Robotic cleaners are the most efficient of all pool-cleaning appliances. They save you time by scrubbing surfaces and filtering debris, and all you have to do is plug them in and let them go. Of course, some robot pool cleaners are more powerful and better built than others. When it comes to performance, the Dolphin Quantum and the Dolphin Escape are two top-tier models.

Dolphin Quantum vs Dolphin Escape: Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

Dolphin Quantum

The Dolphin Quantum navigates with the help of a whip-smart microprocessor that lets it cover the entirety of an in-ground pool in a few hours. Multiple jets propel the robot, and its rubber tracks keep it adhered to walls. This robotic pool cleaner also boasts a large filter assembly and conveniences like a timer and dirty-filter alert.

Above-ground pool care is easy when you have the Dolphin Escape. This robotic cleaner is equipped with never-stop scrubbing brushes and a great filtration rate. The power cable is made to withstand heavy use, and the DC motor is extremely durable.

Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin Quantum: Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

Dolphin Escape

SmartNav 2.0

The Dolphin Quantum
Robotic pool cleaners that travel in a random path take longer to clean and miss spots along the way. The Quantum contains a SmartNav 2.0 microprocessor that prevents overlapping and avoids obstacles while mapping the robot’s route. This cleaner even has an air sensor, which detects the waterline of the pool.

With three jets that send water in several directions, the Dolphin Quantum can move with ease. Vector thrust helps it maintain its position on walls to give your pool a thorough clean. This robotic cleaner drives on a pair of rubber tracks, which also helps it grip the walls.

The Dolphin Escape
The Dolphin Escape has the same coverage ability afforded to the Quantum. The Escape is equipped with Maytronics’ SmartNav 2.0 software. This navigation system takes the shortest path without leaving out any are of the swimming pool.

Slippage is seldom an issue for this robotic pool cleaner. Maytronics put two Hypergrip tracks on this Escape. These tracks are made of rubber. In comparison to wheels, the wide tracks on the robot grip better, letting the robotic pool cleaner tackle grime on the walls and the floor.

Dolphin Quantum vs Dolphin Escape

Dolphin Quantum

Conclusion: Both the Quantum and the Escape have rubber tracks for superior adhesion to vertical surfaces. Plus, their coverage is second to none thanks to their SmartNav 2.0 technology. To make it more maneuverable and thorough, the Dolphin Quantum also senses the waterline and has three vector jets.

Wide-Range Filtration

The Dolphin Quantum
Rated at a 2-micron level of filtration, the cartridges in this robotic cleaner can capture ultra-fine debris. In total, there are four cartridges with a surface area of 400 square inches that connect to form a basket, which you can open from the bottom or take apart to deep clean. Additionally, there is a handle for easy carrying.

On the Quantum, there is an LED indicator that lights up when the filters are dirty. Two scrub brushes help lift what other robotic pool cleaners cannot, and it even vacuums while driving in reverse. A complete cycle takes about 2.5 hours thanks to a filtration rate of 75 gallons per minute.

Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Escape

Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus: Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

The Dolphin Escape
This robot pool cleaner can handle debris of all sizes. As opposed to an aggravating bag, the Escape has a filter basket that is a singular piece. Larger than most, this filter basket can hold over twice as much as competing models. While it doesn’t have a handle, the basket is easy to lift out when you need to rinse it.

Like the Quantum, the Dolphin escape boasts a high filtration rate of 75 gallons per minute, and it vacuums the pool when it’s rolling backward. This robot also has a short cleaning cycle time of 1.5 hours and a set of scrub brushes that slough off algae.

Conclusion: Regarding their filtration rate, both models offer phenomenal performance. The scrub brushes help them loosen algae, and they don’t stop suctioning when they need to back up. While each one has a sizable filter setup, the Quantum’s is easier to clean. However, the Escape’s cleaning cycle time is 1 hour shorter.

Dolphin Quantum

Dolphin Quantum

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner: Buying Guide

All-Around Efficiency

The Dolphin Quantum
At 22 pounds, this robot cleaner’s weight is average. The lifting handle allows you to grab it from the pool without a struggle. It’s tethered to a 60-foot thermoplastic power cable that resists wear and tear. Therefore, the cleaner works well in 55-foot-long swimming pools, and it’s safe to use on in-ground pools surfaced with concrete, fiberglass, gunite, and vinyl.

This is a low-energy robotic cleaner too. The approximate cost of running this 180-watt robot is just 5 cents per day, partly due to the 24-volt brushless DC motor. When you set the triple-option weekly timer, you can gain better control over its energy usage.

Best In-ground Robotic Pool Cleaners: Buying Guide

The Dolphin Escape
The Dolphin Escape’s weight when dry is a mere 14 pounds, making it ultra-lightweight in the world of robotic pool cleaners. This cleaner has a 40-foot-long cable, which is thermoplastic. This means you can get excellent cleaning coverage in pools up to 55 feet, and the robot won’t destroy your above-ground swimming pool.

Dolphin Escape

Dolphin Escape

Driven by a belt-free DC motor, breakdowns are few and far between. Looking at the cost on a monthly basis, you’ll only spend $1.50 extra because the robot only draws 180 watts of power. Barely a blip on an electricity bill.

Conclusion: The inclusion of a brushless DC motor in each robotic cleaner offers reliability. Although both cleaner’s cables are thermoplastic, the Quantum’s cord is 20 feet long. The Dolphin Escape shines when it comes to its size, weighing 7 pounds less than the Quantum.

Dolphin Quantum vs Dolphin Escape: Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

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Dolphin Quantum vs Escape: Fine-Tuned Efficiency

Maytronics never ceases to amaze with its technology. These robotic pool cleaners use time-smart SmartNav 2.0 navigation and extra-wide rubber tracks. They each filter pool water at the same rate and their dual brushes relieve you from the burden of hand scrubbing your swimming pool’s walls.

While their filter setups differ, each one has a large surface area. Considering the varying cord lengths, both models have a short cycle time. The Dolphin Escape’s light weight makes it a breeze to lift and handle, and the Dolphin Quantum is equipped with extras like an air sensor, propulsion jets, and a timer. Take back your summer with the Dolphin Quantum or the Dolphin Escape.

Dolphin Escape vs Dolphin Quantum: Robotic Pool Cleaner Comparison

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