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Bissell Cleanview vs Cleanview Deluxe Uprights

Upright vacuums were once reserved for cleaning carpeted floors. Today, you can buy an upright that can clean bare floors, upholstery, stairs and hard surfaces like blinds and bookshelves. Bissell is a trusted name in the vacuum cleaner arena, and these CleanView upright vacuums are shining examples of the best that Bissell has to offer.

Bissell Cleanview vs Cleanview Deluxe Uprights

With the Bissell CleanView 9595 model, you can vacuum your floors in record time thanks to its extra-wide cleaning path and powerful motor. A massive dirt tank reduces the frequency of trips to the trash can, and you can adjust the floor nozzle to meet the specific height of the floor. Along with a stretchable hose, the lightweight CleanView comes with four accessories for above-floor vacuuming.

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The Bissell CleanView Deluxe 1819 gives you many of the features included on the CleanView 9595, including a side-bristle equipped floor nozzle with a wide cleaning path. Multiple cyclones and filters keep dust emissions at a minimum. Like the 9595, the 1819 is height adjustable and comes with several tools and a hose. Plus, it has a handy cord-rewind feature.


The Bissell CleanView (9595)
This black and purple accented upright vacuum is more than just a looker. Under the hood, there is a 12-amp motor that generates particle-separating cyclonic suction. There is even a filter behind the exhaust vent to catch stray allergens before they become airborne.

Additionally, there is a washable foam filter underneath the top lid of the dirt tank. The translucent tank is affixed with a looped handle for easy transport. Since it can hold 2.2 liters of debris, you won’t need to empty it often. When you do dump the debris, the bottom-opening door makes the task easy and mess-free.

The Bissell CleanView Deluxe (1819)
Bissell modernizes the appearance of the CleanView Deluxe by adding silver trim and a smattering of purple to the vacuum’s black, high-gloss finish. Multiple cyclones created by an 8-amp motor send large debris to the dirt tank and fine allergens toward the reusable sponge filter on top of the tank while the exhaust filter acts as a final layer of protection.

The tank has a 1-liter debris capacity, which is a decent size for an upright vacuum cleaner. Since it’s see-through, you can instantly tell when the tank is full. To empty the contents, press the release button and carry the tank by its looped handle. Then, hold it over the garbage can and open the hinged door on the bottom. It’s that simple.

Conclusion: Although the CleanView has a more powerful motor, the Deluxe version generates more filtering cyclones. Both uprights offer two filters, one of which is washable. The tank on the CleanView 9595 is twice the size of the one on the CleanView Deluxe; however, each tank has a bottom-release door.

Floor Nozzle

The Bissell CleanView (9595)
Don’t spend all afternoon vacuuming. The Bissell CleanView boasts a 13.5-inch-wide floor head complete with side brushes and suction to make the most of its width. A soft-touch bumper protects your furniture from dents and dings while smooth wheels prevent floor marks.

The 15-pound upright leans back far enough to reach under couches, ottomans and tables, so you don’t have to move furniture before vacuuming. There are five surface-height settings to choose from via the on-nozzle dial, and a small viewing window allows you to check the brushroll for wrapped hair and string.

The Bissell CleanView Deluxe (1819)
With its OnePass technology, the CleanView Deluxe promises to vacuum and sweep from edge to edge of its 13.5-inch cleaning path. The 15.4-pound vacuum also features scatter-free technology, which means you won’t be chasing after lightweight debris. The vacuum even has a D-shaped handle to keep your hand comfortable while you clean under and around furniture.

On the brushroll, there are three types of bristles, allowing the floor nozzle to simultaneously dislodge, grab and collect stubborn debris like pet fur. A floor nozzle window gives you a wide view of the brushroll, and you can lower and raise the nozzle’s height to one of five positions by turning the on-head dial.

Conclusion: Both vacuum cleaners are relatively lightweight for uprights, and their floor nozzles are height adjustable. The Deluxe goes a step further in terms of comfort with a looped handle, and its brushroll has three styles of bristles as opposed to the standard CleanView’s one.


The Bissell CleanView (9595)
With plenty of tools and a flexible hose, there’s no corner in your house you can’t reach. The Bissell CleanView comes with a 6-foot-long hose, a crevice wand that reaches in narrow gaps and an extension tube for vacuuming in places above your head. Plus, there is a dusting brush and a motorized turbo brush for upholstery.

You can keep all the tools on the CleanView when you’re not using them. Thanks to a 25-foot-long power cord, you don’t have to change electrical outlets midway through a vacuuming session.

The Bissell CleanView Deluxe (1819)
Get more reach than ever before with the CleanView Deluxe. The hose stretches to 8 feet in length, and the motorized upholstery tool is see-through for easy view of the brushroll. Along with the TurboBrush, you get a crevice tool and a dusting brush. If you need to clean high ceiling corners or blinds, the extension wand will come in handy.

Onboard storage means you won’t lose any of the Deluxe’s tools. The power cord measures 27 feet in length. Instead of manually winding the cord, you can retract it by pushing down the rewind lever on the side of the vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion: Each upright comes with three tools and an extension wand. While both offer an incredible reach and cleaning radius, the CleanView Deluxe’s hose is 2 feet longer than the standard CleanView’s wand. The Deluxe model also has a longer power cord, which is retractable.

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Two Lightweight, All-Inclusive Cleaning Machines

These 15-pound upright are a breeze to maneuver around the house and carry up the stairs. Both offer the power of dual filtration that includes a washable filter, and each one boasts an extra-wide cleaning path as well as a bottom-release dirt bin. Their bumper and soft wheels keep your furniture and floors safe while their adjustable plate provides close-to-surface suction. Plus, you get an array of convenient cleaning tools.

If you have plush carpet in your home, you’ll find that the Bissell CleanView can power through the fibers with its high-amp motor. This upright is also ideal for large homes due to its tank, which has a bigger capacity than the tank on the Deluxe.

For allergy sufferers, the CleanView Deluxe is the way to go with its multiple cyclonic suction. It also offers a few conveniences such as a retractable power cord and a looped handle. A triple-bristle brushroll allows the vacuum to lift all types of debris. Two uprights that go all out – the Bissell 9595 CleanView and the Bissell 1819 CleanView Deluxe.

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Budget Pick The Eureka Airspeed NEU100 is an affordable, lightweight, and good upright vacuum for cleaning small apartments. With a 10.5-inch wide cleaning path, it gets the job done quickly.

Best of the Best The Bissell 2998 is a well-balanced, convertible, bagless upright vacuum intended as a cleaning solution for larger homes and apartments.

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