Best Bunk Beds for Kids in 2021: Buying Guide

We all remember those rickety bunk beds from summer camp. Today, bunk beds are more durable and stylish than the utilitarian ones from your childhood, and they come in numerous designs from basic to whimsical. If you have two children who have to share a room, bunk beds are amazing space savers, and they are great to have in a guest bedroom if you tend to host overnight visitors on a regular basis.

Best Bunk Beds for Kids

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Bunk Beds for Kids | Recommended

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Bunk Beds for Kids | Recommended

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These types of beds are always a success with children of all ages, but additionally they offer amazing space-saving designs for teenagers and rooms for guests. Larger-than-normal families or people that have regular sleepovers will particularly appreciate the value it would give to have more beds available in a small space.

The normal bunk bed commonly incorporates different configurations (twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, full-over-full and also full-over-queen). A lofted bed is something different to a bunk bed, but it is also a way to expand your living area by lifting the bed and creating a workspace underneath.

Why Bunk Beds?

There are numerous reasons why buying bunk beds might be a decent decision to take:

Saving Space. These beds only utilize 50% of the space a conventional bed would use, leaving you with much more space for furniture or floor space.

Affordable. You don’t need a headboard, box springs or any other items that you might have to buy, and which could be expensive.

Adaptable. Some of these beds can be split to actually provide you with two beds, and both placed on the floor. It is possible for others to be changed to create a work areas, a couch or other furnishings.

Social. A bed with fitted with a trundle is ideal for sleepovers or to provide to guests when they overnight.

Life Lessons. Children figure out how to get along well with others and share their space.

Secluded Space. These beds give kids their own space in a manner normal beds don’t.

Pleasure. People that sleep on these high beds, or being in their own little space just have outright fun doing it.

Our Recommended Bunk Beds for Kids in 2021

10) Mainstays Twin over Twin Wood Bunk Bed

Give any bedroom a sophisticated air with this bunk bed by Mainstays. The slated camelback headboards are classic in design, and the black glossy finish is simply gorgeous. Since it’s made of solid wood, you don’t have to worry about the bunk bed wobbling when someone tosses and turns or climbs the ladder.

Mainstays` Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed
Mainstays` Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed

This bed is 64.8 inches tall, and each bunk has a weight capacity of 200 pounds. This means it’s safe for older children to sleep on them. Both bunks can hold a coil spring mattress, so you don’t have to buy bunkie board mattresses, and you can even turn them into two free-standing twin beds.

To get from the floor to the top bunk, there is a straight ladder. This ladder has four flat steps, offering a stable foothold. Since the bottom bunk sits 12.5 inches off the ground, you can use the empty space under the lower bunk for storage. On the top bunk, the guardrails stand tall, keeping little ones from accidentally falling.

Mainstays` Twin Over Twin Wood Bunk Bed (Twin,...
  • Easily converts to two stand-alone twin beds.
  • Designed to accommodate a mattress without a box spring. Only coil spring mattresses are to be used on both...
  • Bed support slats are included. Guardrails are included. Features a ladder that can be installed in 1...

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9) Bedz King Twin-Over-Twin Mission-Style Bunk Beds

If you like country decor, you’ll love this bunk bed by Bedz King. Made of solid Brazilian pine in a honey finish, the bunk bed exudes inviting warmth. The clean lines of this mission-style frame are simplicity at its finest, and all the tools you need to put this bunk bed together are included in the packaging.

Bedz King Tall Bunk Beds Twin
Bedz King Tall Bunk Beds Twin

The twin-over-twin bunk bed is designed to be taken apart if you want to turn it into two separate twin-size beds. For extra support, each bunk consists of 14 slats with the top bunk able to hold 175 pounds and the bottom bunk able to hold 200 pounds. Feel free to use a thick mattress on the top because the guardrails are 15.25 inches tall.

A straight ladder with four wide steps can be positioned at the foot or the head of the 69-inch-high bed. With a 10.5-inch clearance, you can easily store boxes underneath the bottom bunk.

Due to the space between the bottom and top slats measuring at 38 inches, there is little risk of anyone bumping their head on the top bunk.

