When most people think of Black + Decker, they think of their go-to power tool brand. However, Black + Decker doesn’t only make tools for your garage but also manufacturers tools for your home. including full-size upright vacuum cleaners.

BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 vs BDASV102 vs BDASP103: Airswivel Comparison


Black + Decker’s line of Airswivel uprights are budget-friendly and oh so powerful. The Airswivel Versatile is a far-reaching vacuum with an extra-long power cord, wide floor nozzle, and extensive hose. It has a mess-free dust cup, multiple filters and every tool you need to tackle above-floor vacuuming chores.

The Airswivel Pet is made for the messes that cats and dogs leave around the house. The motorized brush and combo tool allows you to clean litter, hair and other debris with ease. Features such as swivel steering and a high level of air watts promise sharp turns and reliable suction.

Then, there is the Airswivel Lite. As its name implies, the Light is a low-weight vacuum that’s easy to carry and maneuver. It has a see-through dirt cup and brushroll window, and it comes with a dual-function tool to meet many of your detailed cleaning needs. Like the other two, the Lite’s floor head pivot, and it has two layers of filtration.

BLACK+DECKER BDASP103 vs BDASL202 vs BDASV102: Airswivel Comparison



Black+Decker Airswivel BDASV102
Suction lies at the heart of any vacuum cleaner, and the Black + Decker Airswivel Upright Vacuum has it in spades. Pushing out 75 air watts, this vacuum cleaner can lift almost any debris. The power foot pedal makes it easy for you turn on the upright vacuum without straining your back.

All dirt, dust, and debris travels through the vacuum and ends up in the bottom-release, handle-equipped dust cup. This 2-liter container’s fill line and transparent material let you know when it’s time to dump the contents. The vacuum also has two washable foam filters – one in the cup and one in the floor head.

Black+Decker Airswivel BDASP103
The Airswivel Pet also boasts 75 air watts of suction, which means it can take care of hair, crumbs, dirt and other particles without struggling due to their size or weight. To start up the vacuum, simply push the power switch with your foot.

You’ll appreciate the capacity of the vacuum cleaner’s dust cup, which maxes out at 2 liters. The cup is see-through, and it’s marked with a fill line. Its tote handle makes it a breeze to carry to the trash can, and there are two filters in the vacuum to keep dust emissions at a minimum.

Black+Decker Airswivel BDASL202
Like the other two Airswivels, the Lite model produces 75 air watts of suction. It also has a foot pedal that controls the power to the vacuum. While this is a small convenience, it’s one you’ll quickly become thankful for when you go on a cleaning spree around the house.

BLACK+DECKER BDASV102 vs BDASP103 vs BDASL202: Airswivel Comparison


To keep trips to the garbage can down, the dust cup holds a whopping 2 liters of dirt and debris. This is a transparent cup with a tote handle, and it opens from the bottom. Inside of the cup and the floor nozzle, there is a washable foam filter, both of which keep the suction flowing without hindrance.

Conclusion: Between their pair of filters and high level of air watts, weak suction just won’t happen with the Versatile, Pet or Lite Airswivel upright vacuums. The filters are washable, and the 2-liter dirt cups features a bottom-opening door.


Black+Decker Airswivel BDASV102
Its list of impressive features doesn’t end with the vacuum’s suction. The Versatile upright vacuum’s floor nozzle also swivels 170 degrees. The head lets you peer at the carpet and hard-floor brushroll through a window. With a cleaning path of 12 inches, it won’t take you long to vacuum even the largest room in your house.

The upright vac is equipped with a see-through 10-foot-long hose and onboard storage for all of the vacuum cleaner’s tools. When you buy the Versatile, you get a clear motorized upholstery tool as well as a triple-purpose double-brush and crevice wand.



Black+Decker Airswivel BDASP103
You also get the benefit of a wide cleaning path with the Airswivel Pet Upright. This vacuum’s cleaning path is extensive at 12 inches. The floor nozzle has a viewing window, and the nozzles pivots 170 degrees. Due to the brushroll’s just-tough-enough bristles, the Pet is safe to use on bare floors and carpeted surfaces.

To help you clean in hard-to-reach areas where food kibbles and pet fur seem to always be, Black+Decker puts an 8-foot-long hose on the Airswivel Pet. This vacuum comes with a see-through motorized tool that works wonders at removing clingy pet hair from upholstery and a crevice-brush attachment; onboard storage is available for both tools.

