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Dolphin Explorer E20 vs. E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to robotic poolvacs, there’s no brand that does it better than Maytronics. It offers robots for both commercial and residential uses, so there’s a bit of something for everyone.

Today, we’re going to compare two newly released residential-use Dolphins—the Explorer E20 and the E30—to help you decide which Dolphin belongs in your pool this coming swim season.

Dolphin Explorer E20 vs. E30

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Dolphin Explorer E20 vs. E30

While both Dolphin robotic pool cleaners may look almost identical, there are a few differences that you should know about. Allow us to highlight their similarities and differences down below.

4,000-GPH Suction

First things first, how well do these Dolphins clean? If you take a look at the Dolphins’ cleaning specs, you’ll discover that their motors are designed to suction and filter up to 4,000 gallons of pool water every hour or about 67 gallons per minute. This is the highest filtration rate of any residential-use Dolphin out there, so you know you’re getting top-notch power.

DOLPHIN Explorer E20 Robotic Pool [Vacuum] Cleaner
Dolphin Explorer E20

Top-Loaded Fine-Filter Basket

Another thing you will notice is how both of the Dolphins have latched on the top. Unhinging the latches will give you access to the filter baskets, which come fitted with fine-filter screens to capture and retain contaminants as tiny as 50 microns. When it comes to everyday maintenance, you will need fine-filter baskets to ensure your pool water stays crystal clear.

Dolphin Explorer E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Caddy Sold Separately

Something worth noting about both of these Dolphins is that neither of them comes with a caddy. The caddy helps keep the remote controller off the ground and away from splashes, as well as allows you to cart the remote controller and Dolphin in and out at will. You will have to purchase a caddy separately or find another way to keep the remote controller off the wet ground.

Dolphin Explorer E20 Video

Pool Size Capacity

Here is where the two Dolphins differ. Even though the Dolphin Explorer E20 and E30 are made for inground pools, they come with different cable lengths for different pool sizes.

The E20 has a 50-foot-long cable that allows it to roam freely in pools of up to 33 feet long. The E30 has a 60-foot-long cable that gives it the freedom to travel across 50-foot-long inground pools.

In addition, the E30’s cable is non-tangling, which lets it twist and turn underwater, whereas the E20 has a standard cable that requires monitoring to ensure it doesn’t twist itself into knots.

Dolphin Explorer E20 vs. E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Waterline Cleaning

The waterline is the height of the water of your pool. The line will become dirty over time, which requires a bit of elbow grease to clean. However, you can outsource waterline cleaning duties to your Dolphin Explorer E30 since its jets and tracks allow it to remain afloat for several seconds at a time.

Waterline cleaning is not available in the E20 model.

Dolphin Explorer E30 Video

Dolphin (2024 Model) Explorer E20 Robotic...
  • WALL-SCRUBBING POWER: Dolphin Explorer E20 climbs walls efficiently, ensuring thorough...
  • ACTIVE SCRUBBING: Elevate your pool maintenance with the Dolphin's active scrubbing brush...


The Dolphin Explorer E20 has a single high-speed scrubber located at the font. While it works well at cleaning your pool’s floors and walls, it pales in comparison to the E30’s front high-speed scrubber and rear scrubber.

The dual-scrubbing action of the Dolphin Explorer E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner makes it much more adept at removing tough stains, whereas it may take several 2-hour cleaning cycles for the E20 to produce similar results.

Dolphin Explorer E30 vs. E20 Robotic Pool Cleaner

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