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Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Review

Impressive suction, three brushes and a remote control – The Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum has it all. Since one of the brushes is a rolling brush, the robot vacuum is capable of cleaning all your floors, including the carpets. For baseboard cleaning, the robot is equipped with a pair of sturdy side brushes.

Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Review
Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum

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However, there is more to this vacuum cleaner than strong brushes and even stronger suction. With the mobile, you can set a schedule and choose from one of several cleaning modes. In any mode, the robot vacuum’s sensor system keeps it from running into objects and falling from drop-offs.

All of its cleaning power is thanks to its use of a high-capacity 5200mAH Battery. This battery can run for about 3 hours, never losing suction.

With the robo vac’s self-docking feature, you don’t have to check the vacuum’s battery charge. To top it off, the dust bin is built into the robotic vacuum for easy maintenance.

Notable features

  • LDS navigation – Smarter mapping
  • Select 3-water level mopping
  • Targeted cleaning area
  • Set cleaning zone, clean wherever you want
  • Create virtual No-Go zone
  • Make timer schedule accuracy
  • Gain voice-prompts troubleshooting reminding
  • Start/stop your robotic vacuum cleaner by voice commands

Coredy L900 Robotic Vacuum
Intelligent LIDAR navigation robot vacuum cleaner that supports precision Al map technology provides more efficient cleaning

Compact Size

Vacuuming in itself is not hard. However, throw in a room full of furniture, and suddenly the time it takes to vacuum a room increase as you slide and lift furniture out of your way, leaving you exhausted after you’re done.

Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum
Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum

As opposed to taller units, this robot vacuum is able to maneuver under almost any piece of low-sitting furniture because it’s only 5 inches tall. Pair that with a diameter of 15 inches, and you get a vacuum that can fit in between furniture legs too.

LiDAR Navigation
Set no-go zone to proform invisible wall by LiDAR

Forceful Suction

From strands of hair to pieces of food, this black/gold robot vacuum can suction all messes. Its motor produces 2700 pascals of suction to give the vacuum the lifting power it needs to thoroughly clean your floors.

However, the sound that comes along with the suction stays at a manageable level, staying below 65 decibels.

Tough Brushes

Like many other robotic vacuum cleaners, this particular model has two spinning brushes. Coredy takes this common feature a step further by adding more bristle propellers than the average unit, helping the Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner catch more debris.

Coredy L900 Review
Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum

If you have carpets, you won’t get lackluster performance from this robot vacuum cleaner. It boasts a rapidly rotating brushroll that lifts dirt from carpets. When the brushes and suction inlet pick up dust and dirt, the debris is dropped into a filtered dust bin.

To dump the contents, simply walk the 11-pound robot vacuum to the trash can and open the integrated bin’s hinged lid.

Alexa, Turn On Coredy L900
Quick start and stop cleaning with voice commands

Smooth Maneuverability

Some problems that plague a lot of robotic vacuums include clunky movements, stuck wheels, and frequent collisions. However, you won’t experience these issues with the Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum. It’s equipped with a full suite of sensors.

These sensors are well-adept at detecting obstacles and drops, steering the vacuum away from danger on a rotating caster wheel. With a set of treaded rubber wheels, it can glide along hard floors and flawlessly roll along carpets.

Convenient Controls

Lounge on the sofa and control your Coredy L900 from across the room by using the Coredy app.

For added convenience, you can even set a daily cleaning schedule. If you just want to start it and go, simply push the power button on the robot itself.

Multi-level Mop Cleaning
Give you customized 3-water levels mopping experience

High-Performance Battery

The supersized 5200mAh lithium-ion battery battery inside of this appliance won’t quit when you need it the most. Due to its large capacity, you get anywhere from 2 to 3 hours of working time per charge. This means the vacuum can cover 2000 sqft of floor space on a 100-percent cycle.

Coredy L900
Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for the battery to replenish. In as few as 3 hours, the robot vacuum is ready to go another round. It even drives to the dock when its battery is low. Since the charging dock only draws 24 watts of electricity, your power bill won’t skyrocket.

Coredy L900 vs R580 vs R650

Max Suction Power2700Pa2000Pa2500Pa
Dust Box Capacity500ML500ML500ML
Wet/Dry Mopping FunctionN/A
LIDAR NavigationN/AN/A
Works with AlexaN/A
Zone cleaning & no-go zones, selective cleaningBuy boundary strip separately2x 6.6ft boundary strip
Boost-Intellect Technology
Wi-Fi CompatibleN/A
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Clean by Coredy App
Set schedules or select specific zone by smart App

Final Words

No matter the types of flooring you have in your home, this robot vacuum can clean them because it has powerful suction and a beater bar. Plus, the sensor system and rugged wheels help the robot vacuum scoot around obstacles without getting stuck or damaged.

You can’t complain about operating an appliance if it comes with app control. It gives you access to handy features such as scheduled cleanings and edge mode. As far as longevity goes, the lithium-ion battery puts the robot vacuum at the head of the line. Endurance and robustness are what you get from the Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum.

Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Smart Laser...
  • Smart LIDAR Navigation: Thanks to laser radar (LIDAR) navigation technology, Coredy L900...
  • Precision AI Map Technology: With precision AI map technology, L900 robot vacuum cleaner...

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