CISNO Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping System Review

CISNO is the robot that does the cleaning for you. This high powered suction robot cleans with different cleaning modes. Save time and energy with this helpful device designed to keep your floors spotless. It comes with a charging station so you can have the CISNO robotic vacuum cleaner ready when you need to use it. It independently and reliably absorbs hair, dust and food particles to keep your floors clean.

CISNO Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping System, Robotic Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

The cleaning motions are modeled on human motions to guarantee the cleanest results possible. Multiple brushes and suction motion work together to provide premium cleaning. Other ways to charge the device include a supplied USB charging. It also comes with extra brushes so you can change them out if they need to be washed.

Features of the CISNO include the sleek gray design. It is compact, elegant, and matches your interior decorating. It is designed to clean both carpets and hard floors. The 3 point cleaning system includes side brushes, suction acting, and a rolling brush. Some premium features included are the tempered cover with anti scratch protection. You can have time controlled cleanings where you schedule it at a certain time for a specific duration to fit it into your busy life.

CISNO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The CISNO includes infrared sensors and drop sensors to prevent falls. This prevents impacts and also prevents it from running into your valuable furniture. The infrared also helps it from falling down staircases or off the stairs. It automatically determines the best cleaning path.

Charging Station

This robot vacuum will return itself to the charging station if it needs too during cleaning. It comes with a built in filter to keep air clean. The side brushes clean all of the corners. It gets 99.5 of all of the particles in your home. You can manually program the device or let it run on auto. The item dimensions are 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 in. It weighs 10.2 pounds. The high capacity lithium ion battery stays charged for up to 120 hours of cleaning.

It comes with an mobile App.

CISNO Mobile App

Other than automatic cleaning, it also does mop cleaning.

CISNO Mop Cleaning

CISNO Robot Vacuum: Conclusion

For the price, the CISNO robotic vacuum offers a lot, and it comes with plenty of features to help keep your home clean. Even floors that have been cleaned by hand are much cleaner when the CISNO runs over it.

The high-quality brushes and suction system work together for a precise and thorough cleaning. It is engineered to be user-friendly and even the automatic setting provides a comprehensive cleaning of the floors in a home or a room. The safety features protect your investment and make sure it works to keep your home clean. It is great for a home with kids, pets or for cleaning up after arts and crafts projects. Use it to save time and energy and to keep a home’s floor clean.

CISNO Robotic Vacuum Review

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