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When homeowners imagine their ideal bathroom or kitchen sink, their mind tends to focus on aesthetic more than function. A classy design is always great, but homeowners must remember that choosing the right utility sink faucet is one of the most imperative parts of your design. Also known as ‘laundry sinks’ or ‘slop sinks’, utility sinks are best served by a well made faucet that can handle continuous daily use with little to no wear and tear in the process.

This does not mean, however, that users have to lower their cosmetic standards. There are plenty of utility faucets that can suit your sense of style and contribute to the overall appearance of your sink while maintaining a high performance as serving all of your functional needs.

Utility faucets come in all sorts of shapes and types. There are a variety of materials and appearances that buyers can choose from when selecting their faucet and buyers should give particular consideration to whether they want a one or two-handed style faucet. Also worthy of consideration is whether the user will require built-in sprayers, threaded spouts, a variable water flow rate, and different materials for the overall construction of the product.

Purchasing a Laundry Room Sink Faucet: Important Considerations

Design and Finishes

The faucet of your sink is more than likely the centerpiece, and the first place to which eyes will be drawn. You’ll, therefore, want to select a faucet that suits the overall interior design of the room and all the surrounding décor.

The shape of your chosen faucet also makes an impact. Whereas a straight spout is potentially more durable, a faucet with a high arch creates more vertical room in the sink, meaning it will be easier to fill up buckets, pots, or vases under the faucet. If you are likely to fill up bulky objects with water, a higher neck on your faucet is imperative so that items can fit comfortably under the stream and can be removed without causing a spill. I swivel spout could also be useful for these purposes, as it can be pushed out of the way to make room for other objects in the sink.

If you want to create a more rustic aesthetic, or a more vintage look for your faucets, you may be interested in a brushed nickel or copper finish. Chrome finishes tend to be more modern and give a clean look to the room. In modern times, a sleeker appearance is the more popular choice as opposed to brassy, ornamental-looking designs. At the end of the day, your sense of style will dictate how the faucet should be varnished.


One of the more essential parts of your utility sink would be a sink sprayer. These devices can be built into the sink, and are made to be detachable from the faucet spout nonetheless, or they may come as a completely separate component that can be installed as needed.

Many of the sprayers on the market are equipped with variable water pressure settings and may even have a button to pause the stream of water without turning the faucet off completely. There are also prayers designed to match the faucet spout and remain pretty much hidden to the eye until needed.

Where the utility sink’s faucet does not come equipped with a built-in sprayer, it will usually come with a threaded spout to which hoses can be attached. This option may be significantly more versatile than a built-in sprayer, as instead of just a limited sprayer, the user can attach a long garden hose or manual sprayer head to the spout as needed. As a result, a multitude of tasks can be carried out through a single attachment to the faucet.

The downside of a manual hose attachment is that it is certainly less convenient than a built-in sprayer, as it will need to be attached manually with every use. However, this option requires far fewer internal components than a built-in sprayer. As a result, there are fewer possible opportunities for these various components to wear down and require maintenance.

Construction and Materials

Over time, rusting and corrosion of your faucet are all but unavoidable. The materials and finishes of the faucet will certainly make a difference in how quickly this occurs, however. The best option for the strength and durability of your faucet would be to choose stainless steel and nickel materials for your faucet, among other sturdy metal exteriors. It simply isn’t worth it to go for cheaper materials that will need constant repairs or replacement, so avoid materials that will chip and rust. It’s also important that you check the warranty that comes with your faucet to find out whether rusting is mentioned.

The makeup of the components in the interior of the sink is equally important to the materials used for the exterior components. To avoid interior rusting and corrosion, buyers should consider investing in ceramic valves and cartridges as opposed to metal components. When it comes to the construction of faucets, less is more. Simpler materials and designs will lead to a more durable faucet altogether.

Single or Double Handles

Modern faucets tend to switch out the two-handle designs for a single handle which offers temperature control and variable water flow. A single handle is significantly more convenient, as it allows the user to adjust the temperature accordingly as the water flows.

On the other hand, single handles may require more maintenance overall, as all of these functions being placed on the shoulders of a single mechanism will inevitably create greater pressure on that mechanism as opposed to if the work were divided across multiple components.

The single handle usually grants a sleek and modern minimalist look to the sink, whereas the two-handle design is more symmetrical and vintage in appearance.

Utility Faucets and What Makes Them Special

As implied by the name utility faucet, these devices tend to put function before cosmetics. Although there are many styles, some of which are perfectly fashionable, most utility sink faucets are fairly large in order to get a plethora of jobs done conveniently, while remaining sturdy.

Some of the important features of a utility sink faucet are as follows:

  1. Built-In Sprayer or Hose Hookup: If you have a laundry sink, a sprayer hose is particularly useful. Built-in sprayers will generally have stronger water pressure, but a threaded spout could be attached to a garden hose or manual sprayer, which is great for larger jobs like washing big objects or bathing your pets in an outdoor tub.
  1. Maneuverable/Swivel Spout: Utility sinks are ideal for washing or filling up larger items, and a swivel spout allows for increased mobility of the water stream and allows you to push the faucet out of the way when the sink is in use.
  1. Water Pressure: Higher water pressure means that you can fill up a large tub, bucket, or vase in less time. Sink faucets tend to have a stronger flow of water than generic kitchen and bathroom taps.
  1. Durable Handles: Because the handles of the faucet are in constant motion, being twisted and turned to their full capacity, it is imperative that they are sturdy and able to handle ongoing daily use without wear and tear. They also need to be designed in such a way that they are still easy to grip and turn even when being turned by hands that are wet and covered in soap or dirt.
  1. Bulky and Sturdy Design: It is no good having great water pressure if the construction of your sink faucet cannot handle rough treatment. This is why cosmetics aren’t everything, and users should ensure that their laundry faucet comes with a thick spout and durable handles. It is certainly possible to have these features and for the faucet to be stylish, but don’t reduce function for the sake of aesthetics if it comes down to that choice.
  1. Long-Lasting Materials and Finishes: With a brass, nickel, or stainless steel exterior, buyers can be assured that their faucets will last a long time without rust or corrosion.


When choosing the right utility sink for you, remember that function always comes first. Luckily, there is an abundance of faucets that will suit both your cosmetic and functional requirements on the market, and these products can often be relied on to get most jobs done while keeping sturdy and convenient.

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