Best Loft Beds for Kids in 2021

When saving space in a bedroom, you either look for scaled-down furniture or elevated furniture that gives you workable space underneath, like a loft bed. Loft beds offer you a way to maximize the space in a child’s rooms, and you can find them in an array of colors and styles, some of which even have desk or dressers built into the frame.

loft beds for kids

Loft Beds for Kids | Recommended

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What Are the Most Popular Styles of Kids’ Loft Beds?

Picking a style is where loft bed shopping gets overwhelming due to the sheer number of configurations that are available. There are basic ones with a bed on top and empty space underneath to use as you wish. This loft gives you more room arrangement options.

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You can place a desk or a toy box in the empty space, or you can attach curtains and turn it into a fort.

Other types of loft beds have additional pieces of furniture built into them. You can get a loft bed with a desk that sits underneath the bed and attaches to the frame, which is a great choice for older children or those who like arts and crafts. Some even have drawers and shelves underneath or along the sides of the loft bed, giving you more room for storage.

kids loft beds

There are also fun and whimsical ones. There are bunk beds with a ladder and a slide that appeals to active children. Other loft beds let you attach a tent to the bed. Some even come in shapes like a castle, a boat or a car.

What Materials Are Used to Make Loft Beds?

As far as materials go, you have two choices – metal or wood. Wood is usually the popular choice for people who prefer traditional-style furniture, many of which are constructed from maple, oak or pine. Maple and oak tend to be strong and sturdy while maple is easier for manufacturers to shape.

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Solid wood is the sturdiest and heaviest. However, you can save a few bucks and get one in a wood laminate or veneer finish. Laminate is made of particleboard with a wood grain pattern printed on the surface. On the other hand, veneer is particleboard with a thin layer of genuine wood adhered to the surface.

There is also the metal variety. You can choose wrought iron for an urban or traditional look, or you can pick steel for a modern or contemporary feel. Either way, metal loft beds are still durable in their own right. Most metal lofts have a powder-coated surface, which keeps scratches and chips from forming. While rare, you can even get a loft bed that’s made of metal and wood.

kids loft bed with desk

How Can I Keep My Child Safe in a Loft Bed?

Due to the height of loft beds, safety is of the utmost importance. When you buy a loft bed, set rules with your children that no jumping or horseplay is allowed. Also, make sure to check the bed periodically for loose screws or a wobbly ladder. If you have small children, you may want to consider a loft bed with stairs instead of a ladder.

Pay particular attention to the guardrail and mattress. The height of the guardrail directly determines the thickness of the mattress you use. If the bed has a tall guardrail, you can get away with an 8-inch mattress. A shorter guardrail calls for a 6-inch mattress.

Whichever mattress you use, be sure that the guardrail extends several inches above the top of the mattress to prevent your child from rolling off the bed in his sleep.

Our Recommended Loft beds for Kids

DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed Metal Frame

You’ll love the contemporary style of this loft bed from Dorel Home Products. It’s made of a sturdy metal material in a sleek silver finish. The entire frame measures 80 inches long by 57.5 inches wide, making it an incredible space saver, and it only weighs 124.5 pounds when assembled.

DHP Abode Full-Size Loft

The bed is large enough to fit a single full-size mattress and strong enough to support 300 pounds, making it ideal for older children. To get to the guardrail-protected bed, there are two 71.5-inch-tall, straight ladders. One is on the side and the other is on the end, so you have more options in terms of room arrangement. Each ladder has five flat, 14-inch-wide rungs that are easy to climb.

For homework or reading, there is a black laminate desk built underneath the head of the bed, so there is plenty of room for an office chair. With a length of 55.5 inches and a width of 15.5 inches, your child will have plenty of room to spread out his study materials. Additionally, there are two corner shelves that are perfect for holding books and an integrated caddy for pencils, scissors and other supplies.

Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide

If you’re looking for a fun, safe loft bed for a younger child, this one from Donco Kids is an excellent choice. The low-height loft bed is constructed of solid pine wood with a clean white finish that works well with a lot of decor styles. With a height of only 44 inches, your child won’t be too far off the ground.

Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed

The twin-size bed is surrounded by a safety rail with two horizontal slats. Since the bed can hold up to 120 pounds, your child will get many years of use out of this loft bed. The straight ladder contains two rungs, making it easy for little children to climb.

As far as fun elements go, this loft bed has two. There is a white slide that children can ride to reach the floor from the bed. Underneath the bed, there is a zebra-pattern tent with royal purple piping and several viewing windows. This tent also has a tie-back fabric door, allowing them to easily enter and exit.

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

The Dorel Home Products’ Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed is perfect for children who are just coming out of the preschool years. This white, metal loft bed is 41.5 inches wide by 77.5 inches long, and it’s only 43 inches tall. It’s also a mere 71.5 pounds when assembled, so you’ll find it easy to put together and move.

