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Dyson AM06 vs. AM07: Fan Comparison

It’s rare that appliances truly get re-invented. For decades, bladed fans all looked the same and functioned exactly in the same way. While tower fans were sleeker, more stylish versions of their predecessors, their technology was not far off from the norm. Dyson, an appliance brand on the cutting edge of technology, sought to redefine not only how personal fans function, but also how they look.

Dyson AM06 vs. AM07
Dyson AM06

Dyson created something truly revolutionary – a personal fan without any blades. With a space-age design, these incredible appliances move air in a truly unique way that constantly astounds people. The Dyson AM07 and the Dyson AM06 are different versions of this futuristic fan. Although they have similar appearances and price points, upon further review it’s clear which is the better value overall.

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Cooling Power

The Dyson AM07 and Dyson AM06 are exciting devices that manage to cool any room without the use of traditional blades. They do this through the use of Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology.

This technology circulates air in a powerful and uninterrupted airflow, which successfully cools any space almost instantly. The lack of circulating blades also makes these fans incredibly safe for use around children.

With a 500 l/s maximum airflow, these fans ensure that air is drawn from the surroundings and pushed through. This allows for a powerful stream of air without having to deal with all of the annoyance caused by traditional fans. While nearly equal in their airflow, they do differ when it comes to the amount of energy used to create it.

Compared to an earlier model, the Dyson AM07 consumes 10% less energy overall. In comparison, the Dyson AM06 consumes 30% less energy than its predecessor. While slight, the decrease in energy consumption makes the Dyson AM06 a slightly more impressive unit overall.

Dyson AM07
Dyson AM07

Extra Features

Modern fans should do more than just cool a room – they should also have features that make them incredibly easy to use. Both the Dyson AM07 and Dyson AM06 include exciting features that users will surely appreciate.

A convenient sleep timer allows you to program exactly when the cooling fan is in use and when it turns off, a feature that not only allows you to customize your experience but also ensures you do not waste energy. This timer can be set in intervals that range anywhere from 15 minutes to 9 hours in duration.

The design of these revolutionary fans also allows them to run more quietly. The Dyson AM07 has a long, streamlined chamber that ensures it runs at a decibel rate that is 60% quieter than a comparable previous model.

The Dyson AM06, however, is nearly 75% quieter than the model that came before. Although slight, that difference makes the Dyson AM06 more desirable when it comes to extra features and details.

Dyson AM07
Dyson AM06

Control & Air Flow

While we have already established that the airflow on both of these devices is incredibly impressive, how their airflow is controlled is also incredibly important. Both of these models feature a nearly identical control system.

They both come complete with a wireless remote control that allows you to select from 10 airflow settings, set the sleep timer, and turn the unit on and off from across a room. When not in use, the remote controls attach directly to the side of the fan using a magnet, making for a streamlined fan control system.

When it comes to the direction of the airflow, both the Dyson AM07 and Dyson AM06 feature an oscillation control. With just the touch of a button, you can control in what direction the fan directs its airflow. The Dyson AM06 takes this a step further. This model features an Easy Tilt system that pivots on an axis, allowing you to customize your user experience with this fan further.

While both the Dyson AM07 and Dyson AM06 are incredibly easy to control, the pivoting nature of the Dyson AM06 makes it the more user-friendly unit. The use of a remote control and oscillation feature are featured in both units. However, this slight difference makes the Dyson AM06 our pick in this category.

Design & Appearance

Dyson AM07
The design and appearance of these fans are perhaps where they most greatly differ. The Dyson AM07 features Dyson’s uniquely styled blameless design. The sleek oblong exterior and hollow center are visually stunning and exciting to look at. This model is a tower style fan that measures 53” tall and weighs in at 12 pounds.

Dyson AM06
When it comes to appearance, the Dyson AM06 has a similar style. It also features striking, futuristic design elements that Dyson’s products have become famous for. The perfectly round fan is contrasted by a completely vacant interior, giving it a space-age style that Dyson fans will surely love. This tabletop fan measures 19.7” tall and weighs just 6.75 pounds.

Dyson AM07 vs AM06
Dyson AM07

Both of these fans have a look that modern homeowners are sure to love. With that said their size and shape truly sets them apart. Although lightweight, like any tower style fan, the Dyson AM07 is meant to be more stationary in nature. The Dyson AM06, however, is more portable and more convenient to carry from room to room when necessary. It’s for that reason it is our definite pick when it comes to design.

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Dyson AM07 vs AM06: Conclusion

When it comes to purchasing a fan that is unlike any other, you can’t go wrong with a model from Dyson. The unique bladeless design and Air Multiplier technology make these fans unlike any other. They powerfully circulate air and create cooler interiors, all while mimicking the look of a piece of modern art and running at delightfully quiet noise levels.

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Because these fans are similar in a number of ways, it’s their slight differences that set them apart. While they both include a remote control for added convenience, the Dyson AM06 features a pivoting head for added control.

Similarly, the Dyson AM06 is smaller and more portable, while still boasting powerful airflow and quiet functioning. Unless you are set on a tower style fan, the Dyson AM06 is the better pick than the Dyson AM07 fan.

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