Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner of 2019: Buying Guide

Steam cleaning is a process that can truly transform your floor. Regular mopping/cleaning can wipe away dirt and mild stains, but steam mopping can eradicate stains, for example, that have been there for years, among many other things. Even if your floors have stains that have been there for years and years, a good steam cleaner can get rid of that stain with an incredible amount of ease.

Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner

For that reason, a steam cleaner is truly a great investment that will pay itself off in no time. There is no better sensation than putting your steam cleaner to a nasty spot on the floor, pushing it forward, and then looking down and realizing that the stain is no more!

What Is The Best Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner?

Before that question can be answered, we must define what a good steam cleaner is.

A good steam cleaner has settings that allow you to choose the amount of steam you want to use while cleaning. This allows for a great deal of versatility when it comes to the kinds of stains that you are trying to clean, and it also prevents any damage or warping from taking place.

Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner

A good steam cleaner heats up quickly, so you don’t have to wait ten minutes before you can start to clean.

A good steam cleaner has a strong and versatile mop head that allows you to enter into smaller spaces and nooks, without having to struggle or force it in there.

A good steam cleaner is lightweight, allowing you to pick it up and move it around with immense ease.

Finally, a good steam cleaner succeeds at fulfilling its main function, which is, of course, thoroughly cleaning up stains.

Each one of the points above is directly related to the fulfillment of that main function, and if you find a steam cleaner that has all of those things, then you’ll know that you’ve found a steam cleaner that might be right for you. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best steam cleaner for you. To answer that question, you’ll need to consider several key factors.

Best Floor Steam Cleaner

The 3 Key Factors You’ll Need To Consider When Buying A Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner

What Kind Of Hardwood Flooring Does Your Home Have?

There are a lot of different types of hardwood flooring. Some steam cleaners tend to work better with certain types of hardwood flooring, due to the varying steam levels certain steam cleaners produce.

This is why using a steam cleaner that allows you to adjust the steam levels is so important. Even more so if you have more than one type of hardwood flooring in your home.

However, the biggest consideration is whether or not your hardwood floors are sealed. If they are unsealed, then you shouldn’t purchase a steam cleaner, because the moisture is known to cause mold issues, and these mold issues can then lead to structural damage on your flooring.

Other areas of your home may have flooring that isn’t even hardwood. For example, certain areas of your home may have carpet, and if that’s the case, then it would be wise to look for a steam cleaner with attachments that are designed to do light carpet-cleaning work.

Best Steam Cleaner

What Kind Of Spaces Will You Be Cleaning?

Will you be cleaning narrow and cramped spaces or big and wide spaces? Every steam cleaner is designed a little differently – some of them are quite large, allowing for large-scale cleaning to happen quickly; others are smaller, designed for smaller spaces – and you can easily find a good steam cleaner for both types of spaces.

If you have a small home with very few open spaces, then buying a smaller unit is the best choice, because then you won’t have to move and adjust things constantly. Along the same lines, if you have a big home with lots of open spaces, then getting a bigger unit will save you a lot of time.

Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

What Kinds Of Stains Will You Be Cleaning?

This is, arguably, the most important factor to consider. Perhaps, you have a lot of stains that you want to eradicate. Stains that have been there for quite some time. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to find a steam cleaner with a really strong motor. These might be a bit more expensive, but they’re worth it.

However, if you want to do some light cleaning and stain removal, then you can go with a simpler motor. Based on that information, and those key factors, you’ll be able to find the best hardwood floor steam cleaner for you easily!

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