Eufy isn’t the longest-running robotic vacuum brand, but it’s out there making quite the name for itself on nationwide talk shows and winning competitive industry awards. Out of all its robot vacuum cleaners, the Eufy RoboVac 11S (Slim) is one of its best sellers. This robot is quiet, yet the suction it produces is strong enough to thoroughly clean medium-pile carpet.

Eufy 11S (Slim) vs Eufy 11S Plus

The 11S is also sized to clean under furniture, saving you from stacking dining room chairs and shoving the couch out of the way. It’s equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, and it comes with a remote. Why did Eufy make the 11S Plus since the 11S is such a well-rounded robotic vacuum? We did a little research to find out what’s different about each one.

The Differences


While both robots are round and black, Eufy put different finishes on the 11S and the 11S Plus. For the Eufy RoboVac 11S Plus, Eufy chose to add pinstripes, giving the robot a slightly sophisticated look. The 11S features a brushed finish, which is decidedly modern. Both robots are topped with tempered glass that provides protection and glosses them up.


Their differences continue below the surface. The 11S (Slim) was already powerful, producing 1,300 pascals, but the 11S Plus pushes 1,500 pascals of suction force. Somehow, both robots manage to keep the noise level at or below 55 decibels. These impressive suction measurements are achieved in a matter of seconds when the robot vacuums detect dirt on the floor. However, you can always increase and decrease the suction manually.

Eufy 11S (Slim) vs Eufy 11Splus

The Similarities


Self-docking is a time-saving feature, and both robots have it. Their 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery has enough capacity to keep the 11S and 11S Plus working for 50 minutes if they run on max suction the entire time. The runtime increases to 60 minutes when vacuuming medium-pile carpet and jumps to 100 minutes on hard-surface floors.


Once again, Eufy saves you time and hassle. The dirt bin is extra-large, holding 20.3 ounces’ worth of debris. The bin is easy to pull out from the side of the robot when you press the release button. Its hinged lid stays securely closed, preventing dirt from falling out while you’re en route to the trash can.


The gold standard for robotic vacuums is the three-point brush system, which you will find on the 11S (Slim) and the 11S Plus. The brushroll on both robots is affixed with two rows of bristles positioned to form a V, helping them lift debris efficiently. On these Eufy robo vacs, there is also a pair of propeller-style side brushes that gather dirt and clean edges.


The 11S and 11S Plus come with a small, rounded remote control. On the remote, there’s a digital display screen that helps you set a schedule and shows the time as well as the current cleaning mode and suction strength. With the four arrow buttons, you can drive the robot in any direction you choose.

On the robots themselves, there is an auto-clean button. You may not think you’ll ever use it, but the localized control does come in handy when you’re closer to the robot than you are the remote.

Eufy 11S (Slim) Robot Vacuum


Allergen filtration is high on a robot vacuum consumer’s list of demands. Eufy stepped up to the plate on this feature. Both robots contain a high-efficiency filter cartridge that traps dust, dander and pollen. The sponge-layered pre-filter extends the main filter’s lifespan by capturing coarser contaminants.


Eufy throws in two convenient extras. There are five cable ties that come with both robots. Sure, zip ties aren’t hard to come by, but it’s nice to have a way to organize loose cords around your house as soon as you unbox your new robotic vacuum. You also get a pick tool that helps you remove hair and lint from the brushroll and side brushes.


Surprisingly, these low-priced robotic vacuums offer five cleaning modes. Auto mode sends them on a whole-house vacuuming run, and quick-clean mode lasts long enough for the robot to vacuum a single room. Edge mode directs them around room perimeters while spot clean makes the robot move in a spiral pattern to lift small messes. There’s also scheduling mode, which puts the robot on a reoccurring cleaning cycle.


At their low price point, you can’t expect the 11S and 11S Plus to be equipped with the latest in smart mapping technology. Instead, they navigate based on information received by a series of infrared sensors. With this type of navigational system, the robotic vacuums can detect obstacles and stairs, changing directions before they collide or tumble. Overall, infrared sensor navigation is basic, but it gets the job done.

Eufy 11S vs 11S Plus


Judging by its diameter of 12.8 inches, these two Eufy robot vacs are no different in size than any other circular robotic vacuums on the market. However, its height is much shorter than the rest despite their rather large wheels. At their height of 2.85 inches, the 11S and 11S Plus are able to fit under an array of furniture and edge clean alongside cabinet kick plates. That’s why the S in their name stands for “slim.”


Eufy provides warranty coverage on both the 11S and the 11S Plus. Lasting 12 months from the date of purchase, the warranty guarantees that Eufy will replace either robot should it be defective. If returned for this reason, Eufy will pay for the cost of shipping. Twelve months is the typical coverage period offered by robotic vacuum manufacturers, so you’re getting a reasonable deal here.

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Different Style, Stronger Suction

With the Eufy 11S and the 11S Plus, you get many of the same solid features. The runtime lasts for as many as 100 minutes, and the bin capacity is huge. Each one uses a triple-layered filtration system and offers a wide variety of cleaning modes. A remote control, automatic suction boost and a super-slim height complete these robot vacuums.

Stylistically, both robots are different, but each one is attractive in its own right. We recommend basing your decision according to the suction strength. While the 11S and 11S Plus perform well on medium-pile carpets, the Eufy 11S (Slim) is well-suited for homes and apartments that don’t see a lot of activity. The Eufy RoboVac 11S Plus Robotic Vacuum with its extra 200 pascals fares better in homes with a lot of foot traffic, particularly homes with children.

What's the Difference Between the Eufy 11S Plus and the Eufy 11S (Slim)

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