canister sits on a set of wheels and casters that help it move around your house. In order to give you the maneuverability you need for no-hassle cleaning, the 18.4-pound vacuum’s anti-static handle is curved for comfort.


Dyson and Miele know that a vacuum’s filtration system can make or break the vacuum cleaner’s efficiency. Therefore, this Dyson model contains a sealed HEPA system and a transparent, 0.42-gallon, bottom-release dustbin that keep dust, dirt, and allergens from entering the air. As long as you regularly wash the filter, it will last forever.

As opposed to bagless filtration, the Compact C1 is made to hold a 3.5-liter bag sealed bag. When it’s time to empty the bag, an indicator light illuminates that lets you know the bag is full. Plus, the AirClean filter traps 99.95 percent of allergens, and it has a filter-change indicator built into it. On average, you’ll only need to change the filter once per year.

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No matter which canister vac you choose, you get powerful suction that can lift a multitude of messes from any surface in your home. Although the Big Ball has a dual-layer of radial cyclones, the Compact C1 boasts variable suction. When it comes to floor heads, each nozzle is designed to clean all floor types, saving you the trouble of switching out one floor-specific head for another.

Both canister vacs offer a lengthy reach, so you can easily clean furniture, stairs and elevated areas. The Compact C1 is easy to maneuver; however, the Dyson canister vacuum rolls on a huge ball housing as opposed to a set of wheels, which means you won’t need to stop to readjust the vacuum’s position if it falls over.

Even though the Dyson is a bagless vacuum while the Miele is a bagged model, both vacuum cleaners have a large debris capacity. Plus, their suction systems are sealed for superior allergen containment. To give you peace of mind, both manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on their respective vacuums. When only a premium canister vacuum will do, you can’t go wrong with the Dyson Big Ball or the Miele Compact C1 canister vacuum cleaner.

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