A portable humidifier can prove to have so many benefits at home. When looking for one to serve the entire house, there are a few qualities you’ll need to look for. This guide is made to ensure you have the right information to find you right humidifier to cover the entire house based on your needs.

Best Portable Humidifier for Whole House

From keeping the humidity to the optimum percentage to ensuring your furniture and hardwood floors are well protected, to minimizing the risk of allergies and the flu, the perks of having a decent humidifier are almost too many to count. There are various positives to health and general protective measures that make have a humidifier a good investment in the long run.

When attempting to make what is to be a wise purchase, you want to be certain that you’ve considered every factor possible. That said, these are the things you need to look for when choosing a humidifier to serve an entire abode that can be easily transported.

Square Footage

There are portable humidifiers of many different scales, but nowadays, they can serve to function across an entire house.

You’ll want an approximate measurement of the square footage of your house to ensure that it can serve this purpose.

While it can be somewhat pricey, the benefits outweigh the cost many times. Some are made for more moderate sized houses, but some can serve up to 4000+ square feet, and this plays a major role in the price.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re not paying for something more than you need and not for something too small.

Portable Humidifier for Whole House


Modern technology has made many advancements in many different areas, and this is no exception for a quality humidifier.

Controlling the humidity in your home is now easier than it ever has been. With digital controls and 24-hour sensors, you’re able to keep humidity at a desired percentage (the ideal percentage being around or slightly above 40%), with the possibility of automatic shutoff. You can set this device to cease it’s work once it’s reached the level you desire, fighting off bacteria and fungi to keep your house healthier and cleaner than it might be otherwise.

Water Tank

The size of the water tank can vary depending on the brand, but some can hold several gallons, allowing hours of air humidifying water vapor to assist your living area.

It is recommended to clean the water tank regularly to prevent bacteria build up, but simple regular maintenance can work wonders to keep your house running at maximum levels of humidity.

Whole House Portable Humidifier


In addition to preventing sicknesses, allergies and bacteria, this device can also serve to relieve dry skin and sore throats, providing additional benefits to household use.

A portable humidifier can prove useful by what it can do to help not only the body but also through extra qualities that serve the uses of the home itself. Good humidity levels work well to prevent the swelling of wood, which can cause troubles for the warping of hardwood floors, furniture and even the functioning of doors to the rooms of your house.

Hydration is important for several materials in your average household, including leather. Similar to skin, hydration is important to keep the coating of furniture and other materials in proper order.


The volume of a whole house humidifier can range in sound. Therefore, it’s important to look into what you’re dealing with compared to what you find acceptable in terms of volume.

What to some may seem like a pleasant white noise, may be too loud for others. Oftentimes, the decibels of a product may be specified in the information details of the product itself. Otherwise, it may be helpful to check out individual product reviews for items you’re considering if you feel that noise may be an issue.

Whole House Humidifier


The prices of portable whole house humidifiers can vary greatly. It’s important to do your research considering the previous details mentioned when making your choice with your budget in mind.

While some may be more expensive than others, you may find yourself aiming for one of the higher priced brands. While the cost for some of the higher end models may be deterring, some brands offer financing options. Rather than paying for the entire thing outright, you may be able to set up a payment plan and cover the cost in smaller increments through a longer period of time.

Picking a Product

There are many different quality options out there. As mentioned, the benefits can include better health and breathing, protected furniture, better skin, limiting dust and dander in the air and much more.

Using this guide and the information it provides, take your time, look around and find what’s right for you.

House Humidifier

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