Bissell PowerFresh 2075A vs. 1544A vs. 1806 vs. 1940: Steam Cleaning

Bissell Steam Mops

Who needs mops, rags and chemicals when there are steam cleaners? Household cleaning chemicals are irritating to the skin, tend to overpower the sinuses and may even damage delicate surfaces. Plus, mops and rags are just plain gross. Steam is produced when water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, giving it the ability to sanitize surfaces with which it comes into contact. This makes steam safe to use around pets and children.

Steam cleaners harness sanitizing power of steam. There are steam cleaning appliances for all types of tasks, ranging from floor-mopping only to comprehensive systems. When it comes to the biggest variety of high-quality steam cleaner options that are affordable to the masses, Bissell is the brand of choice.

To help you figure out which steam cleaner best suits your needs, check out the brief overviews of four Bissell PowerFresh steam cleaners. Still can’t decide? Our five-category model-to-model comparison will help you narrow it down.

Overview: Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner System (2075A)

From floor to ceiling, the Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner System knows no limits, making it ideal for those who like to keep their home company-ready. The slim yet sturdy extension wand allows you to go from surface to above-head cleaning tasks quickly. It’s easy to maneuver on the floor too thanks to its swiveling and reclining head.

Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner System (2075A) (1)

Although the reservoir is comparatively small, the Slim Heavy Duty offers variable steam you can pause in mid-flow. Plus, the steam cleaner comes with nine accessories, including a grout tool and a scraper. Onboard storage for the included tools is available in the form of a clever under-body compartment.

Overview: Bissell PowerFresh Pet Lift-Off Steam Mop (1544A)

The PowerFresh Pet Lift-Off is a convenient, dual-purpose steam cleaner that’s designed for those who want more than the typical steam mop can provide. While the Pet Lift-Off is a little heavier than most models, its high-wattage motor heats the water in record time. The steam cleaner even works on carpets, and it has an attached floor scrubber for tough messes.

Bissell PowerFresh Pet Lift-Off Steam Mop (1544A)

All functions, including the variable steam flow, are activated with the touch of a button. A squeegee, a hose, and a fabric tool are among the 13 accessories that come with this steam cleaner. Bissell throws in a bag for tidy tool storage, and the rotating cord hook lets you get to work fast.

Overview: Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop (1806)

If you’re a parent, you’ll love the PowerFresh Deluxe. Each of the two mop pads is designed to wrap around the floor head for cleaning along wall edges and baseboards where dirt tends to accumulate. The floor head also has a compartment for insertion of a Bissell scent disc that leaves a light, pleasant fragrance behind as you clean.

Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe Steam Mop (1806)

Sticky juice spills are no match for the Deluxe. By stepping on the floor head and pulling the body upward, a tough-bristled brush is revealed. This brush along with the ergonomic handle means less elbow grease on your part. With its a sizable tank and two steam settings, you can clean a long time without interruption.

Overview: Bissell PowerFresh Hard Floor Steam Cleaner (1940)

Those who prefer the look of a traditional steam mop with a few upgrades should consider this PowerFresh steam cleaner. It boasts a wide cleaning path that covers more floor in less time. Other convenient features are the removable water tank that’s super simple to fill and the digital triple-level steam controls.

Bissell PowerFresh Hard Floor Steam Cleaner (1940)

Swivel steering allows you to mop around furniture with ease. There is even a glider attachment that lets you sanitize wall-to-wall carpeting and area rugs and a scent-disc pocket sewn into the microfiber pads. If the floor pad alone won’t remove a spot of dirt, the flip-down brush will. The PowerFresh Hard Floor is truly an all-around solid performer.

Where Can They Clean?

The areas that these Bissell PowerFresh steamers can clean widely vary. The Hard Floor Steam Cleaner (1940) and the Deluxe Steam Mop (1806) are strictly designed for use on floors. However, the Hard Floor goes a step further than the Deluxe by offering carpet-sanitizing capabilities with its snap-on gilder tool. However, both models come with a soft and a scrubby floor pad to tackle a range of messes.

With the PowerFresh Slim and Pet Lift-Off steamers, you get above-floor reach. Press a button, and you can detach the Lift-Off’s canister and sanitize upper cabinet handles, tall bookshelves and more. Like the Hard Floor and the Deluxe, the Pet Lift-Off comes with a carpet attachment. Handheld conversion is also possible with the PowerFresh Slim whether or not you leave on the extension wand.

Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Cleaner System (2075A)

Conclusion: If you don’t foresee using a steam cleaner beyond your floors, the PowerFresh Hard Floor and Deluxe are both excellent options. However, if you have carpeting in your house, you’ll need the Hard Floor, or you can opt for above-floor cleaning capability with the Pet Lift-Off. Although the Lift-Off has a carpet attachment, you’ll have an easier time reaching high areas with the Slim model.

How Do They Handle?

Cord length and swivel steering are two important features to consider. Luckily, all four PowerFresh steam cleaners have a pivoting head and a power cord that’s 23 to 25 feet long. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice reach or maneuverability to get what you want out of a steam mop. The Deluxe and the Pet Lift-Off even have quick-release cords that save you the trouble of unwinding.

Bissell 1940 Review

Bissell 1940

The handle and the weight also determine how well a steam cleaner handles. All models are equipped with an ergonomic handle. Some cleaners like the Deluxe and the Hard Floor have a looped handle, which is typically the most comfortable kind. Each steamer weighs 10 pounds or fewer with the Pet Lift-Off topping the range.

Conclusion: Most people will have no problem maneuvering any of these Bissell PowerFresh steam cleaners. At 5.7 and 6 pounds respectively and with D-shaped handles, the Deluxe and the Hard Floor are the easiest two models to push and lift. However, the angled handle on the 6.7-pound Pet Lift-Off makes this steam cleaner a close second.

How Much Water Can They Hold?

For smaller areas, the tank capacity isn’t a big concern. The PowerFresh Slim holds 12 ounces while the Pet Lift-Off holds 13.5 ounces, giving you about 20 minutes of runtime between refills. On the other hand, the Deluxe and the Hard Floor are better suited for larger areas with their 19-ounce and 16-ounce capacities.

The refill process also lends to a steam cleaner’s usability. Steam-cleaning mops with permanently attached reservoirs such as the Deluxe and the Slim are fast to refill. With the Hard Floor, you must remove the tank and take it to the sink. The Left-Off Pet also has a removable tank; however, filling it can be tricky because you need to put the reservoir on its side.

Bissell PowerFresh Pet Lift-Off Steam Mop (1544A)

Bissell 1544A

Conclusion: Looking at the overall picture in terms of these PowerFresh steam-mop reservoirs, we prefer the Deluxe for its extra-large capacity and non-detachable tank. The Hard Floor model also has a large capacity; however, the tank is detachable. While detachable tanks aren’t difficult to refill, they do require an extra step to get it done.

How Powerful Are They?

Bissell maximized its PowerFresh line’s sanitizing abilities by integrating dual-steam control into each model. The only exception is the Hard Floor, which offers three steam-output levels. The Hard Floor steam cleaner boasts digital controls while the Slim has a pause button that allows you to stop the steam in mid-flow to switch tasks without reheating the water.

As strong as the steam flow may be, some messes are so stubborn that they require a little scrubbing. The Pet Lift-Off and Hard Floor are decked out with a special floor brush just for this purpose. To use the Hard Floor’s scrubber, push the foot pedal, and the brush drops to the floor. When you push the pedal on the Pet Lift-Off, the entire floor head detaches, giving you access to the scrub brush.

Conclusion: When it comes to the power needed to remove sticky messes and stuck-on dirt, the Hard Floor comes out on top with its flip-down brush and three steam levels. It also has the steam-pause button. However, the configuration of the Lift-Off model lets you apply elbow grease when you scrub.

Bissell PowerFresh 1806 Review

Bissell 1806

What Accessories Come With Them?

While one appeal of steam mops is that you don’t need to use any household cleaners. Unfortunately, that means you don’t get a lingering fragrance that says “clean.” Many of Bissell’s steam cleaners, including the Pet Lift-Off, Hard Floor and Deluxe are compatible with the brand’s scent discs that infuse the water with a pleasant smell that lasts long after you mop.

The Pet Lift-Off and the Slim have 13 and 9, respectively. Both let you dewrinkle fabric, clean grout and scrape stuck-on dirt. Install the wall mount to keep the Slim off the floor in storage. The Pet Lift-Off also has three types of brushes and a window squeegee, all of which can be put in the accompanying tote bag. When the Slim’s accessories aren’t in use, the built-in compartment under the main unit provides neat storage.

Conclusion: Since the PowerFresh Hard Floor and Deluxe are made solely for cleaning floors, they don’t come with any accessories except for scent discs. On the other hand, the multi-purpose Pet Lift-Off and Slim come with a lot of cleaning tools. While the Slim doesn’t have the squeegee that the Lift-Off has, it does offer integrated storage and four more accessories, including a wall mount.

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