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Black+Decker Airswivel BDASL202
Yep, you guessed it. The Airswivel Lite features the same swivel provided by the Pet and the Versatile, allowing you to make tight turns around wall corners and furniture. The floor head spans 1 foot in length, and the window-viewable brushroll is safe to use on carpets and hard floors.

With the Airswivel Lite, you get just what you need to complete your vacuuming chores. It has a clear hose that measures 6.5 feet in length. There is also a dual-function attachment with a brush and a crevice wand, which you can keep on the vacuum cleaner when not in use.

Conclusion: While each of the three upright vacuums has a swiveling floor nozzle and cleans in a 12-inch-wide path, they all differ in terms of hose length with the Versatile’s hose being the longest and the Lite’s being the shortest. As you go from Lite to Pet to Versatile, you get more attachments; however, all three have a brushroll in their floor nozzle.


Black+Decker Airswivel BDASV102
This may be a full-size upright vacuum, but the Airswivel Versatile is no heavyweight. With a weight of just 9.1 pounds, it’s amazingly light. The slate gray and red vacuum cleaner is equipped with a looped handle for ergonomics, and its grooved wheels provide excellent traction on hard floors.

BLACK+DECKER BDASV102 vs BDASP103 vs BDASL202: Airswivel Comparison

On the rear of the vacuum, there is a hook wrap for the power cord. Measuring 30 feet, the cord’s length means you won’t have to switch electrical outlets midway through vacuuming. The upright also offers a cradle to keep the hose neatly stored.

Black+Decker Airswivel BDASP103
If you thought the Versatile was lightweight, the Airswivel Pet is even lighter at 8.8 pounds. Its handle is looped, keeping your hand fatigue-free. The white-and-red vacuum also has a pair of wheels with grooves that prevent the Pet from sliding on slippery surfaces.

The power cord measures 25 feet, which is a decent length for a vacuum cleaner cord. When you put away the vacuum for the day, simply wrap the cord around the hooks on the backside of the Pet. Above the top hook, there is a recessed rest for the hose.

Black+Decker Airswivel BDASL202
With its sky blue accents against a black background, the Airswivel Lite is an eye-catcher. It’s also designed with your comfort in mind. The handle is a D shape instead of a straight stick, which relieves pressure on the wrist, and the vacuum itself only weighs 8.8 pounds. The wheels also have deep grooves that provide traction.

Like the other two Airswivel models, the Lite has a cord wrap, and there is a place to store the hose. The power cord stretches to 20 feet, which isn’t too shabby of a length for a vacuum cleaner.

BLACK+DECKER BDASP103 vs BDASL202 vs BDASV102: Airswivel Comparison

Conclusion: Cord and hose storage solutions come standard on all three Airswivel vacuums. They also have grooved wheels and a D-shaped handle. However, each one look different in terms of color scheme, and the Airswivel Versatile is a few ounces heavier than the Pet and the Lite. However, the Versatile has the longest power cord of the three full-size uprights.

Affordability Meets Convenience

Loaded vacuum cleaners are typically expensive, but these Airswivel uprights by Black + Decker break the rules. They all produce an impressive 75 air watts of suction and have an all-surface brushroll that’s protected by a viewing wind, and each one weighs about 9 pounds.

The floor nozzle on every vacuum cover an extremely wide path, and you push a foot pedal instead to power up the vacuum cleaners. Features like grooved wheels and 170-degree swivel action only lend to these Black + Decker vacuums’ convenience. All three contain a pair of filters, one of which is in the 2-liter bin with a bottom-release door.

Out of all three vacuum cleaners, the Airswivel Versatile offers the longest reach with its 10.5-foot hose and 30-foot power cord. However, there is only a 2-foot difference between the Versatile and the Lite’s hoses and a 10-foot variance between their cords.

A motorized brush is included with the Versatile and the Pet models. The Airswivel Versatile also comes with a triple-purpose tool while the Pet and the Lite come with a dual-function attachment. Go Versatile, go Pet or go Lite – Black + Decker’s Airswivel uprights have what it takes to keep your home clean and pristine.

BLACK+DECKER BDASL202 vs BDASV102 vs BDASP103: Airswivel Comparison

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