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Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum Review

It’s all about saving time with the Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum. To help you make the most of your busy days, this upright vacuum has Bissell’s exclusive OnePass technology, which includes a deep-cleaning brushroll and a wide vacuuming path. Onboard tool storage means you won’t waste time hunting down the CleanView’s accessories, and the easy-empty tank makes dumping debris quick and easy.

Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum Review

The upright’s filtration power is equally effective thanks to multiple cyclones of suction. The floor head is adjustable, and the vacuum itself is ultra-lightweight. With a long power cord, you won’t need to switch outlets while you clean. If you need to make your hardwoods or tile floors spic and span, you can push and pull the CleanView without worrying about the wheels leaving skid marks.

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No-Nonsense Floor Nozzle

From the brushroll to the floor plate, the OnePass nozzle of the CleanView upright is made to make debris disappear. The brushroll features a double row of long bristles that reach far below the surface of your carpet to lift the dirt you don’t see. There is even a window on the nozzle so that you can monitor the rolling brush for tangles.

On top of the head, there is a turn dial, which moves the floor plate up and down to suit the surface you’re vacuuming. In total, the plate is adjustable to five levels that range from bare floors to plush carpet. As if the 13.5-inch floor nozzle wasn’t impressive enough, it also has a soft bumper to prevent dings and dents.

Tools Galore

Bissell gives you every tool you need for whole-house vacuuming. First, the power cord is lengthy at 25 feet, which means you only need to plug in the CleanView once to vacuum a room. It’s also equipped with a flexible 6-foot hose that helps you clean in awkward spots.

With this upright, you get four stored-onboard tools that can connect to the hose. The motorized brushroll on the TurboBrush helps you clean upholstery and stairs. This accessory is even see-through so that you can catch wound hair and thread. Bissell also provides a dusting brush for blinds and lampshades, a crevice tool for narrow gaps and an extension wand for above-the-head reach.

Under 20 Pounds

Weight doesn’t determine a vacuum cleaner’s power. The CleanView upright vac may only weigh 15 pounds, but its 12-amp motor is powerful and long-lasting. Whether you need to carry the vacuum up the stairs or vacuum every floor in your house, the CleanView won’t break your back.

When you are toting the vacuum, simply lift it by the dirt tank’s handle. The handle is looped, giving you a secure grip during transport. Other features that make the CleanView a pleasure to move are its set of smooth wheels that won’t mark delicate floors and ability to lean the handle back almost to the floor to vacuum under furniture.

Comprehensive Filtration

From the moment debris enter the floor nozzle, the CleanView starts filtering out the clog-causing particles – think dust. The motor produces multiple cyclones that separate large debris from fine allergens. The fine particles hit a pre-motor foam filter, which is washable. For extra measure, there is a post-motor filter too.

Crumbs, clods of dirt and kitty litter drop to the bottom of the upright vac’s translucent tank. Since it can hold 2.2 liters of debris, the tank doesn’t require frequent dumps. When you do need to empty the cup, the push button on the tank swings the bottom door open, keeping your hands dirt-free.

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A New Level of Clean

The 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum is another winner by Bissell. Its claim to fame is the OnePass technology integrated into the upright’s floor head, which promises a deep reach over a wide cleaning path. The head’s height is adjustable, and the bumper provides extra protection to keep both the vacuum and your furniture in perfect shape.

Maneuvering the CleanView is a breeze. It has hard floor-safe wheels, and it weighs a mere 15 pounds. The power cord is long enough to give you a large cleaning radius, which means no electric outlet switch-up. You also get all the attachments that every high-quality vacuum cleaner offers.

With the filtration system Bissell designed, the CleanView’s suction will be just as strong three years from now as it was three days after you bought it. Cyclonic suction stops clogs from forming, and two filters keep allergens from becoming airborne. You don’t have to worry about dust blowing in your face when you empty the tank because it opens from the bottom, and the pre-motor filter is reusable and easily accessible.

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