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Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review (4122)

Who knew such a lightweight vacuum could pack a major punch? Bissell manages to combine a powerful motor inside of a featherlight housing unit to create the Bissell Zing.

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review (4122)

This canister vacuum performs great on carpeting, but bare floors and rugs are two areas where the Zing really shines. It also meets all your above-floor cleaning needs with its telescopic wand and assortment of attachments.

From the wide floor nozzle to the canister itself, there are controls that allow you to customize your cleaning experience. You can adjust the height of the brushroll or change the output of the suction. In addition, there is a button that rewinds the power cord for you.

Inside of Bissell Zing, you’ll find a dirtbag, which boasts a large capacity. There are also two filters. These filters are reusable, saving you money on replacements. You’ll appreciate the small conveniences this vacuum cleaner has to offer, such as comfortable lifting handle and dedicated place to store the tools that Bissell includes with the Zing.

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Sized for Everyone

The handsome maroon housing with black accents suits the model name Zing, and it’s neither overly masculine or feminine. With a weight of just 8 pounds, anyone can use this canister vac. The raised, looped handle makes it easy for you to lift and carry it around the house and even up and down the stairs.

Whether you’re 5-foot-3 or 6-foot-1, you’ll never have to hunch over or stretch to vacuum your floors. As opposed to a stationary pole, the wand on the Bissell Zing is telescopic. This means you can push the button on the pole to shorten or lengthen the wand’s height.

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Flexible Reach

The Bissell Zing has a 17-foot-long cord, which is decent in terms of power cord length. However, its hose makes up for the average-size power cord. Measuring 5 feet, the hose stretches wherever you need it to go. The hose even swivels at its connection point to make above-floor cleaning chores much less of a hassle.

With this bagged canister vacuum, you get two attachments. One attachment is part-crevice tool, part-dusting brush, and it simplifies staircase cleaning among other chores. The other attachment is an upholstery tool, which works wonders on cushions and curtains. The clip on the wand gives you a place to keep the tools, so you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Canister Controls

You can increase or decrease the suction of the floor nozzle to your heart’s content. Turn the incremental dial on the canister to the right to boost the suction for plush carpeting and to the left for hardwood floors.

Below the knob, there are two large push buttons. One button turns controls the power to the Zing. The other button saves you from the hassle of looping a cord around hooks by retracting the cord as you hold down the button.

Nozzle and Handle Controls

Bissell makes the most of the 10-amp motor it chose to put in the Zing. Instead of dividing the suction power when using one of the attachments, you can direct all airflow to the tool of your choice by twisting the regulator on the curved handle.

The suction and airflow aren’t the only settings in your complete control. You also have the choice of adjusting the height of the brushroll by pushing the foot pedal on the 10.3-inch-wide floor nozzle. Raise the brushroll to vacuum carpeting or lower it to tackle hard floors.

Large Dirt Bag

Nobody enjoys changing a vacuum bag. Thankfully, the 2-liter capacity of the bags that fit the Bissell Zing mean you won’t need to change your vacuum bag frequently. Bissell added a bag-change indicator to the canister vac. This indicator turns orange when it’s time to replace the bag.

As part of its dirt collection system, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with two rinsable filters, both of which quick and easy to access. The pre-motor filter sits in a compartment underneath the carrying handle while the post-motor filter is located behind the exhaust grille.

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Bissell’s Zing makes vacuuming easier than most canister vacs without a jacked up price that reflect its convenience features. The dual-filter vacuum is ultra-lightweight at 8 pounds, and it boasts a swiveling hose and telescopic wand complete with a storage clip for the two tools that come with the canister vac. The dirt bag is large, and there is even a replace-bag indicator.

Don’t forget all the customizing controls like the gradual suction increase/decrease knob and the floor-pedal brushroll height adjuster. An airflow regulator directs suction where you need it to go, and the automatic cord rewind feature makes fast work of storing the power cord. Get a lot without spending a lot when you buy the Bissell Zing 4122.

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