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Neabot vs Yeedi vs Uoni vs Coredy vs Honiture vs Proscenic

You’ve probably read countless guides on Roombas, Roborocks, Deebots, and other highly regarded robot vacuum brands, but what about the little guys?

Today, we’re going to compare six robots from six lesser-known brands that totally deserve your attention. You might be surprised by what these mid-range robot vacuums or hybrids can actually do.

Robot Vacuums

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Neabot N1 Plus

The Neatbot N1 Plus is actually one of the most powerful robot vacuums available today. It can deliver up to 2700 Pa of suction power, which is nearly twice as much as many modern-day robots.

Neabot N1 Plus
Neabot N1 Plus

It uses LiDAR navigation tech to create a digital layout, which you can access via the Neatbot Home app, that’s actually pretty accurate.

Not only does the N1 Plus do a fantastic job of removing debris from floors, but it also doubles as a mop bot, which drags a microfiber pad that wipes floors while it vacuums. Performing both jobs at once will produce cleaner floors in less time and without wasting battery power.

The robot uses the digital map to determine the most efficient cleaning route, but users can also create no-go barriers to prevent it from venturing into strange territory. Furthermore, the robot comes with a self-emptying base that can store up to 30 days of trash at a time.

Neabot N1 Plus Video

neabot N1 Plus 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Mop with...
  • 【New Version APP - Neabot】 N1Plus uses a complete new app called Neabot, which is a...
  • 【Self Emptying Robot Vacuum】After the robot finishes the cleaning, it will back to the...

Yeedi Vac Station

The Yeedi Vac Station is another high-powered hybrid robot that’ll definitely catch your eye. First of all, it produces 3000 Pa of suction power to remove embedded debris from low to medium-pile carpets.

yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop
yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum and Mop

Thanks to Carpet Detect Technology, the Vac Station knows when to crank its suction power to the max for carpets and when to reduce suction power (and conserve battery life) for bare floors. Everything in its dustbin is sucked up by the self-emptying base, which can hold onto a month’s worth of dirt and debris before overflowing.

Like the Neatbot N1 Plus, this robot doubles as a mop bot that also relies on a similar drag-and-wipe microfiber pad. The mop attachment attaches to the Vac Station’s rear, allowing it to vacuum while wiping stains clean at the same time.

The Vac Station doesn’t lack anything in the convenience department, either. It utilizes a laser-guided system to create a digital floorplan, which you can access and modify in the Yeedi Home app. It offers the same functions as the Neatbot Home app.

Yeedi Vac Station Video

Yeedi by ECOVACS vac Station Robot Vacuum and...
  • [Smart and Ultra-slim Design] Compared to LiDAR navigation robotic vacuum cleaners, the...
  • [Hands-Free Cleaning for 60 Days] Enjoy hassle-free cleaning with the yeedi vac station....

Uoni V980Plus

The Uoni V980Plus is a lot like the previous robots. First, it delivers an astounding amount of suction power (2700 Pa to be exact) and mops bare floors at the same time. However, because it doesn’t have a detection system for carpeting, you’ll have to program no-mop zones in the UoniHome smartphone app.

Uoni V980 Plus
Uoni V980 Plus

Speaking of which, you gain all the same perks as the previous models, including no-go zones (mop and vacuum), as well as voice control. The LiDAR and VSLAM navigation and mapping systems make customizable cleaning possible by programming certain instructions in the UoniHome app.

Something users found in the V980Plus that’s not as defined in the previous models is highly sensitive obstacle sensors. While all of these robots can avoid cliffs extremely well, the V980Plus makes a point of avoiding large obstacles—e.g., furniture legs and pet bowls—without bumping into them first. The Z-shape movement pattern also helps clean more efficiently while avoiding identifiable obstacles of around four inches in height.

Uoni V980Plus Video

UONI V980Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner with...
  • 【Self Emptying Robot Vacuum- Free Your Hands】Uoni One-stop robot vacuum cleaner...
  • 【Voice Control- Smart Life】Provide you a comfortable & smart life, you can easily...

Coredy L900X

The Coredy L900X is, in a nutshell, very similar to the previous and following robots on this list. It’s a 3-in-1 robot that vacuums, sweeps, and mops, all at the same time, thanks to its impressive 2700-Pa suction power and super-saturated microfiber mop attachment.

Coredy L900X
Coredy L900X

Like the Neatbot N1 Plus, the L900X comes with an auto-boost system, known as Auto-Boost Intellect, which increases suction power to the max when it steps wheel atop carpeted surfaces. The moment it transitions from carpets to bare floors, it’ll shift down gears to reduce suction and save battery power to make the most out of its 190-minute runtime.

Like every model on this list, the L900X comes with a self-cleaning base where it also refills its batteries. The moment it docks, the built-in motor in the base will suction debris out of the L900X’s dustbin, leaving it completely empty and ready for subsequent cleaning cycles. The self-cleaning base has the capacity to hold up to 30 days’ worth of gunk at a time.

Coredy L900X Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Self...
  • AI Mapping for Millimeter-Level Precision: Paired with two cameras, L900X robot vacuum...
  • LIDAR Navigation for Smart Route Assignation: More efficient, Coredy L900X Robot Vacuum...


By now, you probably get the gist of what each of these robots has to offer. The HONITURE Q6 is a multitasking robot that vacuums at up to 2700 PA while also wiping away moist and set-in stains with a microfiber mop attachment.

HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum
HONITURE Q6 Robot Vacuum

The moment the robot has reached the end of its 280-minute runtime, it’ll return to its self-emptying base, which can hold up to 2.8 liters of dust, pet hair, and moist gunk at a time. By user reports, this amounts to around 40 days’ worth of cleaning, though your mileage will vary.

The Q6 uses both LiDAR and SLAM technologies to create a digital floorplan of your home, which it uses to determine its location and where it needs to go. You can assist its cleaning route by creating no-vacuum and no-mop zones, as well as instructing it where to clean and when. Similar to the previous robot, the Q6 travels in a Z-shape pattern to collect most debris off your floors as efficiently as possible.


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Proscenic M7 Pro

Last up, we have the Proscenic M7 Pro, which isn’t unlike the previous five robots at all. What makes this unit different, however, is that it’s targeted at budget-conscious shoppers who want a highly intelligent robot without spending an arm and a leg. Since it’s like the rest, there’s not much you’ll miss even after spending less than you would the previous models.

Proscenic M7 Pro
Proscenic M7 Pro

For instance, the M7 Pro delivers 2700 Pa of suction power while simultaneously wiping your floors clean by dragging a moistened microfiber cloth.

It’s studded with 24 sensors on its perimeter to make creating digital maps a lot more quickly and a lot more accurately. According to users, it takes the M7 Pro only one or two passes to fully plan out a 3,000-square-foot home.

However, if you’re wondering why the M7 Pro is cheaper than the rest is that it doesn’t come with a self-emptying base. You’ll have to pick it up separately, which isn’t a huge deal, especially when you consider that the M7 Pro dustbin has a capacity of about 600 ml.

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Video

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Laser...
  • [Separately Sold] Intelligent Dust Collector: This system automatically removes dust from...
  • Advanced Laser Technology: Upgraded laser navigation system intelligently navigates and...

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