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Do Roombas Work? History of the iRobot Robot Vacuum Family

1990 saw the birth of the iRobot company from scratch. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was chosen as the sacred territory for the creation of a union between robotics Cohn Angle, Helen Greiner, and Professor Dr. Brooks.

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The initial thought of making human life easier brought 20 years later the fruits in the form of a capital of 307 000 000 USD the company has currently at its disposal. The key to the success of iRobot was an uncompromising quality. iRobot is currently employing over 400 professionals in robotics, software and information technology.

iRobot is also working for the U.S. Government In addition to the civilian sector, the company iRobot also deals with the development of robots for the military in the tactical and the combat fields. The US Army and NASA, whose space programs include iRobot, can be regarded as Robot’s main customers.

This valuable experience gained from generously subsidized developments is also applied to products available to you; this fact also places iRobot well ahead of its competitors and is underlined by a thick line of iRobot’s 20 years’ experience in the development line range of robots.

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iRobot Military and Industrial iRobot to Protect Human Life

iRobot role in our lives can be described quite simply. Today, robots perform work, which until recently fell under the industrial and military health hazards. For example, iRobot PackBot units have saved countless lives, as they are able to locate mines, explore the hazard territories and are capable to dispose of bombs.

Many lives, which would have been otherwise needlessly wasted, have been saved thanks to the smart iRobot PackBot units.

iRobot. Military and Industrial iRobot replaces a Guard

The iRobot merits can be also easily observed on the iRobot negotiator, which will be described in more detail later. Its specialization is space monitoring to such an extent that it completely eliminates the need for a human supervision. Again, this means many more saved lives by iRobot negotiator.

The iRobot Warrior can be considered as another very interesting device. By its load carrying capacity of over 150 kg, it is capable to supply military units located in terrain with difficult access, save the life of a wounded man, or take part in the intensive rescue work.

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iRobot is also a key player in the U.S. Army program called the Army’s Future Combat Systems, under which a self-sufficient, overland vehicles SUGV and the Seaglider and Ranger (UUVs) underwater units are being presently developed to undertake military and reconnaissance missions. Thanks to iRobot nobody will die if they are eliminated during their deployment.

iRobot’s Mission

Human life in the 21st century has a fundamental problem with time. We don’t have so much space as we used to have before for ourselves and for each other. Therefore, we are thankful for every helping hand to create it while it also reduces the required amount of effort. iRobot’s primary goal to help people can be perceived as a mission with a wider meaning, as it is able to save time and effort.

And in which way does iRobot differs from other manufacturers? In the first place, it is its zest for perfection that will be never satisfied; it will continuously thrive to improve its target orientated performances. This is despite the fact that its lead over the competition is even now really enormous. iRobot policies has brought it where it is today — to the zenith of its fame.

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Roomba was Born

Probably not one of the founding members of iRobot in 1990 have thought that it will one day become such a giant. Never mind the phenomenal success of 6 million iRobot Roomba units that have been sold so far. Indeed, a lot of people have realized that the iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner has only one competitor. Itself.

The iRobot Roomba was absolutely the first commercial robotic vacuum cleaner in the world. And in the true sense of the word, it is still the leader. Its success lies not only in quality, processing, and technology level. With iRobot you are buying an added value that no one else offers – in the form of the customer service that is absolutely one hundred percent.

Also thanks to that you will never hear a negative reference. If there were. You would have heard of them, thanks to the 8000 customers. Who do not have any complaints about our system or the iRobot itself? Especially if they have had the opportunity to taste the fruits of other gardens. Through the strawberries that looked good but tasted bitter, they are able to enjoy the taste of the iRobot Roomba gourmet paradise.

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Random prestige brands distributed locally look rather comical in direct comparison with the iRobot Roomba. Purely Asian products are only a caricature of the iRobot Roomba. They are mostly distributed without adequate service facilities, poor to modest capabilities and very pale future. You will know the difference between the iRobot Roomba and something that looks like a robotic vacuum cleaner at first glance.

The iRobot Roomba does not only excels in its finishes, strict manufacturing standards and quality. Its main advantage lies rather in complete self-sufficiency. It is not a small, tearful child, but rather a grown-up, ambitious man. The iRobot Roomba technology level corresponds to the current limits of global developments.

