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Common Things That Weigh 100 Grams

The weight of one hundred grams, which is about .22 pounds or 3.5 ounces, can sometimes be hard to estimate considering how lightweight it is.

Knowing an estimation of 100 grams may be helpful in many ways, like counting calories or calibrating a scale.

Luckily, below are many familiar objects that weigh 100 grams.

Common Things That Weigh 100 Grams

Everyday Items That Weigh 100 Grams

#1. Four AA Batteries

Batteries are essential household items, and AA batteries may be the most convenient type for people to keep around.

The AA batteries weigh 24 grams each, so together, four batteries would be 96 grams, which is close to 100 grams.

This weight is perfect for calibrating your small digital scale.

4 AA Batteries = 100 Grams
4 AA Batteries = 100 Grams

#2. A Medium Tomato

Because tomatoes are just made out of water and juice, these fruits/vegetables can be pretty heavy.

Tomatoes vary in size, but when you use a medium-sized one, like the ones used in sandwiches and burgers, it can weigh up to 100 grams.

You can hold the tomato in your hand to get a precise feel for 100 grams.

There are also other fruits and vegetables you can find that may weigh the same.

For instance, half an apple of the regular size may be about 100 grams. On the other hand, one whole banana may be more or less 100 grams as well.

Many other kinds of food weigh 100 grams. Knowing this can genuinely be helpful in the kitchen.

Another good example is a stick of butter. It is equivalent to one-half cup and weighs 113 grams, relatively close to the 100-gram mark.

Additionally, one cup of almonds or half a cup of rice that is yet to be cooked weighs approximately 100 grams. However, this may rely on the size of the almonds and the kind of rice.

Medium tomato weighs 100 Grams
Medium tomato weighs 100 Grams

#3. Two Pieces of Silverware

There is a vast array of silverware and table wear to choose from. These can be made out of different materials as well.

Depending on the materials it is made out of, silverware can differ in weight. Even so, most silver or steel pieces weigh more or less 50 grams each.

Tablespoons weigh slightly less than 50 grams, while larger items like knives and big dinner forks most likely weigh a bit more.

With a dinner fork and a tablespoon to compensate for the weight, you’ll have an estimate of 100 grams.


#4. A Small Jar of Spices

People who do regular grocery shopping have most likely seen the spice aisle with plenty of spice jars arranged together.

Every jar has a similar weight despite how dense and heavy each spice is because these are sold per ounce.

A jar with the spices that come with it may weigh an average of 100 grams.

You can grab any spice jar from your pantry to ensure your scale is calibrated well and to get a good estimate of 100 grams too.

#5. A Bar of Soap

Every household surely has a bar of soap lying around. Most of us already feel how heavy 100 grams is because that is the average weight of one bar of soap.

Each bar is different when it comes to size and the ingredients used to make it, which means the weight of each one is never the same.

#6. A Small, Newborn Puppy

Dogs come in all different breeds and sizes, so it is no surprise to find that puppies are born with a wide range of weights.

A Small, Newborn Puppy Weighs Around 100 Grams
A Small, Newborn Puppy Weighs Around 100 Grams

When estimating how much 100 grams is, think about a newborn puppy from a small breed like a terrier or chihuahua, which would weigh around this amount when they’re firstborn.

If you don’t have a newborn puppy, other baby animals weigh about 100 grams as well.

You can physically get a good feel of what 100 grams feels like in hand by holding a newborn kitten too.

#7. A Box of 100 Paperclips

The paper clip is a tiny but mighty object. A single one weighs almost precisely 1 gram.

When 100 paperclips are put together in a box, they add up to an estimation of 100 grams.

The weight of 100 grams does include the box itself. Thus, this is an excellent estimation of how much 100 grams weighs and is also considered a precise way to calibrate digital scales.

Box of 100 Paperclips weighs 100 Grams
Box of 100 Paperclips weighs 100 Grams

#8. Forty Pennies

Despite being a small object, coins are thick and dense, weighing up to two and a half grams.

Pennies can be found in a typical household. You can easily have an estimate of 100 grams if you are lucky to have forty pennies in total.

Another option is to use other coins to get 100 grams approximately.

For instance, a quarter has an average weight of over five and a half grams; thus, a total of 17 or 18 quarters will weigh more or less 100 grams as well.

Twenty nickels will also give you 100 grams because every nickel weighs precisely five grams.

Forty Pennies is equal to 100 Grams
Forty Pennies is equal to 100 Grams

#9. Twenty-Two Pieces of Paper

The average weight of an eight by an eleven-inch sheet of printer paper is four and a half grams.

Arranging 22 sheets of paper in a clump will sum up to 99 grams, which could be rounded to 100 grams.

Having a grasp of this amount of paper will help you determine how heavy 100 grams is.

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