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Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner 15489 Review

If you’re looking for one of the best carpet cleaners, then your search has ended. The Bissell ProHeat 15489 is regarded as one of the most effective carpet cleaners that not only removes stubborn pet stains but also dries carpets in hardly any time at all. Check out our full review of the Bissell ProHeat 15489 down below to see just how great of a tool it is.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X 15489

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Dual DirtLifter Power Brushrolls

The 15489’s main weapon against dried, stubborn carpet stains is a pair of DirtLifer Power Brushrolls. These brushrolls come with stiff bristles in a helix pattern which dig deep into carpets to dislodge, lift, and remove dry and wet stains with very minimal pushing involved.

BISSELL 15489 Upright Carpet Cleaner
Bissell 15489

Furthermore, these motor-driven brushes work when both pulling and pushing the 15489 across carpeted surfaces. This means fewer passes and turning around to get at the toughest stains which ultimately translates into less work on the user’s part.

10.5-kPa Suction

While the brushes are happily working away, the 6.8-amp motor is constantly providing 10.5 kPa of suction to remove moisture and debris from carpeted surfaces. We were amazed by just how little water was left over after passing over a moistened area.

You can see how much by checking the murky contents of the dirty water tank. From pet hair to urine, whatever stains you have on your floors are instantly removed by this awesome upright carpet cleaner.

Express and Deep Clean Modes

If you don’t have all day to clean your carpets, then we’ve got some great news for you. Apart from deep-clean mode, the 15489 offers express cleaning mode which utilizes the motor’s suction power to remove as much water and detergent from your floors as possible.

BISSELL ProHeat 15489 Revolution
Bissell 15489

The result is an almost dry-the-touch surface which, based on Bissell’s reports, only requires 30 minutes to thoroughly dry.

Deep clean mode delivers greater amounts of water and soap to dissolve the toughest, driest carpet stains. It can take up to an hour for carpets to dry after a deep clean, but if you have pets or messy children, it’s definitely worth the wait.

1-gallon Dirty + Clean Water Tanks

The 15489 come with two tanks which separate clean water from dirtied water without the risk of cross contamination. Combined, the tanks can hold onto an entire gallon, giving users the ability to clean wide carpeted surfaces on a single tankful of water.

Now, this isn’t the largest tank you’ll find on the market, but for everyday carpet cleaning tasks, this is more than enough.

Heatwave Technology

What we found to be the shining feature of the 15489 is the onboard boiler known as Heatwave Technology. You won’t need to fill the tank with boiling-hot water to help remove stubborn stains, but instead, the boiler keeps the contents of the clean water tank at a consistent heated temperature.

In the end, you have not only the cleaning power of your favorite carpet detergent but also the dissolving power of hot water until the very last drop.

Low Floorhead Profile

If you’ve ever used a carpet cleaner before or hired a professional to do the job for you, then you may have needed to reorganize furniture to allow the tool to get at every square inch of your carpet. However, with the 15489, this tedious pre-cleaning task may not be necessary.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X 15489 Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner
Bissell 15489

The floorhead’s small profile allows it to easily poke its nose into spaces beneath low-hanging furniture.

7-foot Hose and 2 Spot-Cleaning Tools

Don’t for a second thing that the 15489 doesn’t work on upholstery and auto interior. With the 15489, you’ll also get a long 7-foot hose as well as a 3-inch stair tool and a pet stain tool for spot-cleaning any soft above-ground surface you can think of.

On the hose’s handle is a large, rounded trigger which dispenses clean water onto the surface while the tools’ stiff bristles dislodge stains and debris.

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17.5-pound Build

And finally, we can’t forget to mention just how weightless the 15489 truly is. On an empty tank, this unit weighs just 17.5 pounds or about the same weight as the average upright vacuum cleaner.

On the floorhead are two oversized wheels that make pushing and pulling this lightweight carpet cleaner easy on the shoulder.

Verdict: Should I Get the Bissell Proheat 2x 15489?

The Bissel 15489 is a solid carpet cleaner that is capable of removing the toughest carpet stains a just a couple of quick passes. Thanks to the long suction hose and handy cleaning tools, the 15489 is also extremely versatile and able to reach above-ground surfaces effortlessly.

Heated water or not, with this carpet cleaner, any stain your pet, child, or yourself leaves on carpets can be removed efficiently and permanently.

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