This is one heavy-duty portable generator. The Cat RP12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator 502-3699 is user-friendly and safe enough to use for household electricity needs yet tough and powerful enough to withstand rough handling on job sites.

With its extra-large gas tank and V-twin engine, you can run appliances, power tools and electronics for half a day. Although it’s gasoline powered, the generator has an electric-start dial and LED panel for quick startups and night visibility.

CAT RP12000E

CAT RP12000E

The portable generator also boasts a total of nine receptacles and low harmonic distortion for safe use of electronics. Plus, it has an all-metal frame and tank, protected outlets and no-flat tires, so you can use this massive generator without inadvertently causing damage.

Its lifting eye and folding handle make it easier to move the RP12000E. For noise reduction and fuel conservation, you can utilize the generator’s low-idle mode.

13.2-Gallon Tank

Thanks to the gas-powered generator’s robust 670-cubic centimeter overhead valve engine with a top speed of 3,600 revolutions per minute, you can count on the generator to provide continuous power to your largest appliances and power tools, such as water heaters and table saws.

It contains a 13.2-gallon steel gas tank that gives you 11.2 hours of operating time at a load of 50 percent.

With its electric-start dial, you won’t have to deal with the aggravation of pull-starting the generator. There is also a fuel gauge to let you know how much gasoline is left.

RP12000E 12000 Running Watts/15000 Starting Watts Gas Powered portable Generator 502-3699 Review

CAT RP12000E

15,000 Starting Watts

Since the engine is capable of producing 15,000 starting watts and 12,000 running watts, the generator is ideal for use during power outages. The LED-lit operator panel allows you to easily use the portable generator in the dark, and the intuitive controls help guide you through the start-up process.

Out of the nine outlets on this generator, there is one 12-volt 8.3-amp receptacle, three 30-amp receptacles, one 50-amp twist-lock outlet and two GFCI duplex outlets.

With the 8.3-amp outlet recessed and the rest of the receptacles covered, the outlets won’t get damaged by the elements.

CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

CAT RP12000E

Safety Plus

On the CAT RP12000E, there is no shortage of safety features, such as automatic voltage regulation to maintain consistent power. It’s also equipped with a low-oil shutoff mechanism to protect the generator if the oil level gets too low.

There is even a spark arrester to prevent fires and heat shields to keep your hands from getting burned.

The multi-purpose digital display lets you keep track of the frequency, voltage, total hours and run time, so you can perform maintenance in a timely fashion and refrain from overloading the generator. With Caterpillar’s generous 3-year warranty, you get plenty of coverage should a malfunction occur.

Durable Construction

Its tank is not the only component made of metal. The frame is constructed from copper for long-lasting durability, and there are two bolted, steel wheels designed to never lose air. To help you move this 347.6-pound generator, there is a lifting eye that you can remove if necessary.

For additional mobility, it also has a handle that lays flush when not in use. In order to get the most out of your gasoline supply and extend the engine’s lifespan, you can operate the generator on low-idle mode via the vertical rocker switch.

CAT RP12000E

CAT RP12000E

Cat RP12000E: Built to Last

No matter where you are and why you need it, the Cat RP12000E Gas Powered Portable Generator 502-3699 can give you the power you need to keep working or stay comfortable.

With its 670-cubic centimeter engine and huge gas tank, you can get through any electricity outage. It provides 12,000 running watts and nine outlets to power major home appliances or multiple construction tools.

There are also numerous safety features to keep you and the generator protected. Despite its heaviness and bulkiness, the all-metal generator has features like off-road wheels, a folding handle and a lifting eye to help you move it from location to location.

Never be left in the dark again with this gas-powered generator.

CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

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