Best Vicks Humidifiers in 2019: Brand Guide

Vicks is well-known for that magical vapor rub that makes coughing fits melt away when applied to the chest. Since the 1890s, this North Carolina-born brand has helped countless people get the cold, cough and sinus relief they desperately need when sick. However, Vicks produces more than just cold-and-flu medication. The company is also a purveyor of the some of the most reliable humidifiers on the market today.

Vicks Humidifiers

The Advantages of Using a Vicks Humidifier

There are several reasons people turn to Vicks time and again. Vicks’ humidifiers are designed to be used with medicated vapor, which brings much-needed relief when you’re under the weather. With their simple controls, using any of this brand’s humidifiers is a hassle-free process.

Each of Vicks’ humidifiers is equipped with an extra-large tank. This benefits you in two ways. One, fewer trips to the sink for a refill. Two, constant mist production over an extremely long period of time. Plus, Vicks warranties its humidifiers for 3 years, which is 2 years more than the industry standard.

Vicks Filter-free, Ultrasonic, Visible Cool Mist Humidifier Review

In between the white base and white top of this bulbous humidifier, there is a deep-blue transparent tank that holds 1.2 gallons of water at maximum capacity. The 4-pound humidifier measures 10.9 inches at its widest point and stands 13.5 inches tall. Vicks integrated a built-in carrying handle for the reservoir, which has a large inlet that makes keeping it clean a breeze.

Vicks Filter-Free 1.2 Gallon

Due to the huge tank it has, the humidifier can produce a refreshingly cool mist throughout an average-size room for a whopping 30 hours. While it’s pumping out that mist, you won’t be bothered by disturbing noises thanks to its super-quiet ultrasonic ceramic plates. When the water runs out, the humidifier automatically shuts down, preventing the appliance from overheating.

No more spending money on replacement filters month after month. You only have to buy one Protec demineralization cartridge, and you’ll never see white mineral dust anywhere in the room. The humidifier offers multiple mist-release levels that you can change by turning the illustrated dial, which is also backlit for nighttime visibility. Plus, you can turn the mist outlet to the direction of your choice.

If you need the help of a medicated vapor, you’re in luck. This humidifier is compatible with Vicks VapoRub pads, which come in two scents – menthol and a combination of lavender and rosemary. To use these medicated pads, put one or two in the drop-down door on the side of the humidifier, and you’ll get 8 hours’ worth of cold-relieving aroma. To get you started, Vicks throws in a complimentary menthol scent pad.

Vicks Filter-Free 1.2 Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier (Model V745A) Review

If you’re struggling to find a humidifier that can cover a large space, look no further than this model by Vicks. This soft-edge humidifier has stabilizing feet, which keep it firmly in place on any surface. However, it only weighs 4.3 pounds, making it easy for you to carry it from one room to another. With its glossy white body, the humidifier looks great in any contemporary space.

Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

This 7.9 by 14.2 by 13-inch humidifier holds an entire gallon of water, allowing you to make it through the night without getting up to refill it. Even though the tank is transparent for instant water-level monitoring, you don’t have to be on standby when it runs out of water because the humidifier turns off when the tank is dry.

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re sick is introducing more germs into the surrounding environment. Therefore, this Vicks humidifier only emits warm mist, which destroys 95 percent of the water’s bacteria in the process. For relief from an itchy throat or a persistent cough, you can pour Vicks VapoSteam or Kaz Inhalant straight into the humidifier’s medicine cup.

Like the humidifier at number four, this model does not require a regular filter change. As long as you clean it weekly, the appliance will generate warm, medicated mist for 12 hours straight on its low-mist setting. However, if you need to amp up the mist production, turn the dial to the Roman numeral II to set the humidifier to high-mist mode. To make it easy to see the dial at night, the blue ring around the control knob illuminates.

Vicks 1-Gallon Humidifier

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier Review

Bring your children some extra comfort the next time they’re sick with the Starry Night Cool-Moisture Humidifier. Shaped like a rounded pyramid, this 13-inch-tall humidifier has no sharp edges that can hurt your child. Since it only creates cool mist, there is no burn risk involved, and it’s just the right size to humidify any medium-size bedroom.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

When you look at the humidifier for the first time, you’ll notice that there are two dials on the base. The dial to your right controls the humidifier’s nightlight. When you set the dial to the on position, the projector lens casts a crescent moon surrounded by a sea of stars, lighting up the ceiling like a night sky. For variety, the light cycles back and forth between blue and green.

The dial to your left controls the humidifier’s mist output. This dial is labeled to indicate two mist modes – max and sleep mode. Max mode is suitable for times when a room is in dire need of humidification, and sleep mode is perfect to use when you need peace and quiet. If you remove the reservoir, you’ll see a single slot where you can insert a Vicks VapoPad.

Let’s talk about the tank for a moment. With a capacity of 1 gallon, this transparent blue tank allows the humidifier to make mist from 18 to 24 hours non-stop. To do so, the cool-mist humidifier contains a wicking filter. This specialized filter’s job is to absorb the water in the reservoir and collect any contaminants. As dry indoor air makes its way through the filter, the humidifier releases mist into the room.

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier Review

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Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier Review

The Vicks Mini is made with small spaces in mind. It has a crisp, clean white base and top that help it blend into any style of decor, and its tilted teardrop shape gives the humidifier a unique look. You won’t struggle to carry the humidifier thanks to its featherlight weight of 2.95 pounds, and its diameter of 8.3 inches gives you plenty of options in terms of placement.

Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Although it’s surprising considering the humidifier’s small size, this appliance can hold one-half gallon of water. There are no filters with which to contend, and the tank is transparent, so you can see how much water is in it. You don’t need to drag the entire humidifier to the sink because the tank is removable, and it contains a float mechanism that tells the humidifier to shut down when the water level is too low.

The size of the tank equates to a lengthy run time of 20 hours. With the backlit turn dial, you can adjust the mist output to a low or high setting. Along with cool mist, this humidifier also releases medicated vapor if you use one of Vicks’ 8-hour-long VapoPads. In order to do so, simply open the hinged door underneath the dial and place the pad inside of it.

Maintaining the cool-mist humidifier is incredibly simple. Start by removing the tank, turning the tank upside down and twisting off the cap like you would when you’re refilling it. Instead of water, add 2 cups of distilled white vinegar and allow the vinegar to sit in the tank for 20 minutes before you dump it. Then, rinse the tank until the vinegar smell dissipates. Once you wipe down the float and nebulizer, the humidifier is good for another week.

Vicks Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Humidifiers – A Buying Guide

When you’re lying in bed with a sore throat and stuffy nose, you want the best care that money can buy. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a humidifier that can bring you noticeable relief. However, not any humidifier will do. You need one that works with a liquid inhalant or medicated vapor to alleviate your symptoms.

The humidifier’s tank should be large enough to give you at least 10 hours’ worth of mist, so you don’t have to constantly get out of bed to refill it. For the sake of simplicity, a labeled or an illustrated turn dial is your best bet.

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