Bedz King Tall Bunk Beds Twin over Twin Mission...
  • Tall Twin over Twin End Ladder Bunk Bed converts to 2 Single Beds, but the top bunk foot board will have the...
  • End ladder for easy access to the top bunk. You can choose to position the ladder on the right or the left.
  • Finish is child-safe, Bunk Bed is made from Solid Brazilian Pine from sustainable plantations - no particle...

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8) Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

Sturdy and stylish – That’s the Caribou bunk bed by Storkcraft. You won’t find any flimsy particleboard or fiberboard on this bunk bed. Instead, it’s constructed from strong solid rubberwood. To give it an upscale look, Storkcraft chose a dark espresso finish.

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed
Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed

This bunk bed has a twin frame on the top and the bottom, making it great for rooms that lack floor space. If you choose, you can separate the bunk beds, turning them into two twins. Whether together or apart, each bunk has a maximum weight capacity of 165 pounds, so the bunks are able to accommodate younger and older children.

Measuring 58.3 inches from bottom to top, this bunk bed works great in rooms with a ceiling of an average height. To help younger children climb to the top bunk, the ladder sits at an angle. With four steps that are wide, slips are much less likely to occur.

Storkcraft Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed...
  • DURABLE AND SOLID HARDWOOD: Constructed of solid rubberwood and composites, a material that is naturally...
  • FULL LENGTH SAFETY RAILS AND LADDER: Complete with full length safety rails on the top bunk, and equipped with...
  • CONVERTS INTO 2 SEPARATE BEDS: The perfect sleepover companion, this convertible bunk bed can easily be...

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7) Dorel Living Sierra Triple Floor Bunk Bed

The Dorel Living Sierra is a triple-floor bunk bed that’s made of a sturdy wooden frame with a matte white finish. Fully assembled, this bunk bed frame stands 77.13 inches high, and each floor can support up to 225 pounds each. The frames accommodate beds of 75 x 35.5 inches at 6 inches thick at max.

Dorel Living Sierra Triple Floor Bunk Bed
Dorel Living Sierra Triple Floor Bunk Bed

On the right-hand side is a ladder for the second floor, while the ladder on the left takes you straight to the third floor. Assembling this bunk bed frame could have been easier, but a power drill can make the process go by much quicker. Make sure the children’s bedroom has at least 8 feet of vertical clearance before getting this triple-decker.

Dorel Living Sierra Triple Floor Bunk Bed | White...
  • Bunk Bed dimensions (assembled) – 79.25" W x 77.13" H x 43.5" D | Assembled weight – 105.8 lbs. | Max...
  • Solid wood construction with a white finish
  • Easy and quick assembly, all required tools to convert come in the package

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6) Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed

If you want to give your children a bunk bed frame that’s both functional and fun to use, then the Max & Lily Twin Low Bunk Bed is the best option. This bunk bed frame stands 50 inches high (needs at least 6 feet of vertical clearance), provides roughly 33 inches of head space from the first floor, and has a non-toxic finish over the fine New Zealand pine construction.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide
Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with Slide

14-inch-high guard rails protect your children from falling out of bed as they toss and turn at night. Each floor is sturdy enough to support 400 pounds of weight without straining the pine frame. Plus, there’s a fun slide to help your child quickly get down from the second floor.

Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin Low Bunk Bed with...
  • Your purchase includes One Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed, Twin Over Twin Size in White color with Slide | 180217-002...
  • Bunk Bed dimensions – 84.5" W x 50" H x 81.5" L | Under top bed – 33.2” | Max weight limit (per bed) –...
  • Supportive lower mattress slats sit 2” off the ground providing air circulation

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5) Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin

If you want a double-decker bunk bed that’s as elegant as it is functional, take a look at the Walker Edison Della bunk bed frame. This frame stands about 64-5/8 inches high (requires at least 7 feet of clearance), is made of solid pine by eco-conscious lumber suppliers, and has an integrated ladder that floats several inches off the ground for fewer toe-stubbing incidences.

Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed
Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Best of all, if your children are tired of sleeping on a bunk bed, you can unstack the frames. Each frame lets you place up to 9-inch-thick mattresses. There’s even a neat trundle bed that you can get (sold separately) that slips underneath the first-floor frame for sleepovers.

