The Bissell Multi-Cyclonic 1547 is one of the most advanced hard-floor canister vacuums you’ll ever find. Sporting a powerful motor, the 1547 is designed to handle the toughest, stubbornest stains on smooth floors without leaving a mark.

Bissell 1547

Bissell Canister Vacuum Review

Check out our full review of the Bissell 1547 down below to see whether this rough-and-tough canister vac is for you.

9.2-amp Motor

Don’t let the 1547’s size fool you. Inside of this super-compact housing is a 9.2-amp powerhouse that produces up to 250 airwatts of suction pressure. This much pure suction is enough to lift all sorts of floor debris, tiny and large, out of cracks and crevices without missing a beat.

Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Vacuum

Bissell 1547

This will also come in handy when vacuuming above-ground surfaces such as auto-interior, vent covers, and upholstery.

Turbine Foot Floorhead

The Bissell 1547 comes with two different vacuum floorheads. The first is the Turbine Foot Floorhead which comes with a soft-bristle brushroll that gently massages hard floors while also extracting hidden debris from the tiniest cracks.

Even though the bristles are motor-driven and spinning at a high rate, their soft texture will not leave even the slightest mark in its wake. However, this floorhead is not ideal for carpeted surfaces. For that, you’ll need to switch it out for the…

Multi-Surface Professional Floorhead

This vacuum head does not come with an active beater brush. Instead, it relies solely on pure suction to remove debris surface debris from carpeting.

Please remember that the 1547 is a specialty canister vacuum made specifically for hard floors, so even though this multi-surface floorhead technically works on carpets, it probably won’t be able to extract fine particles hidden below the surface.

Multi-Cyclonic Separation System

Like many of Bissell’s other canister vacuum cleaner models, the 1547 uses a multi-cyclonic separation system that splits up suctioned debris based on size.

While the motor is running, fine particles settle at the bottom of the 2-liter dust cup while larger debris is spun around in a vortex in order to keep them out of the filter’s way. This system ensures maximum suction power throughout the vacuuming session for more consistent suction performance.

Washable, Reusable Filter

Speaking of the filter, the 1547 comes with a standard, washable filter. This reusable filter isn’t anything special—it stops small particles from making their way into the motor and exiting through the exhaust, but it won’t do much at preventing microscopic specks of dust from passing through.

Bissell 1547 Multi-Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

Bissell 1547

Still, for everyday vacuuming, the (clean) filter and cyclonic system together keep the machine running at peak performance.

Large 2-liter Dust Cup

As you can clearly see from this unit, it’s sporting a massive dust cup that should hold onto several sessions’ worth of dust before even reaching near max capacity.

The dust cup can hold onto 2 liters of dust, hair, and debris at a time, and removing the contents is as easy as detaching the cup from the unit and opening the bottom latch.

13-pound Design

One of the greatest things about this canister vacuum cleaner is that lifting and moving it around doesn’t require a ton of effort. The 1547’s dry-weight is a mere 13 pounds—several pounds lighter than most uprights with comparable cleaning performance.

The lightweight design paired with the two oversized rear wheels really helps in maneuvering the suction hose and floorhead.

2 Cleaning Tools with Onboard Storage

The 1547 wouldn’t be a canister vacuum if it didn’t come with cleaning attachments. Apart from the two floorheads mentioned earlier, the 1547 comes with a standard dusting brush and crevice tool which attach to the end of the suction hose.

Bissell 1547 Vacuum

Bissell 1547

Being so lightweight, carrying the 1547 to get at overhead surfaces is a breeze. Plus, the two cleaning tools can be stored inside of the dedicated storage compartment to keep them from going missing.

25-foot Reach

The maximum reach that this tool offers starting from a wall outlet is 25 feet. The suction hose and telescoping wand measures in at 7 feet long, giving users ultimate freedom when spot-cleaning above-ground surfaces.

However, the power cord is only 18 feet long. We prefer a longer cord since it makes multi-room vacuuming jobs a lot more convenient by reducing the frequency of unplugging and plugging the unit back in.

One thing that may surprise you is that the 1547 comes with an auto-retracting system that reels in the power cord with a simple tap of a button.

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Verdict: Should I Get the Bissell Multi-Cyclonic 1547?

The only people we would not recommend getting the Bissell 1547 is those with wall-to-wall carpeting at home. If your floors are more tile or floorboard than carpet, then yes, you should definitely consider picking up this awesome canister vacuum cleaner.

It come with all of the convenience you would expect from a Bissell product, and its cleaning performance truly is out of this world.

Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Canister Vacuum Review

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