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Roomba: How it Works

The iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner features a unique orientation system iAdapt, which adapts itself to the environment regardless of the base. And it crosses over each square centimeter during one shift 4 times on average.

All steps of iRobot Roomba are evaluated by a high-performance ARM processor, which also places the Apple iPhone into its model. iRobot Roomba obtains the input data from 38 active sensors with dropping or slowing down check included.

The robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba uses sensitive cleaning technology iAdapt, an advanced system of software and sensors. Thanks to the iAdapt technology, the robotic vacuum cleaner can actively monitor Roomba cleaned environment 67 times per second, and react with more than 40 different movements to clean the room thoroughly.

It goes over every place four times and thus maximizes its effective and ensures perfect cleaning. Thanks to its touch system, it fears no dark corners, and it even cleans difficult-to-reach places. The advanced orientation system adapts to every type of space. It doesn’t miss out any corners, and it cleans along the walls and in the corners of rooms.

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Roomba iAdapt, Perfect Cleaning

iRobot Roomba’s technical sophistication is also confirmed by the iAdapt system. Its essence consists of sensors communicating with programming equipment. It is monitoring the space cleaned 67 times per second, to which the iRobot Roomba responds by more than 40 moves.

With absolute precision and grace. Proved by an average of 4x visits of one location during one cleaning cycle. In a nutshell, the iAdapt system represents a completely adaptable system equivalent to artificial intelligence.

the iAdapt system is mainly based on 20 years full of learning. A search of the best ways of monitoring, guidance, and cleaning, leading to the inception of iAdapt – a system that is completely self-sufficient and able to operate reliably.

Fully adaptive behavior that iRobot Roomba brings to a robotic vacuum cleaner is unmatchable independence. Thanks to iAdapt it is able to adapt to the environment, surface and the level of untidiness. Based on the input data, it evaluates and applies the best moves, of which there are more than 40.

The key characteristics of iRobot Roomba is its thoroughness. It simply does not finish cleaning until it runs over each place 4 times on average. The faultless iAdapt application is supported by the Cleaning Head Module, adapting to all surfaces.

The tax paid for the endurance of robotic vacuum cleaners is a relatively small suction power. It is because of this that iRobot focuses on the average of 4 times per one place multiple cleaning efforts, thus amply compensating for the low suction power. Although it takes longer to clean when compared to others, the quality of cleaning can be described as unparalleled.

Given the self-sufficiency of the iAdapt and the choice of timing, you need not worry at all about the cleaning time. While the iRobot will ensure that the home environment standard is maintained, you will be able to enjoy life. So there is the main reason for the acquisition of a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The plan used for systematic movement is not suitable for cramped spaces. The system often leaves these difficult-to-reach places. Movement along a predetermined path makes it impossible to visit the same place more than once. This leads to a corresponding reduction in cleaning quality. The systematic movement consists only of making one type of movement which often leaves an entire area uncleaned.

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Roomba Systematic Cleaning

The year is 1999, and iRobot is finally abandoning the idea of systematic cleaning; in spite of it and eleven years later the market is offering robotic vacuum cleaners equipped with a systematic cleaning, i.e. a system that copies the shape of the room. The problem is obvious.

Such a robotic vacuum cleaner is more of an automaton than anything else. The fact that the manufacturers are calling this feature revolutionary is rather amusing. A robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with a systematic monitoring is unable to escape from an unpredictable situation, as it is unable to adapt; it simply stops cleaning. In addition to the selected method of cleaning, which is not the most ideal, the inability to perform well is also due to lack of enough number of learned moves.

The low suction power and also the fact that each place is suctioned only once do not create too much confidence, as evidenced by our laboratory tests, on which results iRobot base further development. Such a result cannot be considered as a 100% performed work, but only a quick crossing of the base. iRobot Roomba targets successfully for quality work. You simply set the iRobot and let it do the work, while you doing what you enjoy. Time is of no essence in such case.

Random movement is not controlled by any form of artificial intelligence. Whether or not it cleans more difficult-to-reach places is a question of chance, which is often not favorable. This form of movement frequently results in cycling, where the system cannot rationally direct the robot out from the corner of a room, from under a table etc.