Walker Edison Della Classic Solid Wood Twin over...
  • Dimensions: 64.625” H x 42” D x 79” L, Twin beds support up to 200 Ibs. each
  • Made from responsibly-sourced solid pine wood
  • No box spring required, Bunkie board recommended; 5”- 9” mattress thickness recommended

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4) Max- and Lily Twin-Over-Twin Low Bunk Bed

Parents of small children, this one is especially for you – the bed on the bottom of these twin-over-twin beds is simply a matter of inches (two, to be precise!) from the floor, making it a great option for your young one! The weight for each bed is limited to 400 pounds, which is incredible handy for those occasions when you end up nodding off for the entire night after your child requested you to stay for only a couple minutes.

The bunk is manufactured using very strong New Zealand pine wood and the ladder only has three rungs and can be removed completely. In the event that you truly need to score big-time with the kids, you can add a slide to the bed, although it would be slightly more expensive.

3) Max & Lily Solid Wood Twin-over-Twin Bunk Bed

This older and more well-known bed is a favorite of parents as well, provided by Max & Lily. We were told by one parent that her children loved it and it also met her requirements – strong, well-priced and she can also sit on the bottom bed without bumping her head on the top one. The cots separate into two twins if necessary, as well.

2) Donco Kids Mission Bunk Bed with Trundle

The Donco Kids Mission Bunk Bed can easily be converted from a bunk with capacity for two into a sleeping arrangement for three, because of the trundle bed facility. Manufactured from strong pine, the two beds can be stacked upon each other to save space, with the bottom one having the trundle underneath.

The benefit of this bed with the trundle is with the choices it offers regarding the size of the bed. The only trundle bed available is the twin-size, but you have a choice between twin-over-twin, twin-over-full, or full-over-full configurations.

1) Harper & Bright Designs Full-Over-Full Stairway Bunk Bed

Get to the top bed quicker with a stairway bunk bed, like the one provided by Harper and Bright Designs and manufactured from strong pine wood. It features 2 full beds with an incorporated flight of stairs and is better suited for younger children that may have a hard time with climbing ladders, or parents stressing over somebody that might get hurt.

These stairs are connected to the end of the bed – not the side. There is no hindrance for the person using the bottom bed. There is some open storage space available underneath the steps, as well as two additional drawers under the bottom bed, providing a lot of room to store all toys, books, as well as other items.

The measurements of this bed is 57 inches tall, weight it can carry is 175 pounds for the top bed and 300 pounds for the bottom one.

Buying Guide

A lot of information and videos are available on the web, describing how to construct your own bunk beds, but unless you are an expert don’t try it. Rather get a bed from a manufacturer with a good reputation.

Like any other furniture purchase, finding the right bunk bed is hard. There are many styles and finishes from which to choose, so where do you start? First, you have to figure out what size bunk bed can fit in the room. Then, choose a style that fits the decor scheme you want. Finally, look at the bunk bed’s material and the characteristics of its ladder.


Bunk beds come in several sizes. The most common size is twin-over-twin, which is the best size to get for young children or small bedrooms. However, if you have a younger child and an older child sharing a room, consider getting a twin-over-full to give the older child room for lounging and reading if the room is large enough to accommodate a full-size bed.

There are also full-over-full bunk beds. Full-size bunk beds are great for teens, especially if they tend to invite friends over a lot. Then, there are twin-over-futon bunk beds – another popular choice among teenagers and college students since the lower bunk acts as a couch for entertaining when they aren’t sleeping.

The best bunk beds for kids


A standard bunk bed consists of two bunks that are stacked regardless of each bunk’s size. They are great space savers, and many standard bunk beds can be converted into two separate beds. Those that are convertible are ideal for young children who will eventually sleep in different bedrooms when they get older.

There are also T-shaped and L-shaped bunk beds. These beds are configured just like their names describe. They may have either an empty space underneath to fit a desk or have a desk or dresser integrated into the frame. Buying one of these bunk beds is often like getting a fully furnished room in a box.


Decorating styles are subjective, so what works for is a personal choice. If you’re having difficulty deciding on a style, transitional is a viable option because it is a perfect blend of the ornate traditional style and the sharp-lined contemporary style. However, if none of these styles speaks to you, there are others such as country cottage, Asian-inspired, and island-infusion.


