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Cheap vs. Expensive Silk: What’s the Difference?

Why Is There Such A Big Difference In Silk Prices Store To Store?

Silk has always been a glamorous material.

The price of silk is affected by multiple factors, including the difficulty in manufacturing it, handling issues in transport, and strict controls over how much output suppliers can provide.

Below are the factors that affect the quality of silk.

Cheap vs. Expensive Silk

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1. Raw Material

Like cashmere, silk is another material that’s gaining popularity. It has many different types which can be found at affordable prices ($8-$80/yard).

Silk is a luxury fabric, and the cost depends on where it comes from and how their silk supplies are managed.

The cost of organic silk may be higher due to the need for sustainably-managed stocks.

2. Luster

The lustrous shine of silk comes from combining threads that are different colors in each weave.

When light strikes these surfaces at different angles, they change color and flash with reflected hues.

Check your silk shirt under bright lights to see how it reflects differently from other fabrics.

Luster Shine of Silk

3. Finish

The more expensive silk is treated with specific processes to maintain its quality.

Sand-washing is a natural process that makes fabrics more wrinkle-resistant and provides a better feel.

Once silk has been through sand washing, you can see it gains a fantastic shine that makes your whole outfit look better than ever before.

4. Dyeing Process

More expensive dyes are much better because they fade much less and last much longer; this requires you will have to pay more for your silk.

With a silk shirt that uses natural colors, you don’t have to be concerned about its de-coloring after washing it.

Dyeing Process of Silk

5. The Weight

Silk momme is a measurement for the weight and quality of silk fabric. The higher the momme weight, the better quality silk.

The Fabrics Net is a handy tool for figuring out the momme weight of your silk. Rather than using 100% silk, some brands mix their fabric with polyester. By cutting down on the amount of silk used, they can lower their prices.

For the authentic silk experience, it’s important to buy 100% natural silk. Polyester is a harsh fabric and reduces the soft natural feel of your garments or home décor. Make sure you shop carefully with reputable sources so that cheap alternatives don’t compromise long-lasting durability.

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