Best Steamfast Fabric Steamers for 2021

You don’t have to look like you just rolled out of bed even on days when you oversleep. Steamfast’s fabric steamers are well-known for their affordable price tags and user-friendly features. When Steamfast started in 1999, the company introduced itself to the world with a thoughtfully designed fabric steamer for household use.

Best Steamfast Fabric Steamers
Steamfast SF-565

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Steamfast Fabric Steamer | Bestsellers

Bestseller No. 1
Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
SANITIZE SURFACES — Steam kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Benefits of Using a Steamfast Fabric Steamer

Imagine a life with no weekly trips to the dry cleaners. That’s time and money saved. You can enjoy those benefits and more by using one of Steamfast’s fabric steamers. Garment steamers use the power of heat to relax fibers and release wrinkles without chemicals or sticky starches.

You can use your fabric steamer to sanitize your upholstery and mattresses. Unlike an iron, there is no risk of making scald marks or misplaced creases.

As opposed to low-quality garment steamers, Steamfast fabric steamers are equipped with a powerful boiler, which means they heat the water inside of the reservoir quickly. Each standing steamer has a durable pole and hose.

Plus, all of Steamfast’s fabric steamers come with at least one accessory and a removable reservoir.

Steamfast SF-407

You’ll be delighted at how fast and easy the Steamfast SF-407 dewrinkles your clothes and curtains. Once you flip the backlit power switch on the front of the unit, the 1,500-watt built-in boiler comes to life, delivering 212-degree-Fahrenheit steam in under or at 45 seconds.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
Steamfast SF-407

On a full tank, the SF-407 can produce steam for 45 to 55 minutes.

The tank is just as impressive as the fabric steamer’s boiler; it boasts a 40-ounce water capacity. The tank itself is frosted with just enough transparency, allowing you to monitor the water level. Even better, the reservoir is removable. Therefore, you can pull it off the unit and take it to the sink for a refill instead of pulling the entire steamer with you.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer Review
Steamfast SF-407

Thanks to the telescopic design of the pole, you can adjust the length of the pole to any height as tall as 51.2 inches. To help you roll the steamer around with ease, Steamfast added a set of four casters to the underside of the 8.2-pound appliance.

With all the hot steam the SF-407 makes, you may think that maintaining your grip on the handle is hard. However, this fabric steamer’s handle is texturized.

On top of the metal pole, there is a cradle for the wide nozzle when not in use. There is also a double-notched clothes hook for hanging garments. Included with this fabric steamer is a 4.3-foot hose that allows you to reach across your mattress and sofa, and you get an attachable brush that snaps securely to the nozzle.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Steamfast SF-520

One of the best features on the Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer is the design of its tank.

It has a huge capacity of 70 ounces, and it’s completely translucent for clear visibility of the water line. Due to the tank’s large size and the 1,500-watt boiler, this garment steamer starts generating 63 minutes of non-stop steam in 45 seconds.

Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer
Steamfast SF-520

Like the Steamfast model at our number six spot, this steamer also has a removable water tank.

The pole on this fabric steamer measures 51 inches in height, and you can remove it from the steaming unit to take up less room in your storage closet. For your convenience, the garment steamer has a heavy-duty clothes hanger.

On the backside of the steamer, there are two hooks to wrap the power cord around, preventing a tangled mess.

With its thick insulation, the steam hose won’t degrade with frequent use over time, and its 5-foot length gives you plenty of reach. For flawless mobility, there are two smooth, oversized wheels on the back of the steamer and two casters on the front.

However, at a weight of 10.1 pounds, moving this fabric steamer is a breeze.

Sweaters are notorious for the fuzz they produce, and some fabrics are prone to collecting lint. Therefore, Steamfast included a fabric brush that you attach to the nozzle to make removing these unsightly particles easier.

The finger grooves on the handle mean you won’t lose your hold no matter the length of the steaming session. After you’re done dewrinkling your clothes, put the nozzle on its cradle at the top of the telescopic pole.

Steamfast SF-520 Fabric Steamer Review

Steamfast SF-565

The Steamfast SF-565 gives you a pro-level experience at a fraction of the cost.

Holding a whopping 106 ounces, the translucent water reservoir on this fabric steamer offers a working time that ranges from 95 minutes to 180 minutes. Despite its size, the water in the removable tank turns to steam in just 45 seconds due to the power of the 1,500-watt boiler.

Steamfast SF-565 Professional Fabric Steamer Review
Steamfast SF-565

When it’s time for a refill, all you have to do is lift the tank up by its raised handle.