When it comes the materials used to make bunk beds, you have two choices – metal or wood. Metal bunk beds are typically made of tubular steel, come in many colors and tend to run on the low-end of the cost spectrum. These beds are also lighter than their wood counterparts, and often have a minimalist look about them.

On the other hand, wood bunk beds are more varied in terms of the type of wood used, the finish and the style. Those constructed from solid wood are more durable than particleboard ones. As long as you take care of them, solid wood bunk beds can last a child from their elementary years to their college days.

Best Bunk Beds for Kids


You even have several choices when it comes to a bunk bed’s ladder. Some ladders are straight, which free up floor space. If young children will use the bunk bed, go for a ladder with flat steps instead of rungs for ease of use. Other ladders are angled, which are easier for little children to climb. Depending on the bunk bed, the ladder may be movable, offering flexibility in the way you to arrange the room.

An alternative to a ladder is a staircase. Compared to ladders, staircases are safer to climb. You can even find stair-equipped bunk beds that have storage drawers built into the steps. Of course, bunk beds with a staircase usually cost more than those with a ladder.

Number of Beds

When you mention bunk beds, many people imagine two beds – one on top of the other one. There are however also various other styles that have different numbers of beds. For example, some bunk beds simply have one bed placed above a work area or open space, where some of the others have a third trundle bed below. Thus, consider the number of beds you need when buying.


Most of bunk beds are considered one unit which should be stacked, but if you value adaptability you might want to look at units that could be split into two beds – which could be valuable when your youngsters grow up and end up in their own bedrooms.


Questions to ask:

  • Do you need bunk beds that come with shelves or drawers?
  • Is there be sufficient floor space for other furnishings?
  • Does it have drawers under the bed?
  • Does the bottom bed have storage space underneath?

Height of the Ceiling

You should check how high the ceiling is to fit the bed and then still have enough space between the top bunk and ceiling. Also, ensure that your kid knows not to stand erect on the top bed where they might bump their head.


If you haven’t assembled one of these before, you might have a bit of a problem doing it. The top bed is a bit more difficult to do, so see if the supplier might provide this service. In the event that you do want to do it yourself, read and stick to the instructions and do not place the completed unit close to a window.

Headroom Safety

See that you have enough headroom for your child not to suddenly sit up and hit his head.

Make sure that you use the correct mattress as recommended by the manufacturer and do not use anything else. Avoid using a box spring under the recommended mattress.

Make sure that the guardrails and steps are securely fastened.

Confirm the space between the guardrail and the highest point of the mattress, as the guardrail should be at least 5 inches higher than the mattress.

Always be aware that the top bed has a weight limit and do not exceed it.

Adaptability. Consider whether the bunk beds you picked can be taken apart and used as two beds later on.

It could also be worth your while searching for bunk beds where the base bed can be changed to serve as a seat, table or another addition you might want.

Trundle Options. Some bunk beds are available and has a trundle bed option, giving you an extra space for guests, sleepovers or when in a bind, a third youngster using the room for a long time.


What Is a Convertible Bunk Bed?

A convertible bunk bed is one that transforms from a stacked bed into another configuration. Some bunk beds come apart to make two separate beds, which is great for when children get older and want to sleep in separate rooms. Others may have a futon on the bottom that pulls out into a full-size bed or seating benches that unfold into a sleeping area.

Want to buy a loft bed for your kids instead? Check out our Best Loft Beds for Kids Buying Guide

Best Bunk Beds for Kids and Toddlers

How Much Space Should Surround a Bunk Bed?

When you measure a room for a bunk bed, you need to make sure there is enough space around the bed to accommodate the ladder and any drawers it may have. Therefore, it’s best to leave a few feet around the sides and the non-wall side of the bunk bed assembly.

If there is a trundle, take that into account when you measure. In regard to height, there should be at least 2 feet in between the top mattress and the ceiling to prevent whoever is sleeping on it from bumping his head.

Should I Get a Bunk Bed With a Trundle?

Do your children have a lot of sleepovers? If so, a bunk bed with a pull-out trundle is a simple solution to increasing the sleeping capacity of a bedroom. A trundle bunk bed also means that guests don’t have to bring bulky sleeping bags, and you don’t have to set up that uncomfortable cot you keep stored in the basement. When not in use, the trundle stays hidden, blending in with the overall build of the bunk bed.