Without the requisite movement logic, the system can direct the robot into cramped spaces at random, where it cycles until the battery is completely flat. The random movement has no form of strategy for getting out of such a situation.

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Roomba Random Cleaning

A very curious way of cleaning is offered by a random cleaning. The angle of rebound from the obstacle determines the direction of travel. You only have to set the time, and the robot will start wandering through the room for the preset time. However, it is highly unlikely that it will achieve any interesting results. Then it isn’t really a robotic vacuum cleaner, which evaluates each square millimeter in the pursuit of only one goal. Clean surface.

These vacuum cleaners are very specific. Usually, one model is marked with different labels. To identify it from the robotic vacuum cleaner is a question of a moment. It gives itself away by the lower price and rather flimsy construction.

Such devices will never be able to compete with the company iRobot due to the fact that not enough attention is given to the quality, a satisfied customer and the efficiency of the product. Getting out of you as much money as possible is the sole purpose of such exercise.

The Cleaning Head Module, adapting to the surface clearance can be considered an interesting technological innovation, which maximizes the effectiveness of cleaning as well as your satisfaction. Integrated body ANTITANGLE protects, in turn, iRobot Roomba against becoming entangled in cables. Really wonderful cooperation of several technical marvels simultaneously.

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Another system related to the Cleaning Head Module is Sonora, designed for active detection of impurities. Immediately after the registration of fouling a proper care will be given to the respective area by iRobot Roomba; you will be more familiar with this function under the title DIRT DETECT.

Cleaning Head Module primarily means cleaning head, which is located in the patented system. It consists of two brushes opposite each other and rotating against each other. This creates a perfect vacuum, which helps the suction mechanism. With such arrangement, the iRobot Roomba does not have any problem with any form of dirt.

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Although most manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners systematically flout touch bumpers, the iRobot Roomba is a “live” proof that it may be considered the best option. Slow contact eliminates damage to furniture while gaining an unmistakable image of the area. In the light of this principle, the iRobot Roomba bumper was obviously very intelligent designed. It is of soft plastic, resistant to contamination.

Roomba Virtual Wall

The Virtual Wall can be considered as a perfect accessory for iRobot Roomba. This virtual wall extends iRobot Roomba imaginary scope. It makes it possible to select the area iRobot Roomba is to vacuum. The iRobot Roomba provides an even more refined technology. It is called Virtual Wall Lighthouse.

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The purpose of the lighthouse is to manage the space. Once the Roomba marks the room as tidy, the virtual wall interrupts the signal and allows it to enter the next area. The room in which the Roomba is operating can be easily divided within the framework of one space, or separate several rooms from each other.

The iRobot Roomba provides filtering through the nanofibers, which have the ambition to capture the micro dust particles and pollen allergens. They destroy these hidden health malefactors with great enthusiasm and provide their owners with the more comfortable living environment.

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Roomba Side Brushes

The iRobot Roomba side brush can also be regarded as a very clever thing. It reaches into every corner and sweeps the dirt under the Cleaning Head Module, which absorbs it immediately. If it gets anywhere entangled a crisis mode is automatically launched and takes iRobot Roomba immediately out of the critical situation.

The number of differences from the “competition” includes millions of items and it is not within the power of man to show them all. About equally impossible is to describe differences between a Rolls-Royce and a Lada. The iRobot Roomba is not just a robotic vacuum cleaner.

It can be described as a symbol of the market. People got used to it. Children like it. Men will not let a bad word to be said about it. Most households even gave it a name. You will encounter anything like this with the soulless automatons.

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Roomba Sensors

Roomba was introduced in 2002. Roomba features a set of basic sensors that help it perform tasks. For instance, the Roomba is able to change direction on encountering obstacles, detect dirty spots on the floor, and detect steep drops to keep itself from falling down stairs. It uses two independently operating wheels that allow 360 degree turns. Additionally, it can adapt to perform other more “creative” tasks using an embedded computer in conjunction with the Roomba Open Interface.

It sends out an infrared signal and checks how long it takes to bounce back to the infrared receiver located on its bumper. Object sensors located in the bumper lets the robot know it encountered an obstacle. Wall sensors allow the Roomba to follow closely along walls and objects like furniture without touching them. These cliff sensors constantly send out infrared signals, and Roomba expects them to immediately bounce back.

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