Whether you turn the adjustable-steam dial to silk, fiber, cotton or linen, you’ll never have to worry about burning your hand because the 5-foot-long insulated hose always remains cool to the touch.

The super-wide nozzle promises an even delivery of steam, and there is a cradle on the steamer you can use to hang it.

As opposed to the one pole on standard household fabric steamers, the SF-565 Professional has two 63-inch-long telescopic poles that lend the steamer stability. Underneath the 14.2-pound steamer, there is a pair of large rubber wheels with tread on the rear and two stoppers on the front.

In addition, the handle was made with ergonomics in mind, so your hand always feels comfortable.

The conveniences this fabric steamer has also extend to its accessories. The SF-565 comes with a premium clothes hanger, which is great for hanging pants, shirts or dresses, and the hanger folds when you need to store the steamer.

You also get Steamfast’s ingenious attachable brush, and there is a pull-out drawer on the front of the steamer to keep the brush when you don’t need it.

Steamfast SF-565 Professional Fabric Steamer

Steamfast SF-510

The reservoir on the SF-510 Everyday Fabric Steamer has one of the most user-friendly designs we’ve ever seen.

With its 46-ounce capacity, the reservoir may not be the largest on our list, but its size is a great mix of hassle-free handling and a long-running steam production that lasts 50 minutes.

Steamfast SF-510 Everyday Fabric Steamer
SteamFast SF-510

The reservoir’s recessed handle means it’s easy to remove, and it has a plug for fast water drainage. Plus, the tank is completely see-through.

There is a 1,500-watt boiler that heats the water in about 45 seconds. As the steam travels through the 5-foot hose, the insulating material of the hose prevents you from burning yourself. To keep the steam from making your hand slippery, Steamfast put ribbing on the handle.

Since the pole on the SF-510 is adjustable and not stationary, you can make its length short or long. At its maximum height, the pole stretches out to 54 inches. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to maneuver the fabric steamer.

It weighs a mere 10.9 pounds, and it has a pair of two smooth wheels that won’t scratch delicate tile and hardwood floors.

There are several other nifty features on this garment steamer from which you’ll get plenty of use. The steamer has a snap-on fabric brush that attaches to the nozzle, which hangs on a cradle when you aren’t using it, and the durable clothes hanger collapses for compact storage.

You don’t have to worry about losing the brush because within the built-in cord wrap, there is a holding compartment.

Steamfast SF-510 Everyday Fabric Steamer Review

Steamfast SF-540

Attachments galore! The Steamfast SF-540 comes with a bevy of accessories to make your life easier.

You get an attachable fabric brush that’s a whiz at eliminating lose thread and lint. There is also a press pad that performs like an iron without any of the downsides and a creasing tool to make your pants and collars look freshly pressed.

Plus, the SF-540 comes with an integrated, clip-equipped hanger.

Steamfast SF-540 Deluxe Fabric Steamer
Steamfast SF-540

You’ll never have to wait longer than 45 seconds for this steamer to produce heat because it has a 1,500-watt boiler inside of it. You can put up to 78 ounces of water in the reservoir, which equates to 80 minutes of non-stop steam.

This also means you can dewrinkle a week’s worth of work outfits on one tank of water. Since the reservoir detaches from the steamer, refilling it is no trouble at all.

This fabric steamer offers a full scope of user-friendly features in terms of mobility and usability. The 51.8-inch pole is telescopic; therefore, you can adjust its height to suit the task at hand. The pole even detaches, allowing you to store the steamer in a closet with shelving.

Its weight of 10.8 pounds and oversize wheels make the garment steamer manageable to move, and the handle has finger grooves for a superior grip.

Just as with Steamfast’s other upright steamers, the SF-540 boasts a wide nozzle and a storage cradle. The no-burn hose is a decent length, measuring 4.4 feet when it’s stretched to the max. With a 6.2-foot power cord, you’ll never have to hunt for an electrical outlet.

Steamfast SF-540 Deluxe Fabric Steamer Review

A Short Buying Guide

A fabric steamer is only as good as its boiler and nozzle. Therefore, the steamer you buy should have a high-watt boiler to ensure a fast heating time, and the nozzle should be wide and have multiple outlets that span across its entire width.

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer Test
Steamfast SF-407

To get your sanitizing and dewrinkling chores done with little hassle, pick a fabric steamer that can hold plenty of water. For ease of use, a sturdy set of wheels and a firm-grip handle are musts.

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