Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

In this review, we will have a look at the Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner. To be honest, we haven’t heard of this brand for robot vacuum cleaners before, but we are happy to test it out. First of all, and that is the most important part, it does pick up dirt and dust pretty well. You will be surprised how much stuff can fit in a robot vacuum dust container.

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Emptying a full dustbin is also convenient by just releasing the handle of this device. Using this smart device you won’t have to vacuum your floors that often anymore. Of course, cleaning your floors with a traditional vacuum cleaner is still needed. Robot vacuum cleaners, like the Proscenic 790T in this review, are unable to replace the much more powerful vacuum cleaners. But who knows, maybe one day.

Assembling and setting up this robot vacuum is easy. Just plug in the AC adapter and charge the unit for about 2 hours. When done you can plug the Proscenic 790T robot vacuum in the docking/wall station. The unit is ready to go.

Proscenic 790T Review

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Functioning

You can control and manage your Proscenic 790T by using a mobile application. You can download this app in the app store/play store. Having your smartphone in your hand together with the Proscenic app, you can control the robot from anyplace, anytime. You can set the vacuum for different cleaning tasks and you can schedule when it needs to be recharged.

This robot vacuum from Proscenic is smart enough to navigate through your home, cleaning your floors while avoiding obstacles. Proscenic calls it “smart mapping”, following a logical cleaning pattern, not missing any dirty spots.

This device comes with a powerful 1200Pa Motor, allowing it to pick up dust, debris, hair and more. The Proscenic 790T robot vacuum is suitable for all types of floors, but it basically performs best on hard floors, tile, and low-pile carpets and rugs. It doesn’t especially work well on thick long “haired” carpets. Having good functioning sensors this unit won’t fall from staircases and it will smoothly go under sofas and beds.

It also includes a mopping element, but for the ultimate mopping experience, we recommend using an actual steam clean mopping unit. The Proscenic 790T does, however, clean the floors while mopping, but won’t eliminate hard embedded stains.

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Review

Proscenic 790T Control

Turn on the switch on the side of the Proscenic 790T and the robot will come alive. Then press the top button and you will notice a voice calling for a reboot. Your robotic vacuum cleaner is ready to rumble. Take your remote control or smartphone to launch the vacuum. We took the remote control in our hands (2 AAA batteries needed) and we set a time period for the robot to clean. This way you can schedule your Proscenic for cleaning.

Proscenic 790T

Proscenic 790T Video

Pros and Cons


– Powerful vacuum, takes in dust and debris like a high-end robotic vacuum model.
– Assemble and it’s ready to go, very user-friendly.
– smartphone app and remote control available.
– Quiet operation.


– Unable to navigate through rooms with many obstacles. The Proscenic 790T gets really confused.
– Dustbin gets full pretty easy, some consumers are complaining that it needs emptying too often. If you have lots of furry friends, consider a robot vacuum with a larger dust container.

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum: Conclusion

Overall, we are really surprised by the effectiveness of this robot vacuum cleaner. The Proscenic 790T does a good job picking up all the hair and dirt from the floor, and that is the most important aspect of a robotic vacuum cleaner. With its affordable price you can’t go wrong, especially when it is on sale online. It doesn’t come with external sensors, however, something that is included with the high-end models, like the Roomba’s and the Neato’s.

It has a low profile and will clean under your sofas and beds conveniently. It’s mopping function does work, but we wouldn’t count on it getting rid of this pesky stain on your kitchen floor. Its dust container is conveniently placed and accessible from the top of the vacuum, and it cleans a large room on one charge without a problem. Looking for an affordable robotic vacuum? Try this one out!

We also reviewed the Proscenic SUZUKA WIFI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There is a newer model of this robot vacuum cleaner online, have a look at the Proscenic 790TS Robot Vacuum Cleaner!

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