Are There Bunk Beds With Drawers?

Like ones with a trundle, many bunk beds come with storage areas such as drawers, shelves, cubbies and even desks. If the room where you want to put the bunk bed is tight on space, a bunk bed with storage is a lifesaver. These beds give you a place to keep books, clothes, toys and extra linens, cutting down on unsightly clutter.

The 10 Best Bunk Beds

What Size Mattress Should I Use?

Although the size of each frame will determine whether you need two fulls, two twins or one of each, there is more to consider when buying mattresses for a bunk bed. You can choose mattresses with memory foam or spring coils, but that choice comes down to personal comfort.

The mattresses you put on the bottom bunk won’t matter much in terms of height as long as its thickness doesn’t cause the sleeper to hit his head on the top bunk when he sits up in bed. However, the top bunk should not be thicker than the guardrail’s height. As a rough guideline, the top mattress’ thickness shouldn’t surpass 8 inches.

How Do I Make Sure a Bunk Bed Is Safe?

To keep sleepers safe, refrain from putting the bunk bed directly below a ceiling fan or light fixture. Also, look at any slats around the top bunk to make sure there are no openings wide enough for a child to fit his head or body through.

When it comes to the guardrails, they should be at least 5 inches tall to prevent sleepers from falling off the bed in the middle of the night.

Best Bunk Beds

Are Bunk Beds Dangerous for Children?

Bunk beds are not always dangerous – just like a lot of other things, but they can be if they are not used in a safe way. If you purchase yours from a trustworthy manufacturer and they are used as they should be, they are quite safe for youngsters.

What Age Is Safe for Bunk Beds?

It is generally agreed that youngsters younger than 6 ought not to be permitted on a top bed. They don’t have sufficient coordination to get to the top bunk and down again without harming themselves.

Any parent can also testify that kids younger than 6 will fall from their beds occasionally, which would make the top bed a bit dangerous in any case.

How to Use Bunk Beds for Kids Safely?

You can have the best beds but if they are used in an unsafe way, it would really not matter. Just adhere to the following guidelines to ensure your youngsters are safe:

Preferably position the bunk bed in a corner where it has wall on at least 2 sides.

Prevent kids younger than 6 from using the top bed.

Just allow a single individual on the top bed at any time.

As a precaution, fix guardrails on the top bed, regardless of who uses it.

Make sure that the guardrails extends at least 5 inches above the mattress.

See that the space is at least 2 ½ inches between the lower part of the guardrail and the highest point of the mattress.

Make sure that the mattress rests on braces across the sides and not just on an edge around the inside of the bed.

If possible, fix the bunk bed to a wall to stop it moving. This will also stop kids from getting caught between the wall and the bed.

Try placing your beds away from windows, or even close enough that a youngster can reach a window should they fall from the bed. The beds must also not be close to a cord for the light or blinds.

Ensure there is sufficient room between the mattress of the top bed and the roof so your youngster can sit upright without bumping his head.

Try not to put the beds close to where roof fans or other light fixtures could be reached.

Teach your youngsters how to use the bed steps properly.

Instruct your youngsters never to hang or wrap things around their beds.

Instruct your youngsters that they should never play on the top or bottom bed.

Fit a night light for kids to see when they need to get down from the top bed when at nighttime.

Advise your kid never to use anything else besides the steps to get to the top bed.

Consistently check the beds to see that everything is still fixed properly and not loose.

Instill the rules on using these beds on your youngsters routinely, and also whenever another person uses their room.


These types of beds save an astonishing amount of space, particularly if you have a home with little space or an extended family (or perhaps both). They could however be a bit of a danger to users. Annually there are about 36,000 injuries related to these beds in the USA, quoting the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Picking a bunk bed that is safe to use is very important to the safety of your kids.

The vast majority of these mishaps are the result of falling from the top bed because of playing there or while they are sleeping. You need to ensure that the bed is durable, built with great materials and also comes with some sort of guardrail to prevent someone falling from it. Some manufacturers of these safe beds have substituted the normal, lightweight steps with steps that are of better quality and much stronger.

Bunk Beds for Kids | Recommended

Last update on 2021-11-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Bunk Beds for Kids | Recommended

Last update on 2021-11-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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