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed

At the top of the loft, there is a slat-supported frame for a twin-size bed. This bed has guardrails on all four sides to keep your little one safe while they sleep. With a weight limit of 200 pounds, your child and a friend can hang out and relax on the bed.

To exit the bed, all your child has to do is zoom down the built-in slide, which extends 99 inches from the backside of the loft frame. The straight ladder is almost as easy to climb, measuring a mere 29.5 inches in height with two 16-inch-wide, flat rungs. If you want to add a little pizzazz to the loft, you can purchase and hang a set of curtains to hang around the empty space underneath the bed.

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed

This loft bed from Donco is jam-packed full of space-saving features. The pine frame is only 41 inches tall, and it can support a maximum weight of 180 pounds. Therefore, it’s ideal for children of all ages. With its dark cappuccino finish, the loft gives any room a masculine touch.

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed

Since the guardrails are extra tall, you can put an 8-inch-thick mattress on the top of the loft. The frame is 43 inches wide and 79 inches long, so the mattress you choose must be a twin. To climb to the bed, there is a straight, two-rung ladder with flat footholds.

Underneath the bed is where all the space-saving goodies are located. There is a three-drawer dresser with two squared, chrome pulls per drawer for keeping your child’s clothes or toys. The bed also comes with a two-shelf bookcase at the foot of the bed. Plus, the loft hides a roll-out desk on casters with two no-back shelves.

Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed

If you have a little girl, this loft bed will follow her from grade school to high school. Made from pine wood in a white finish, this loft bed from Your Zone is as beautiful as it is functional. It stands 72 inches tall, and it measures 78.75 inches by 42.25 inches. With an assembled weight of 101.2 pounds, it’s definitely not a bulky piece of furniture.

Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed

The headboard and footboard are country chic in style. Each long side of the bed has rails for your child’s safety, and the frame can accommodate a twin-size mattress. At its maximum, the bed can hold 175 pounds.

There are five rungs on the ladder, which is angled to help your child ascend and descend with ease. This ladder juts out 65.5 inches from the backside of the loft. For versatility when arranging the room, you can put the ladder on the left or right of the loft during assembly. Underneath the bed, there is a totally empty space that you can use for a desk, toys or anything else you can imagine.

Your Shopping Guide to Kids’ Loft Beds

Searching for just the right loft bed is not an easy endeavor, especially when the bed is for your child. You want it to be fun and stylish, yet it also needs to be safe and sturdy. How do you get all four characteristics from one bed? It isn’t easy. However, if you know what features to look for, you can save yourself a lot of time and plenty of headaches during the selection process.

loft bed for kids

Mattress Size

Whether you want to buy a new one or use a mattress you already own, you need to make sure it’s the right size for the loft bed. Some lofts are wide enough to fit a full-size mattress while others only accommodate a twin mattress. Plus, the thickness of the mattress should not surpass the height of the guardrails for your child’s safety.

Frame Height

Your child’s age will largely drive your choice here. There are some that are low-sitting at around 40 inches in height. These loft beds are perfect for young children. Alternatively, there are lofts that measure at about 70 inches in height, which are suitable for children of most ages.

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Ladder Style

Assuming you don’t go for a loft bed with steps, you need to pay attention to the ladder’s configuration. Does it have round rungs or flat ones? Flat rungs are easier to climb. Is the ladder straight or angled? Younger children may find it harder to climb straight ladders. Some loft beds are equipped with two ladders or one ladder that can be attached to either side of the bed.

Slide or Not

Like the frame’s height, the addition of a slide comes down to the age of your child. Older children may not care for this feature, and many slides cannot support the weight of the average teenager. However, slides are a ton of fun for little ones.

loft bunk beds for kids

Weight Capacity

Another facet to consider is the bed’s maximum capacity, which varies widely from one loft to the next. Some loft beds can hold up to 300 pounds while others can support half that weight. Makes sure the loft’s weight capacity can hold your child now and at least several years from now, so you can get the most use out of your money.

Metal or Wood

The decision to get a metal or a wood loft bed strictly depends on your individual style. If you want to give your child’s room a contemporary feel, you’ll probably prefer to use a metal loft. On the other hand, a wood loft bed will work well for you if your tastes are hardcore traditional.

kids loft bed with slide

Under-Bed Space

For most people, the point of buying a loft bed is to save space. There are many models that have a built-in desk, which is great if you want a loft that comes with a piece of furniture. However, you may want the space under the bed to be completely empty, so you can fill it as you see fit.

Storage Solutions

From drawers to shelves, the storage solutions that are offered on loft beds run the gamut. If your child’s bedroom is extra small or you want to give him as much floor space as possible, a storage-equipped loft bed is an ideal solution. You can use the bed to keep clothes, books, toys and more.

kid loft beds

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Loft Beds for Kids | Recommended

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